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7 Facts on Why Relatives Invade Your Privacy?


Anjani Haripriya Vishnubhatla

Why Relatives Invade your Privacy is difficult to answer but this has become a global issue and BuzzFeed will definitely (not) write an article on this, so let me do the honors. 

‘Relative’ Demons in every human’s life who have Pinocchio noses, literally. 

Relatives and neighbors are too nosey and invasive. The only way to get rid of your relatives is to kill yourself and reincarnate into a person with a new set of relatives in some other part of the world; because you know, relatives are supernatural. 

There should be a book by the world’s best psychologists (or psychiatrists, whatever works) about ‘relatives’. But they’d definitely fail because they’d have relatives too. 

“Son, was that certain line on that certain page for me?”

“Son, you wrote that your relatives bother you especially when you drink. Haww, you drink?”

Relatives have this constant urge to poke their nose into everything that happens in your life.

So, here are 7 Shocking reasons why relatives invade your privacy?!

1. OCD

Why Relatives Invade Your Privacy

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is a serious condition of anxiety (maybe) which compels the victim to repeatedly think of or do the same action.

Relatives might be (Nah, they are) inherently affected by OCD, compelling them to peep into your life repeatedly. 

2. Dissatisfaction

Why Relatives Invade Your Privacy

Dissatisfaction is a feeling one feels when they are not satisfied with what they have.

Relatives might be (Nah, they surely are) dissatisfied with what they have or their life as a whole and show interest in yours for the same reason. 

3. Extra Achievements

Why Relatives Invade Your Privacy

Overachievers are people that have the constant urge to achieve more and more in life, forgetting to live.

Relatives might be overachievers who are trying to compete with you in your achievements. You might not even know that they are competing with you.

Their mantra to long-lasting success is, “I shalt cheat, thou shalt fail” which doesn’t translate to anything but you can still understand, proving the depth of it. Right?

4. Counter Attack

Counter Attack

Failure hardens man sometimes. Relatives might be (Nah, they so are) the kind of people who fail in something and prefer reminding you about your failures to cover up theirs, instead of actually working on themselves to cover up their failure.

This phenomenon is known as ‘counter attack’. In this, the main competent doesn’t care if their opponent gives a damn about their existence, and keeps attacking so that at no point can their opponent attack them. 

5. Insecurity

Insecurity of relatives

Insecurity is a complex system of feelings a person feels when they are convinced that they are losers.

Relatives might be the kind of people who are insecure of themselves or their qualities, so they choose to create a layer of your own insecurity. These kinds of people usually act friendly like a fox. 

6. Show Off

why relatives Show off

Show off is a major disease in the brains of a few people which compels them to exaggerate their achievements into non-existent ones.

This disease causes creeping up of poisons like pride into the nerves of the affected individuals and the poison is irritable to victims who talk to them. 

7. Joblessness


Although some people are content with their lives and have none of the above ailments.

But joblessness is a major factor contributing towards pestering the young generation with useless and unnecessary questions that bring no good to either of them. 

The list of why relatives invade your privacy goes on forever, but I’ll end this here because my aunt has texted me that she can see that I have been using my phone for quite a long time.

She wants to know what have I been doing. (Hope she doesn’t get to know about this article)

Until next time, Satark rahein, Savdhaan rahein from your relatives.

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