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The untold story of Nilaj Village, a true example of unity in India


Mohit Lalwani

Usually, we only hear about Hindu Muslim riots but stories about their unity are comparatively few. This true story about a small village (Nilaj Village) can give us hope and prove that there really is unity in diversity.

A small village in Maharashtra called Nilaj (Kalamb Taluka Yavatmal District) with a total population of 330 in 93 households. Most of the earnings of the residents of Nilaj Village is through farming. In Nilaj, the rituals related to the Mourning of Muharram are performed by a Hindu Family and the whole village takes part in it every year.

Readers who are not aware of Muharram

It is the first month of the Islamic Calendar. It is one of the four sacred months of the year during which warfare is forbidden and is held to be the second holiest month, after Ramadan.

Muharram is marked as the death of Hussein ibn Ali (Shia Islam). Though it is an important day for both Shia and Sunni Islam while the latter chooses to pass it with a fasting ritual considering it a remembrance, Shia goes beyond, they hold the authenticity and mourning congregation through the process of chest thumping.

How the ritual takes place?

Procession of Muharram Tazia or Sawari starts from the accountant’s (Munim Ji) house, reaches the Durga temple placed at Former Village Mukhya’s (Head) house then it proceeds towards Rajvaidya’s (Doctor) house which is the first house of the village, Rajvaidya’s family welcomes and honors the Tazia, and it heads back to Munim Ji’s house.

In Sawari temple people worship the goddess and a man (Successor of Munim Ji) whips himself for the Mourning of Hussein Ibn Ali and then prays for the well-being of the town.

Now the best part of this entire thing is that even Hindusperform this ritual with just as much heart as the Muslims of this village

Here is the story for why these people are never bothered by the riots and live together like a family

Long ago the Mukhya of the village had three wives but unfortunately, his kids were dying at a very young age. He was searching for the solution when someone told him about a very skilled Rajvaidya from avillage in Gujrat.

On his request, the Rajvaidya came to Nilaj Village and was given the first house of the village as an honor. Rajvaidya provided the solution as Procession of Muharram in their village. This solution worked as a boon forthe village head and none of his children died at an early age and the entirevillage prospered.

Since then this ritual has began to start at their Munim Ji’s house. The beauty of this story is the unity within the religions. Theydon’t care about the riots. They care about the prosperity of the village andtheir families.

Disclaimer: I didn’t intend to hurt any once feeling or religion I am writing this in faith of good intention. This story is based an old saying that we heard from our elders and does not promote superstition. 

Edited by Varidhi Yadav

Mohit is an aspiring writer and has witnessed this ritual from his own eyes. We love to hear your inspiring stories and share it with the world. If you also have a similar story to share, visit our post page.


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