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What Does a Girl See In a Boy? 6 Points You Must Know


Varidhi Yadav

What does a girl see in a boy? Yes, a phenomenon question that runs in each and every boy’s mind.

Girls just checkout men for half a second or maybe less, but in that half-second she notices almost every feature about you. And after she is done, she will swipe you right or left like on Tinder.

What does a girl see in a boy? Here are your 6 Researched points

1. Look At His Beard

What Does a Girl See In a Boy

Some boys are gifted with really good beard growth, but this doesn’t mean you have to become a baba. It’s a part of your body now.

So, either maintain it by trimming or shave it off. And the unlucky ones with less or no beard growth, please don’t keep a beard with 50 to 60 hair strands it looks amateur and a bit funny too.

Don’t try to fit in too much. Be yourself and wish for it in the next life.

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2. This Hairstyle Suits Him

What Indian Girls Checkout In Men

Girls love guys with tall hair because the time and effort needed to maintain them is only known to women.

Your hairstyle can tell a lot about you. Some people put way too much oil, keep Mohawks, color them in blonde, pink or green (true story).

It’s good you like to portray your personality. But if a girl is not into this stuff you will probably look stupid. So keep a simple yet stylish hairstyle.

Also, you really need to go to a salon once every 15 days and maintain it.

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3. His Eyes Say a Lot

What Does a Girl See In a Boy

No, not the shape and the color. A girl notices what you are looking at.

And if your eyes are wandering anywhere below her face while talking to her, she will dump you before you even start to flirt.

It’s a huge red flag, guys. The most basic thing when you approach a girl is to make her feel comfortable. Respect her space!

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4. He Has An Amazing Fashion Sense

What Does a Girl See In a Boy

What does a girl see in a boy? A man with an exceptional dressing sense is a dream of every woman. Just accept it that men suck at what to wear.

Don’t wear those XL size t-shirts or tank tops with suspenders. Wear crisp, well-ironed clothes and fitted clothes.

Pair them with a classy pair of shoes. Finally, Look sharp and smell good, Always!

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5. There Is Something Different About Him

what girls notice at the first sight

This refers to your body gestures. The way you sit with them if you’re leaning towards them or you’re constantly looking everywhere but towards her.

Your hand movements, if they are steady. Steady hands show that you’re confident. If you are moving them too much then either you’re too nervous or overconfident.

6. He Has An Awesome Physique

What Does a Girl See In a Boy

A good physique is a legit turn on for girls. The best feature you can have is height. I don’t know why but women have this weird attraction towards tall men.

But again good physique doesn’t mean biceps and six-pack abs. Though a good physique is a well-maintained body. She doesn’t want to see you flex and she just wants to know that you are strong.

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Finally, Women are complicated, there’s no doubt in that but if you maintain these six things then you have a high chance of impressing a woman.

What does a girl see in a boy? Well, here’s a start. Stay fit, look sharp and approach the girl in a classy way and you never know, things will turn out the way you want to.

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