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The Key of Love: A Poem


Maitri Seth

A tale of love is something common,

For us to believe,

That it is the only emotion, which is important.

A similar anecdote I did caress,

For the world to tell and years to witness.

Born into different families,

Both united by love.

Did not have great finances,

But enough warmth to share.

Our parents were friends, and we were too,

Building our own story,

Which wasn’t even known to the moon.

We laughed together, played together,

Learnt from and strengthened each other.

Roses of love began to bloom within no time,

For us to cherish them forever.

Every memory is so vividly alive in my head,

When you first held my hand and said,” You are my best friend!”

Your choices to me had always been important,

White was your favorite color,

And food was the only thing you cherished.

Loved movies and hated cartoons,

Doctor’s set was your favorite in childhood.

I wondered why you never wished to play outside,

Remember, once I called you and you said,” Do you have springs fitted in your legs”.

Then I realized that why it is said,

That think before what you speak, in your head.

What happened the next day, still causes aches,

How can I forget: That memory never turns stale.

The sun shone and birds chirped as it was a regular day,

When we left our homes for school that day.

Board examination had already marked its commence,

And it was Maths today to take us to hell.

I was confident because I was intelligent,

Sorry to say, but, you never studied,

Even with a ‘passing’ intention.

But that day I was less fearful,

As you worked harder than you always did.

Holding hands, we moved towards the bus stop,

And suddenly you realized that you have left your watch.

Promising that you would return in five minutes,

You left the place leaving my hand with memories in it.

Fifteen minutes went by and there were no traces of you,

The bus arrived, pushing me into a dilemma,

Whether to leave or to wait for you.

I finally asked the bus driver to wait for a while,

And called my mother from his cell, to which he mentioned,

That the balance was just Rupees nine.

My mother informed your family about you being missing,

And asked me to reach the center as boards were something I couldn’t miss.

With a heavy heart, I headed towards the hall,

Looking often, towards the door,

Where seeing you coming was quite probable.

I reached home and looked for my mother around,

And what she told me then left me in astound.

We rushed to the hospital, and found you in the ward,

Your face looked pale, and all the charm is gone.

But what was catastrophic,

A never healing one,

When I saw only one leg of yours,

And the other, lost! Like those eyes of yours.

I sat beside you, but you didn’t revert,

Such agonized were your eyes,

That “Everything will be fine”, could not be my words.

The world stopped for you,

And hence for me too.

But I decided, never to leave you!

I stood by your side, every second,

Not only for love,

But also as a friend.

Thinking of all those years,

You have been a strength to me.

It took you around a month to accept your fate,

But that was not all to happen that day,

Your father’s success made your family happier,

But it turned out to be a scum for our love.

The day came for you to leave,

Me, my family and the city.

But before you left,

What you gave me,

Just added a silver lining,

To our story.

I hope you remember what you said,

“Unlock that drawer when I am gone,

And you would find another me,

waiting for you, to live along”.

And then you left, I was broken,

A part of me felt dead,

Leaving me alone and dejected.

But I had your Key!

I went to your room and unlocked the drawer,

Which carried infinite memories and a letter,

Written with depth to ponder.

You preserved everything,

From our first toys, to similar T-shirts,

The video games which we played,

And the Valentines which we did celebrate.

With tears rolling down my cheeks,

I collected everything.

Took them back home,

And preserved them again,

In hope that with time,

Our bond would strengthen, and we would meet again!

Calls, texts and mails,

Were a daily affair.

Festivals, exams, nothing was spared.

You still haunted me in the middle of the nights,

And cheered me up when I felt deprived.

Time flew, and newer blues of hectic work schedules,

Became a part of my life,

Much got changed, but what shouldn’t,

Was You!

Late-night calls and endless chats,

Were now restricted to HIs and HOWs.

“This is what long-distance is”, what I always found.

And once when I asked you “Is it over!”,

You replied,” I’ll see you soon”.

I waited for you to come and end,

Not what was between us,

But what should not be.

But you carried a different motive,

Something unbelievable for me.

Seeing you after so long,

Was not less than a dream,

You walked on your own with your peg leg,

And greeted me, but with no gleam.

“Have some coffee!” I exclaimed,

You replied,” No, I have a lot to explain”,

“I can’t take this anymore!”, you mentioned,

Leaving me numb in silence.

“It was all childish…” you added,

“With time, things change and turn old!”

“Has all of this also turned old??”, I asked,

“It would not be so difficult for you to forget”, you remarked.

“Be a Man!” That’s how you concluded,

I left the place saying nothing,

Inferencing that everything has ended.

Things really changed and turned old after that,

Like your pain changed into arrogance,

And my love into forever disdain.

You thought being a girl, if it was easy for you,

What can I feel, as I belong to a community of shrewd!

Even men do fall in love,

Was something fictional to you.

And that is why the time is such,

That you are still my love,

And I am not even a friend to you.

But, the key to my heart is still possessed by you,

Kindly return it back, as you have locked my heart,

Stacked with your memories, Full!

You succeeded and live happily ever after,

Forgetting all that I had invested and how much did I love.

But it is now my time to change my pain into power,

And lock you back in the same drawer, with the keys of courage and prosper.

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Sonal Singh
Sonal Singh

This is so beautiful Maitri.💙

Sumedha chauhan
Sumedha chauhan

Well written 👍

Pina Bansal
Pina Bansal

So beautifully written. This is simply amazing. Goo work. Keep writing.

Shristi Sankrit
Shristi Sankrit

Amazing work!💙


Wonderful story with good emotional feeling… Keep writing waiting for next one…

Prachi Saini
Prachi Saini

The fine write up has a deep meaning within it and is so beautifully written that it can mesmerize anyone who is reading!!

Rishita chouksey
Rishita chouksey

Such a good piece of writing. This story made my day. Eagerly waiting for more of such stories. Keep the good work going on.

Rishita chouksey
Rishita chouksey

Such a great piece of art. This story made my day. Eagerly waiting for more such stories. Keep the good work on


It just kept me hooked all this while. A tale well-written. Keep going girl! I would love to read more from you.


Thanks a lot, Soumya. You will definitely read more of my poems.

Poornima Dubey
Poornima Dubey

Well written Maitri. Proud of you!🔥

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