Indians Can Learn From The Americans
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10 Life Tips Indians Can Learn From The Americans


Nicole Goldman

Indians and Americans have plenty of differences that tell them apart but Indians can learn a lot from the Americans.

While some countries and societies share similarities in their cultures, it is almost impossible to find two nations with the same manners, behaviors, and ways to see the world.

Since learning and embracing the good aspects of other nations helps to break down barriers and makes people more receptive.

So, here are 10 things Indians can learn from American culture.

1. Have Integrity And Avoid Plagiarism

Indians Can Learn From The Americans

Compared with India, students in the US have more integrity and are proud of their hard work. If an American student cannot complete an assignment on time, they are very likely to admit it rather than copy-paste it and cheat.

Some teachers in India even encourage their students to plagiarize material from childhood, which prevents them from innovating and growing intellectually.

2. Appreciate Nature And Outdoor Activities

Appreciate Nature And Outdoor Activities

In the US, it is very common for people and entire families to go on outdoor activities like boat trips, hiking, camping, barbecuing, and anything that makes them get in touch with the natural beauty that surrounds them.

The education system in the US also encourages students to participate in extracurricular and outdoor activities as a way to develop a good all-around state of mind.

Indians can learn from Americans that it is important to grow mentally, physically and emotionally at the same time.

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3. Love And Respect Their Country

Indians Can Learn From The Americans to respect their country

It is prevalent to see the US flag displayed in American schools, houses, stadiums, and even restaurants. In India, things are different, as several rules limit the use and display of the national flag.

Apart from that, several Indians are not proud of their language. In big cities, speaking in Hindi is considered a taboo.

On the other hand, those who have excellent English skills (vast vocabulary, proper pronunciation) are seen as well-educated and elegant people.

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4. Get Married For Love

Get Married For Love

Even in the 21st century, arranged marriages are the majorly preferred way to start a family in India.

Most times, the parents of a person choose their life partners based on different aspects, including religion, culture, horoscope, and professional status.

Things are different not only in the US but also in most western countries as the majority of people choose their wives or husbands based in love.

5. Accept The LGBT Community

Accept The LGBT Community

People in India have a hard time accepting the LGBT community. In September 2018, India’s Supreme Court ruled that gay sex was no longer a criminal offense, overturning a 2013 judgment that categorized being gay as an “unnatural offense.”

Even though being homosexual is no longer a crime, it is still a rarely discussed topic in the country as people are afraid of facing rejection from society and even their families.

Indians can learn from Americans that love is unconditional and cannot be barred by age, religion or even gender.

6. Put Honesty Above Personal Feelings

Put Honesty Above Personal Feelings

In the US, people usually tell others what they don’t like or what could be improved directly. While some might soften things up by choosing the right words, it is very common for Americans to be straightforward and honest.

Indians, on the other hand, value more the harmony in the relationships and how their words might affect others.

That is one of the reasons they tend to be indirect when sharing their ideas to the point of not confronting others and avoid being considered offensive.

7. Be More Explicit While Talking

Indians Can Learn From The Americans

People in India often rely on body language and non-verbal communication when talking, and they expect the other person to infer what they mean.

Americans, on the other hand, often find this kind of communication very confusing.

Instead of being vague with their speech, they are very explicit as they reiterate and emphasize things to make sure that nobody has to read between the lines.

8. Value Each Other’s Time

Value Each Other’s Time

In most cases, Americans will do their best to be on time, especially if the hypothetical meeting is work-related.

Even if they know they will be only five minutes later than expected, they tend to call or text ahead to inform so.

Things are very different in India. The time set to attend anything from meetings with friends, seminars, and even medical appointments usually are more of an approximation rather than the exact time the event will take place.

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9. Encourage Women To Work

While women have been encouraged to work in most western cultures, even reaching top positions in companies and having male subordinates, India has one of the lowest female labor force participation rates in the world.

Less than a third of the women in India, which make up approximately 48% of the entire Indian population, are not working or looking for a job.

10. Talking Politely During Arguments

Talking Politely During Arguments

Many Indians tend to raise their voices while talking and especially during arguments.

It doesn’t matter if they are at someone else’s house discussing politics or at the movie theater watching a Bollywood movie, they tend to speak louder than normal.

Even news anchors tend to shout while reporting. In their case, it is almost a job requirement as the louder they say something, the more important it becomes.

Indians can learn these 10 Life tips from Americans which can help them improve their values and break stigmas in their country.

Do let me know any other habit Indians can learn from western countries in the comments?


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