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Working in a BPO: List of All The Pros and Cons Before You Join


Varidhi Yadav

Working in a BPO or as many call it, a call center can actually be a lot of fun and games with a lot of intensive training and a lot of skills.

But honestly, the thought of working in a BPO is not so famous within people of India. But keeping all those orthodox opinions aside, let’s just focus on working here in the first place.

If you are looking to work in BPO know that everything has its own set of pros and cons and this is no exceptions. Let’s see what are they?

Pros For Working In a BPO

1. Pay

Working In a BPO: pay

The money you can earn through this job is actually quite great. Unlike the common facts, call center employees are actually capable of making a fortune through this.

Considering the intensive training one receives in the beginning, there is no other way but upwards to go in this job. And it has proper promotions if you work long enough for increments.

2. Incentives

There are other benefits too such as if you work extra hours, you may get extra money. A lot of companies have started to give a great health insurance for you and your family at low costs too.

Plus, if your working hours are a little weird, they provide you with commuting services too like cabs or shuttle.

3. Flexibility

Working In a BPO: Time flexibilty

If working at a BPO is a secondary thing in your life and there is something else you are doing too such as college or some other course, you can arrange your shifts accordingly.

People who aren’t getting the jobs they studied for can also apply here considering BPO’s focus on your work efficiency and not marks.

4. Age Diversity

Literally anyone can do this job if one has a fluency in English and a will to work hard. Although they’d prefer to hire a graduate, there is no ban for the undergraduates.

If you are not happy with your pocket money and would like to make some extra bucks, then you can always get a job in a call center.

5. International Visits

Now this is something pretty cool. Quite a lot of call centers or BPO’s in India are of international companies and there are possibilities where some of the employs, mostly the best ones are given a chance to visit international locations.

6. Promotions


Unlike other jobs promotions in BPO’s is really easy and quick. Many new joiners are promoted to Team Leads within six to eight months and also get a decent package along with it.

7. Communication Skills

Its true that a person can improve there communication skills in writng and speaking. When you talk to foreign clients your english improves tremendously and you become better and much more confident while speaking.

8. Diversity of Work

People think BPO’s only consists of calling which is really tiresome and hectic.

To tell you the truth there are varieties in BPO’s too such as chatting, drafting emails, inbound calling etc. You can choose according to your needs and preferences.

Cons For Working In a BPO

1. Work hours

Like I said, most of the call centers in India are for the international companies which is why their office hours are usually supposed to match the original locations, which in turn means odd work hours.

Mostly night shifts or evening shifts which means you might have to sacrifice a little or maybe a lot in your personal and social life. 

2. Health Issues

Health issues in BPO

Now because of this kind of a lifestyle it is pretty easy to lose control over your health. Junk food becomes the staple food and sleep cycles gets all messed up.

They might give you health insurance but that doesn’t mean you can take your health for granted. So either face this or just let it go, there’s no turning back once it takes a toll on your health.

Health Issues Amongst Call Center Employees, An Emerging Occupational Group in India

3. Monotonous Job

Working in a BPO generally has only one job, picking phone calls and helping others. And doing this everyday for eight hours a day can be pretty boring.

And once this boredom kicks in, it gets really difficult to hold on to any motivation. The fun element of the work comes to an ends and you lose all your interest.

4. Abusive Clients

abusive clients IN BPO

I think everyone knows about these people, some of you out there might be one of these people.. And it can be pretty disturbing that a complete stranger has the ability to ruin your mood for the entire day or night if you work in shift.

And there’s nothing worse than them abusing for no apparent reason, when its not even your fault.

5. Switching Jobs

Now coming back to the orthodoxy of this job, it is not given enough value or importance in the working world.

If you have an experience of working in a call center, it is very less likely that any other company would hire you on this particular basis. And it’s monotonous nature of just answering calls make up a picture that you can’t do more than this. So basically switching jobs becomes difficult.

So these were the important pros and cons of working in a BPO. You need to tally this list, fit it in your lifestyle and then decide whether it’s a good idea or not.

It doesn’t matter what people say, this job can teach a lot of things too. Therefore, think it through before joining.

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Learn more Pros and Cons before joining any BPO.

Do share your thoughts and helpful ideas in the comments.

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