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The Mystery Behind Angel Priya UNLOCKED?


Varidhi Yadav

Where is Angel Priya? I’ll do one better! Who is Angel Priya? I’ll do one better! Why is Angel Priya?!

Okay, jokes apart. There is always one guy or the other somewhere making a fake account under the name Angel Priya who studies in DPS R.k Puram, graduation done from DU, and works at vella or I am still studying.

Everyone has received a friend request from Angel Priya once in their life. And do you know India has more fake accounts than the whole population of Pakistan? It’s true!

So, let’s discuss the top 5 reasons why someone would do something so stupid?

1. The Attention Seeker

fake account angel priya

We are all very much aware of the amount of attention a girl receives on social media. I mean it’s insane. All those friends requests and picture’s likes and comments.

I’m pretty sure there are men out there who want the same type of attention and they feel that they will never get it as a guy. So enters a female account.

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2. The Clever Stalker

fake account angel priya

Girls tend to accept requests from another girl a lot easier than a boy. I don’t understand though, why would you accept from a strange girl and not a boy? How is an unknown girl any safer than an unknown boy?

But anyway, there are people with that logic. So basically this is to get into a girl’s private account easily which brings me to my next point.

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3. The Inside Agent

fake account angel priya

We are told all the time to be safe from cybercrime. It is taking a toll over a lot of people’s personal lives. Some guys make fake profile under a girl’s name to get in and gather as much personal information as possible and then possibly use it against the girl later.

Photoshop is another threat for a girl in case someone saves their pictures and do something wrong.

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4. The Pranksters

fake account angel priya

Sometimes friends do stuff like this to annoy someone. There are guys who make female accounts to flirt with their guy friends and then bomb them with the truth later.

Nothing is more embarrassing than that. And then there is spamming, when a guy has sent forty ‘hey’ from his account and got no reply, he makes a fake account and does the same. There are also haters who can even use your name to make more accounts, be careful of that.

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5. The Salesman

fake account angel priya

People are more likely to buy things from a female salesman than a male, obviously! That’s why some sales guy makes a nice attractive female account on social media and sell things.

And it works so well, most of the population on social media falls for this crap, it’s not even funny.

These fake accounts can be super hilarious but dangerous at the same time. I don’t mind if you want to add strangers to your friend list and increase your contacts but don’t add anyone without checking twice.

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If you are wondering how to keep in check and avoid adding these Fake accounts to your social media, read my article, “How to Spot a Fake account on social media?

Avoid putting too much personal information on social media, you never know when or how it can come back to bite you. Social media is a great place to have fun so keep surfing and stay safe.

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If you think I missed any point, let me know in the comments.

 “Behind every Angel Priya there is a man”.

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How to spot a Fake account on social media? - Folkire

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