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Top 10 Horror Movies: To Give You Nightmare For Days


Varidhi Yadav

If you consider horror movie a delight then you must know the best movie in this genre. And if you have missed even one of these, you should be sorry to yourself and get on with them right freaking away.

It is not a great horror movie until it takes your breath away while watching and takes your sleep away after. If you are weak when it comes to horror movies, don’t watch these. You won’t like what it will do to you for days.

So moving on to the main part, let me list down the 10 best horror movies

1. Insidious

The IMDb rating for this movie is 6.8 The movie is the definition of scaring someone to their soul. It doesn’t creep you out with some ugly looking horror shit, and it doesn’t wait for the climax to give you the chills. Instead, you will feel those goosebumps going up and down from the beginning and throughout.

Not all its scenes will make you jump off your seats but there are few which might make you skip a beat because you didn’t see that coming. If you have missed out on this movie, give it a shot.

2. Sinister

horror movie

The IMDb rating for this movie is 6.8 Another Halloween horror that will give you the exact creep you were expecting from a horror movie.

And if you really want to get the full experience of the movie, I recommend you to watch this movie with headphones on because the use of possibly all the creepy sounds available has been used in this movie.

And perfectly, which sound will make which scene seem really scary has been kept in mind while the making of this film. Basically, it is genuinely a scary movie.

3. The Ring 2002

horror movie

The IMDb rating for this movie is 7.1 What can I say about this that has never been said before? This is not a movie you want to miss if you are a sucker for horror movies.

It will give you the chills to your bones just ten minutes down the movie and you will probably sink into your pillows throughout because of fear.

It’s not just ant horror movie that happens, you get scared and move on. This story sticks with you for a while and your brain keeps playing it over and over again even in broad daylight.

4. Scream

horror movie

The IMDb rating for this movie is 7.2 The movie has been portrayed in general as something that will make you laugh rather than getting scared but you heard wrong.

It is true that the movie consists of a great amount of black humor but it still has the equal potential of making you jump off your seat.

And this mixture of comic and horror genre is something that makes this movie different and worth watching. The paradoxical humor and the twist will make you ‘scream’.

5. The Conjuring 2

horror movie

The IMDb rating for this movie is 7.4 The movie has made sure it doesn’t disappoint you in the first place considering the kind of image sequels have.

It doesn’t just contain scary scenes but a great movie you will latch on to and will probably crave for even more.

There are no new ways of scaring the hell out of the audience. They have used the authenticity of this genre but the way the actors have played the scenes, placed them perfectly one after the other.

This is exactly what will give you the chills to the bones.

6. IT (2017)

IT (2017) movie

The IMDb rating for this movie is 7.4 Surprisingly not a lot of people appreciate this movie around us but the people who love to watch horror movies will totally understand it inside out and the movie will not fail to give you the shivers.

There are sudden ghostly occurrences that would make you jump now and then. Instead, there are subtle horrific scenes, some creepy, some straight down scary that will make you fear the clown.

The use of satirical comedy is what gives it a unique touch.

7. The Conjuring

The Conjuring

The IMDb rating for this movie is 7.5 This movie has no doubt set a bar in the horror genre when it comes to movies.

It consists of both, the ‘jumping out of your freaking seat’ scenes as well as the ‘gives you shivers down to your soul’ scenes.

The concept of calling paranormal investigators is not something we haven’t seen before but the story they have built around this is what makes it special.

The director has made sure that the essence of the true story remains and the actors did their part amazingly in this matter.

8. Get Out

Get Out

The IMDb rating for this movie is 7.8 The movie about a black man’s worst nightmare. But once you watch this movie, you would wish it wasn’t your worst nightmare.

Also, get the racial comments that have passed for this movie and let’s focus on what made this movie come into top 10.

There is a perfect use of sound and creation of the surrounding that will make you wet your pants.

The movie has made sure to put some humor into it which makes people think it will be easy to watch but don’t be fooled and only watch in the daytime.

9. The Exorcist

The Exorcist

The IMDb rating for this movie is 8 Most people avoid watching this movie because they associate religion with it but you are wrong.

This movie isn’t against religion, only the evil that takes over mankind sometimes. The movie portrays the worst and the darkest tales of a person and end with a light of hope.

Despite the fear it puts in you, the movie is unknowingly powerful and will actually let you go on a good note.

It isn’t considered one of the best for almost fifty years just like that.

10. The Shining

The Shining movie

The IMDb rating for this movie is 8.4 This movie will take away your sleep for days and that would still be an understatement.

What an amazing movie need is a good storyline and that horror movie becomes an epic.

This movie is the perfect mixture of the classic mystery and the modern terror and it will give you the chill from beginning to the very end. There is horror, suspense, thrill, and psychologically intriguing scenes.

How can a powerhouse like this ever disappoint anyone? Put this one the top of your horror movie priorities.

These are the top ten horror movies you need to add to your list right away. Some can be watched at night, some during the day but all of them will make you sleepless for quite a long time.

If you don’t mind closing your eyes and getting scared of opening them again thinking someone is standing in front of you, then these are just the right movies for your entertainment.

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