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7 Unique Online Services You Probably Didn’t Know Existed


Varidhi Yadav

We all know the basic things that we can do on the internet, like social media, shopping, Videos and a lot more. But you haven’t even scratched the surface so, I researched for some unique online services that are doing amazing around the world.

I am going to list down 7 really unique online services that are offered on public demand and open for you too.

1. Goat Rental

Unique Online Services Goat Rental

Now people who are going the direction of Goat yoga, please come back, it’s not that. These goats can be rented to eat off the excess grass in your lawn.

If you wonder how you can actually utilize the grass being chopped off in your lawn, just rent a bunch of goats to feed off of it and everything will be clean in no time.

And I don’t know if someone comes to keep a watch on those goats because if not then maybe you can actually use them for yoga too.

2. Professional Potty Training

Professional Potty Training
Credits: Mothers Online

Teaching your kid that he or she needs to go take a dump in a particular place, sitting can actually be a really difficult task. Some parents take longer than others which can be stressful more than you would realize.

And that’s why there are professionals who can train your kids well. This person will come to your place every day or whatever their schedule is and give your kid potty training. Yes, I am not kidding!

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3. Professional Wedding Guests

Professional Wedding Guests
Credits: Forever Twenty Somethings

I don’t really think this one would come as a shocker to any of you. Everyone wants a perfect wedding with a big and sophisticated crowd and living in India, I think you will agree with me that wedding ceremonies are actually a way to show off.

That is why you can also hire guests to act like actual guests. You can make your wedding look much more expensive and glamorous.

4. RentMyText

This is literally the best thing that can happen to any college student who has to buy big fat books for semesters which they know will not be opened ever again in their entire lives.

For those students, you can now buy your textbooks at a refundable deal. If you return your book at the end of the semester in good condition, you will get a sixty to seventy percent refund which sounds like a good deal to me.

5. BungoBox


You don’t have to buy a bunch of boxes and plastic crates when you are moving from one place to another only to throw them away later unless you are a hoarder.

This website actually lets you rent these boxes and crates which are of course in good condition and will take your things to the other place, safe and sound.

Just return them in good condition too or they will not accept it for obvious reasons.

6. SoleMates

SoleMates unique online services

Every girl out there, just think to yourself how much money you spend on heels and how less you wear worrying about them getting damaged because of the outdoors or maybe rains.

Now think if you could find various things that will help you keep your shoes long lasting. Yes, this is the place you want to go. Now you can show off those brands for longer and more often.

7. Maternity Wear


A whole lot of rental websites out there, aren’t there? This is another thing that you are not going to need forever and spending a bunch of bucks on. Loose clothes are going to be a clear waste of money which is why you can rent these too and when you are done, just return them.

Save some money and some closet space. Instead of finding another person who might need it or finding another person you can borrow these from, just rent it out.

These are some unique yet super essential online services that you can use right away. Know more about such unique online services? Let me know in the comments.


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