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Tinder Search: How To Find Your Partner On Dating Apps


Varidhi Yadav

If you have an intuition that your partner might be using dating apps then I will be The Sherlock Holmes and you can be my sidekick Watson and together we will catch that cheating bastard with Tinder search.

Follow this 7 step by step guide to finding your partner by Tinder search

1. Using a Bait or Witnesses

Using a Bait or Witnesses

Go ahead and ask for help from your friends if you have moral issues about going ahead and making your own profile.

Ask a close friend, preferably single so that he or she doesn’t end up having issues in their relationship over this. Ask them to just keep swiping until they find your partner, and ask for a screenshot because you will need proofs later.

But again if you don’t find anything on Tinder search for a long time then maybe you are just wrong or your partner is using a different dating app.

What Signs That Your Partner Might Be Using Dating Applications? Read now if you still have doubts.

2. Disguise Yourself and Start Tinder Search

Disguise Yourself and Start Tinder Search

If you can’t even trust your friend then make your own fake id. Obviously, if you will make an account under your own name and get caught in the crossfire then you are the one to be blamed.

Go undercover, use a nice classy name because it can actually make a difference. You will have to get a nice picture from the internet, so sadly you got to browse for a nice good looking person’s photo to upload.

Even though dating applications have a lot of things that you can put in there but the picture and name are going to be the highlight.

But you don’t want to get caught, right? So make sure you read, How To Spot a Fake Account On Social Media?

3. Setting Up Your Suspect’s Location

Setting Up Your Suspect's Location

Now location plays an important role in dating applications. They prefer matching you with the people who are close to you or in paid versions, you can set the location manually.

For example, if your boyfriend’s college is 20 km away you need to set your location radius accordingly.

4. Setting Up Your Suspect’s Age Limit

Setting Up Your Suspect's Age Limit

After location comes the age setting. You know your partner’s exact age, why don’t you just put that or a year less.

Fewer options mean more chances of them getting caught. If they have put their real birthdate, then this will happen.

Also, most apps connect using email id’s or Facebook, so check what age they have added there and find your partner through manual Tinder search.

Now that all your settings are in place you can simply start swiping left until you come across their profile and you can take a screenshot for proof.

This can take a lot of time so be patient if you think this isn’t working you can try the same process in other dating apps.

5. Use mSpy Application For Additional Support

find your partner on dating sites

Technology has made it so easy for two complete strangers to meet, date, just go separate ways or actually end together forever, hooking up or getting married.

You know what’s even better? Now you can also find out if your partner is using any dating site especially to cheat on you just by using this application called mSpy.

This application works for any sort of phone, tablet or laptop. You can track and monitor the client’s browser history who in this case will be your suspect or your partner.

6. Cheat Buster: The Backup Plan

Now here’s an online website that will help you find your partner on dating sites or apps.

This one is much easier than using an application but you will surely have to register on this website before you can try finding anything.

Then you just put their first name, their age, their exact location where they must be using the application too often like their workplace or home and voila! The results will be mailed to you in some time. But again the website is not free, just so you know.

7. Tinder Search Fails: The Final Showdown

find your partner on dating sites

All the dating apps work similarly but if you still cannot find your partner on any other dating apps, then you have to go undercover ones again. You have to check their phone when they are not around.

Check all of their installed applications and don’t forget to check Google photos because it will display even hidden pictures.

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These are some of the things that you can do to find your partner on manual Tinder search or other dating apps. This actually seems pretty easy but this can take longer than you imagine so one thing you will need through the entire process is patience.

Don’t snap before it or you’ll ruin it. And if you can’t control your anger anymore then just skip to the last point or talk it out with your partner.

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[…] 7 Definite Ways To Find Your Partner In Dating ApplicationsIn Dating, Digital, Tipsy, Trendy […]


[…] 7 Definite Ways To Find Your Partner In Dating ApplicationsIn Dating, Digital, Tipsy, Trendy […]


[…] 7 Definite Ways To Find Your Partner In Dating ApplicationsIn Dating, Digital, Tipsy, Trendy […]


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