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Top 7 Inspiration Bollywood Movies For Entrepreneurs


Varidhi Yadav

Before seeing the top 7 list of inspiration Bollywood movies, Do know that Running a business is a tough job and slaying it with all the hard work is even more difficult. All the ups and downs and how an entrepreneur handles those situations is something that defines them.

And watching this roller coaster ride is simply amazing. The only way you can watch this is either through social media or of course, some legendary Bollywood movies for Entrepreneurs ever made.All the entrepreneurs or budding ones, I’m pretty sure you all will enjoy it to the next level.

So here is a list of a few amazing Bollywood movies for Entrepreneurs that you are going to love. Let’s go.

1. Rocket Singh Salesman

Bollywood movies for Entrepreneurs
Rocket Singh Salesman

A story of a man called Harpreet Singh who got just 39% of marks on his graduation and when he finally got the job as a salesman, his seniors as well as his colleagues would constantly mock him over his marks and how he was not able to do his job properly.

And overtime he realized that being honest is not going to get him anywhere and the way he changes his tactics and becomes the salesman of the year is what this movie is all about. It shows how there will always be someone laughing at you but you need to get past all that.

2. Guru

Bollywood movie guru entrepreneur

This movie is based on the ever famous businessman, Dhirubhai Ambani. The story of how he married the daughter of a rich businessman in order to get the dowry so he can start his own clothing business in Mumbai. He was just another middle class person with a great business mind who even married keeping that as his motive.

And for this sole reason, this movie has also gone through a lot of controversies but nevertheless the movie shows how he used his talent to simply become one of the most successful businessman in the country.

3. Badmaash Company

Bollywood movie badmaash company movie

The movie is about four recent graduates who don’t know what exactly they want to do with their lives and end up starting their own company using some not so right ways of doing a business. They would buy foreign goods without the import cost and would sell it make a grand fortunes, as expected.

The movie shows how they used their amazing entrepreneur mind to exploit the market during the 90’s and lived over ambitiously. The movie is all about the business principles and how things go when you choose to play with them.

4. Band Baaja Baarat

band baja barat movies

This is a love story and a nice entrepreneurship example going hand in hand. A boy and a girl who decide to start a wedding planning business without realizing that things might go downtown. There are three important things that this movie is going to teach you.

One, keep your personal and professional life separate or things might not going as planned. Two, don’t worry about the competition and give the best in your work, it will shine itself. Three, passion beats qualification any day, so don’t worry about your mark sheet, know what you really want to do.

5. Baazar

baazar movie for entrepreneurs

I simply loved this movie although it didn’t do well in the theaters and if you think you love the concept of business, you will love this too. One day a middle class man decides that he doesn’t want to be a regular person, he wants to make a name for himself in the business world like Tatas and Ambanis and what was going to stop him then.

He began his journey and there were places where he took the wrong path and places with setbacks but the basic thing is if you want something, you bloody take it.

6. Corporate

corporate movie

This movie is based on the report on the levels of pesticides in cold drinks in 2003 which was 30 percent over the line of being called safe. It is about two entrepreneurs who are trying to gain as much profit as possible no matter how unethical their ways might be.

And in order to achieve this grand success, they forget the importance of being ethical and honest and lose the true spirit of being an entrepreneur. Basically, it is a portrayal of the dark side of corporate and a reminder to the budding entrepreneurs that ethics are important too.

7. Manjhi

manjhi movie bollywood entrepreneur

This movie is not exactly the businessman type but it gives a great moral to the budding entrepreneurs. Manjhi lives in a small village whose people need to cross a hill in order to get medical services. His wife, when pregnant, tried to cross mountain but fell and died giving birth to a baby girl.

This incident was what gave Manjhi the inspiration to carve a road across himself. Everyone obviously called him insane but 27 years later, there it was.

He showed determination and passion that you need to start, and things will turn out just as you wanted them to. Manjhi is one of those Bollywood movies for Entrepreneurs that shows the most important aspect of being a business, a never give up attitude.

There it is, seven amazing movies that will give you lessons about entrepreneurship that the business school might not even mention.

These Bollywood movies for Entrepreneurs is all the motivation you need right now.

If you have more movie suggestions do let me know in the comments.

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