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USA Startups: 7 Out Of The Box Startups That Are Doing Great


Nicole Goldman

These USA startups have found a product offering that tackles a certain issue in an unconventional way but with great results.

So, I’ve compiled a list of 7 out of the box USA startups that are actually nailing it in different industrial sectors.

1. Front (Artificial Intelligence Sector)

USA Startups: 7 Out Of The Box Startups That Are Doing Great

This $79M million company from San Fransisco has been around for five years. Its focus is on changing the way teams work by creating a shared-inbox platform.

This app allows teams to manage incoming messages in the easiest and simplest way possible. Think of it as a better version of apps like Slack

2. DecorMatters (Augmented Reality – AR Sector)

USA Startups: 7 Out Of The Box Startups That Are Doing Great
Credits: YouTube

This California based company created an app that makes buying home decoration products online an exciting and easy experience.

Just by using the app with your smartphone, you can see how the products you wish to buy will fit in with your space.

All you need is access to your smartphone’s camera on the app. Using “computer vision and image recognition technology,” potential clients can see, beforehand, how a piece of furniture will complete their homes.

This $1.5 million free app is “based on a patent-pending AR technology.”

Their app is rated 4.5+ by users. Speaking about this startup Discover.Luxury said: “DecorMatters is perfect for both the novice and design expert.” It’s similar to Room Planner – Design Home 3D, however, they have a lower rating of 4.4.

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3. Bundil (Cryptocurrency Sector)

USA Startups: 7 Out Of The Box Startups That Are Doing Great
Credits: Bitcoin Exchange Guide

Bundil jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon after receiving $100,000 worth of funding from Kevin O’Leary after the creators appeared on The Shark Tank.

Dimitry Love came up with the idea when he became inundated with questions from his family about how to invest in cryptocurrency.

People who use their services are able to automatically invest their spare monies from their credit or debit card purchases.

They can buy into a number of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

4. Grail (Medical and Healthcare Sector)

Grail (Medical and Healthcare Sector)
Credits: Glassdoor

This unique business received $1.6 billion from Hillhouse Capital Group showing that the idea was gold.

The 2015 startup came up with solutions to diagnose cancer-related problems at an early stage.

Even China has backed this startup by investing largely in their idea. How much money the company makes remains to be seen as cancer research is ongoing.

5. Welcome Beyond (Travel Sector)

Welcome Beyond (Travel Sector)
Credits: Pinterest

A great number of people are reluctant to travel all because they don’t know where to stay, how to book, and so forth.

Yes, we already have Airbnb, but what makes this startup different is that with it you can handpick hotels.

Welcome Beyond doesn’t just choose the mainstream locations, they only pick those that are truly exotic.  Their main aim is to provide “a refreshing and soothing environment to the guests.”

6. Heliocor (FinTech Sector)

Heliocor (FinTech Sector)
Credit: LinkedIn

They’ve already received $2.5 million funding. Helicor’s big idea is to help online business, e-commerce stores, and apps to be GDPR-compliant for online privacy.

This regulatory, technology and consulting startup allows these companies to be “compliant of the laws of the state, fraud detection, and prevention.”

7. Aceable (Education Sector)

USA Startups: Aceable (Education Sector)

Sageview Capital funded this idea with $55 million. This app helps you become a learner driver and when you qualify and pass the license is delivered at your home.

However, you still need to take the driving test to receive your license. What makes this app great is that people who can’t attend driving classes physically are spared the stress.

It has a 4.9 rating and is slightly similar to DMV Genie Permit Practice Test app but with more features.

The USA startups listed above offer a fresh approach in a number of different sectors. Some are similar to others you might know but their approach makes them stand out from the competitors.

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