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Top 5 ways to get rid of flirty men


Varidhi Yadav

Girls, we are all familiar with such flirty men, at the counter of a bar, in a restaurant, at a wedding, in your classroom or workplace or even in the goddamn supermarkets, coming up with innumerous moronic pickup lines like “no, I don’t want to drink any more, I’m intoxicated by you” or “I seem to have lost my number, can I have yours?”

I feel like there’s a whole breed out there and they are scattered, everywhere. Some of them flirt so professionally that you can’t even tell the difference if they are flirting or if that is just how they talk, scary! And then there are noobs who just don’t know what they are doing but still keeps going for the bloody sake of it.

Anyway, let’s list down some ways we can get rid of this species of over flirty men!

1)    Make him (flirty man) aware of your dislike towards him:

Although Starting with the simplest way, every time some random dude is passing flirtatious comments on you. But just ask him to shove them up his *mm*! But No girl is going to buy that. Hence, Don’t beat around the bush trying to send him away, throw it in his face that you’re not interested. Just as simple as that.

2)    Ignore him:

This is like the most basic thing, I don’t even know why I need to mention it but there are girls who really need to be told this (you know who you are). Nothing will annoy him more than you ignoring his flirtatious charm (yeah, that’s what they think it is, charm!).

3)    Start talking about your boyfriend:

Girls, let me tell you, the moment you start talking about your boyfriend, these men will run miles away. And you don’t necessarily have to have one, you can proudly lie, no one will know. Or you can also just talk to them about any other guy except him and there’s no other buzzkill like that.

4)    Tell him you’re gay:

Hence, Just tell him you drive your car on the other side of the road. But, this is my personal favorite and works most of the times and if it doesn’t work, there’s no saving you from that kind of a guy, just run as hard as you can!

5)    Simply reject him:

But hey, it’s more difficult than it sounds because he will keep coming back, trying harder and harder and you have to keep shutting him out but that’s what above points are for.

In the end, I think little flirting is good for health because accept it, we all like a little attention unless it’s getting really out of hand and the guy is just getting creepier, then use the above ways or call the security, like seriously!

Can’t a single woman get a drink out here without being disturbed for ones?

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