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Tinder Pictures and Bio: All The Do’s and Don’ts For Indian Men


Umang Dayal

Boys are so stupid when it comes to tinder. But if you have found this article I am happy for you because it is going to change your dating life forever.
These do’s and don’ts for Indian men will work perfectly to make your Tinder pictures and Bio look impeccable if you follow each step.

This article is divided into 4 major parts, Your Tinder pictures, Tinder bio, texting your match, and your first date. I guess you can continue from there, right?

Now, let’s make your Tinder Pictures and Bio stand out from the crowd!

Your pictures on Tinder

Your pictures speak a lot about you, what you are as a person and outside the world of tinder. But first let’s discuss:

Avoid uploading these pictures on Tinder

Group picture: Don’t put pictures where you are in a group and all others are better looking than you. If you later chat with the person you don’t want them asking you, “Who is that cute friend of yours?” And you’ll just have to kill him now.

If you include a group picture you must always be the smartest one, at least in the pic.

Naked pictures: Absolutely not! Unless you are a professional bodybuilder or a fitness model this is a big no-no. Your chest and biceps might seem sexy to you but it just looks too desperate for girls.

And girls will go left swipe you with an expression of ugghh! You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Selfies: Its okay to upload a selfie picture if you are a girl. But if you are a boy, please avoid it. Girls will just think you are majorly a self centered guy.

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The right type of pictures for Tinder

First pic: Now the first picture of your profile must be of you. I mean of you, alone. Choose a clear picture with a decent smile (not too creepy). A front facing pic with a cloth color that suits you the most. No goggles, no side cheeks, look directly towards the camera.

This will show that you are a confident and fun-loving kind of guy. Include at least 2-3 pictures of you alone. Here are my first and second pic for your reference.

Other pics: Okay, your other pictures might include a group picture with the conditions I discussed above. This also shows that you have a life outside tinder and you are not self centered or lonely and miserable.

See how smart I look in the below group picture. Wait a second I am smart in real life too!

Tinder tips for an Indian guy

Stand out pics: Now if you really want to stand out from the crowd you should consider uploading these pictures, if you want your profile to fill with matches more than you can handle.

Include a picture with a baby. Girls love babies more than men. So upload a picture where you are caressing a baby, kissing, hugging them, then you are absolutely in, boy.

Include pictures with pets: Second most thing that girls like in the world after babies. If you or your friend have a pet dog. Steal him and take plenty of pictures with it. But don’t fake it if you are not a dog lover.

Girls will find out with that facial expression of yours and you have already left an impression.

Out of the ordinary pictures: Include pictures while doing an adventurous sport, while playing football, basketball, etc. While cooking, holding a guitar, bike rides and all other cool stuff.

Take more candid pictures this shows your fun personality and what kind of things you are really into.

Not found anything that says that’s me yet? Okay, I have one last chance for you!

Video: The new Tinder version includes a feature where you can upload a video of you. It is just like a boomerang thing but if you are doing something fun it will get more attention.

You can upload the gym video here but again try wearing clothes. All the gym freaks are so happy now! Checkout my gym boomerang video that I have uploaded on Tinder.

Important: Now, remember that Tinder allows you to upload 9 pictures but just focus on 4-5 good pictures of you.

If you upload all 9, you will seem desperate, and too much information shows there is not much left to know about you.

Your bio on Tinder

After you are done with uploading pictures. Here comes the hard part. Creating the perfect bio.

Don’t include this in your Tinder bio

First and foremost: Enough with the, ‘I AM A GYM FREAK, LOVE TO GYM, LOVE TO WORKOUT, EAT HEALTHY”. Yes, that’s exactly how it sounds! Self-centered and go get a life kind of a bio!

You better change it right away if you have something similar.

Stupid Bios: Please don’t include quotes or thoughts, even if you wrote them because here’s the truth, Nobody cares!

doN’t wRite LiKe ThIs: Yes, that’s pretty much it. You get the point though right?

I can go on about what not to include all day but these are the basic ones, so let’s get started with

The proper way of writing your Tinder Bio

Introduce: No, this is not an interview so you better watch that formal tongue of yours! Write something catchy or appealing or things you like and are interested in. Below is my Tinder bio not too appealing, simple and subtle.

Tinder tips for an Indian guy

Standing out: Pet lover, these two words work like magic. But only if you truly are and have relevant pictures to back it up. Include a humorous tone will describing yourself, like the way I write.

Girls are really into humor, but don’t just go and type, “I am a funny guy”. That’s just lame.

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Clever trick: If you are too lazy and really can’t write anything for you, google baba has all the answers for you. Check these bio’s below and mix and match them. And make your own.

Tinder tips and tricks for an Indian guy

Don’t copy the whole thing now, Because there might be too many same bio’s since I have uploaded them here and also because all boys are lazy.

Bonus tips

Just because you read the whole article or cheated your way down. I have 2 more bonus tips for you.

1. Instagram

Link your Instagram to your Tinder account. This way you can display more of your pictures and even increase your Instagram followers. When your Instagram is linked to Tinder your profile it looks much more genuine and says “I mean business”.

2. Spotify

This music app is like the second most famous thing after YouTube. Add your favorite tracks through Spotify, you have to admit a person’s song choices tells a lot more about that person’s character and emotions.

Firstly, go and make these above changes in your Tinder Pictures and Bio, right now, and also read these other articles based on Tinder and dating tips.

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If you have any queries or suggestions do write to us [email protected]

Did you find this article helpful? Share it in the comments below.

Learn from a love expert, on how he created his Tinder profile, and these Tinder profiles will make you look twice, do check it out maybe you can get some new ideas.


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