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Ways to beat Delhi pollution during winters?


Varidhi Yadav

Delhi is a beautiful city but the winter is upon our heads and the smog is about to take a toll on people’s health. Now you can keep complaining constantly about Delhi pollution during winters, or you can start taking precautions. Keep yourself safe first and only then you can sit back and get annoyed over the situation.

So, I’m going to list down twelve really important precautions to beat Delhi pollution during winters

1. Prefer to stay indoors

beat Delhi pollution during winters Prefer indoors

All of you people out there who go for a run every morning, maybe choose your home for workouts. Kids, I don’t think are going to protest that much when you ask them to stay indoors, they have pretty much everything for their time pass right in the house.

The school and college goers, don’t wander in the city after your classes. Have your friend’s get together at home preferably. And office goers, you too come straight home or even better if you can get a work from home option instead.

2. Wear a good quality Face Mask

beat Delhi pollution during winters Face Masks

I know not a lot of people like wearing masks, it looks very unusual but I don’t think you have any other option if you live in Delhi during winters. Buy a N95 or N99 brands beforehand, these are of great quality.

If you think that spending money on masks is an absolute waste then at least consider covering your nose and mouth with clean and white clothes, preferably your handkerchief which must be washed at the end of the day. You have no idea how much dust and smog it can collect in just one day.

3. Keep yourself hydrated

beat Delhi pollution during winters water

Always, always keep yourself hydrated. People who don’t carry a small water bottle in their bags, better start carrying it. I mean come on, bottles are now coming in all shapes and sizes just for your convenience, use them.

Keep drinking water in gaps, it will help you detoxify your body. Because smog and similar things lead to a bunch of diseases everyday so all that smog and dust you might have by chance inhaled, you need to get rid of it as soon as possible, therefore, drink plenty of water!

4. Avoid Street food

beat Delhi pollution during winters Steet food

I know the city has an amazing range of food options, especially the infamous street food. But I am strongly suggesting you to avoid it during the winters. Street is full of pollution and smog and so is the food cooked and served on it.

You can’t take risk with what you eat, it can take a serious toll on your health that too long term. So avoid those gol gappas and samosas for a while but if you still want to eat outside I recommend that you spend a little extra and go to a good restaurant.

5. Improve your diet

beat Delhi pollution during winters Healthy food

Now obviously, you can’t be too careful from the outside when it comes to smog and dust everywhere. That’s why you need to start making healthier food choices. Since I’m asking you to prefer indoors more than usual, you need to start eating more food that is rich in Minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin D.

It doesn’t take long to create a habit and this good food habit should be your top priority right now. Start eating salads and fruits more, avoid too much oil. Don’t eat anything that can make your body vulnerable to even common cold.

6. No crackers please

beat Delhi pollution during winters No crackers please

I don’t care if it’s diwali or your best friend’s wedding, do not burst any kind of fire crackers. I don’t know what kind of kick you get while bursting crackers that you just can’t stop. The pollution rates are shooting up.

The fog which was once considered beautiful to look at in the mornings is now full of dust, harmful pollutants and gases but still people can’t understand the god damned thing. It’s high time that you really stop this not so appreciative urge of yours and enjoy without those fire crackers for once.

7. Buy an Air Purifier

beat Delhi pollution during winters air purifier

Save up some money and buy a damn purifier. You need that thing more than an air conditioner or an iPhone right now. Every time you open your windows and doors, all those pollutants are entering your house and you can’t shut it all out.

You will be annoyed with the suffocation and the claustrophobic experience. You need some kind of ventilation which is why I recommend buying a purifier. Or you can plant indoor plants inside your house. Yes, this is the cheaper and natural option. 

8. Avoid rickshaws and consider travelling in car

delhi pollution during winters

Travelling in public transport is a very big risk you will be taking in such a polluted environment, you can seriously cause damage to your health so so try to travel in a car with closed windows. Now again, you all can’t take your car out together and not expect pollution.

So it’s highly recommended to carpool everyday. And if you can’t, then prefer Uber or Ola share cabs. If you know there is going to be traffic, then book your car early and leave early. Don’t play with your health just because you want to sleep a little extra.

9. Quit night outs

delhi pollution during winters

You are aware of the fact that most of the trees stop giving oxygen in the night, right? They start behaving like humans and take in oxygen to give out carbon dioxide until sunrise. Now in Delhi pollution during winters, when the plants can’t help you either, why would you want to go out and put yourself at a higher risk of bad health.

Having a nightlife is beyond amazing but asthma? Yeah not so much! So, I suggest you to opt for Netflix and some pizza instead of clubbing.

10. Consider taking a vacation

delhi pollution during winters

You need to take some time off from that polluted city. Go, take a trip to the Mountains. Live in those woods full of trees for a few days, take the clean and fresh air in as much as you can. Your body needs to learn the difference between both the airs and it will automatically let you know that you are in deep need of a vacation sometime soon.

And it’s alright, you don’t have to go for a long time, just a weekend should do you enough good.

11. Do a routine checkup

delhi pollution during winters

You must keep visiting doctors from time to time. Keep a regular checkup schedule, like once in six months or even better, once in three months. And whenever feel the slightest discomfort due to your health, directly go to the doctor. Don’t fix yourself with a paracetamol, it’s not the answer to everything.

In a polluted environment, you don’t know what you might have caught. Health must be your topmost priority, the moment you feel like something is taking a toll on your health, just quit work for a few days, visit a doctor and rest.

12. The final choice is to Move out

delhi pollution during winters

This is the last option because I wish you don’t have to leave the city you might love a lot but if things are getting out of hand, this is all you are left with. If your health isn’t stabilizing after a long medical treatment, take the hint and move out.

You or any other family member of yours. You can always keep visiting the city but staying their while taking a hit on your well being is not a wise choice. They say, learn when to move on because clearly, no one is doing enough to reduce the pollution.

Delhi people out there, you really need to take care of yourself because the city is literally doomed when it comes to the levels of pollution and smog during winters. And I know your love for Delhi is way too much to get out of that place so you should better start taking these steps so that you wouldn’t have to leave, ever.

Take care of yourself and let’s stay safe. If you have more suggestions let us know in the comments.


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