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What is the story of scoopwhoop?


The story of scoopwhoop began on August 14, 2013, after a bunch of advertising interns during their four years of desk job work bored and wanted to do something fun and something new.

How their journey began?

The cofounders Sattvik Mishra, Rishi Mukherjee, Saransh Singh, Suparn Pandey, Debarshi Banerjee, and Sriparna Tikekar were a huge fan of BuzzFeed and decided to clone a few of their articles with an Indian touch in their initial days of scoopwhoop.

Here’s the surprising part, they did not do this with a vision of a startup or anything. It was just a drunken decision one night and after a good night’s sleep they realized that their article has half a million views, how cool is that?!

story of scoopwhoop founders
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For the next three months they kept doing their jobs in the morning and working on the articles for scoopwhoop by the night. Their co-workers were sharing the articles with them not having the slightest idea that they were the people behind scoopwhoop in the first place.

Scoopwhoop hit four million views in those three months and after all this fun, they decided to shut thing down before they’d get fired from their actual jobs.

According to Sattvik Mishra’s interview with Digipub, three things happened that absolutely changed their mind.

One, the editor in chief of BuzzFeed, Ben Smith called them to say that they were the best cloning of BuzzFeed he had ever seen and asked them to keep up the good work.

Two, when his boss walked up to him asking him to check out scoopwhoop and how amazing it is not knowing that his employee himself was the one behind it.

Three, they received calls from two huge ad agencies to establish scoopwhoop as a company.

Can you imagine if that call from Ben Smith would have been even one day late, the site would have just shut down? It’s so amusing how everything fell into the right place.

Their first investment.

In January 2014, Siddharth Rao from an ad agency gave them their first investment with which they incorporated scoopwhoop in Delhi. And at first, they were just reading and understanding how the media and it’s content works and over time they got a huge investment from a Bharti Softbank of a whopping investment which gave new heights to the company.

Over time, as they understood which audience they were supposed to target and what all the audience was expecting from them, their team kept increasing with it involving amazing content creators, their root of the success is the amazing content they provide, that’s all.

What scoopwhoop is doing currently?

Scoopwhoop has more focus towards the videos and they wished to cover every possible part of a content they could which they successfully have. A lot of other sites focus on fictions but according story to scoopwhoop, they preferred the non fiction part and portray it with their touch of creativity.

Scoopwhoop is currently aiming for market described at “Bored-at-work network” which is basically every person who is bored sitting on his or her desk job and is looking for fun material to explore online. So basically story scoopwhoop took one month of creative writing and a bit of motivation to stand where they are today and keep achieving more and more success every day.

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