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Taking Permission for a Goa Trip: 6 Ways To Convince Your Parents


Varidhi Yadav

You want permission from your parents for a Goa trip? Why? So you can do drugs?

Yeah, you are crazy. So many people out there can relate to this, can’t you? Having strict parents is already tough and then taking up a task like this is like asking for a death wish, unless, you do it right.

So, let me tell you some obvious and not so obvious ways to ask permission from your parents for a Goa trip.

1. Do Anything And Everything They Ask For

Taking permission for a Goa Trip

Do every goddamn household work you can do. From cooking food to scrubbing the toilet. Say yes to any and every work without cringing.

They will definitely get a hint after some time that you are doing all this for a reason but don’t just go smiling and telling about your plan.

Convince them enough that you have earned your way through whatever question you’re going to throw at them.

2. Be Super Responsible

Goa trip asking parents

Take responsibility for everything you did. Bad, apologize. Good, flaunt.

Become creative and do something useful for the environment and your home. Read, 10 Ways To Become Eco-Friendly Without Leaving Your Home.

They should know you are aware of your actions and that you can handle most of the things on your own.

Take care of your expenses so that they see how careful and responsible you are and that you won’t spend unnecessarily (secretly save all that for your trip).

3. Avoid Making a Mess

How to ask for a Goa Trip

Don’t freaking do anything stupid before asking for permission. Don’t get complaints from college or worse, don’t. bloody. lie.

You know how they are capable of using one little lie of yours to say NO for every damn thing. All of your best behavior and being responsible will go down in a dirty, smelly drain!

If drinking is your problem, read this article right away, How to get sober up quickly after heavy drinking?

4. Keep Planning Secretly

convincing parents for Goa trip

Keep planning for your Goa trip from the first minute to the last. Be prepared for all the questions they will throw at you during the Q n A session, it can be more difficult than an interview.

Don’t answer any question unless you are absolutely sure about it. And prepare well for the managerial round as well, yeah the Papa session.

5. The Judgement Day

ask permission for Goa from your parents

Now, comes the day of judgment. Keep a close eye on your parents every second and the moment you think they are in a good mood, grab that opportunity and make your move.

Be strong, it will not be easy but you cannot give up. Remember all that secret planning? This is the time to use it.

6. The Backup Plan

Permission for a Goa Trip

Let your lovely friends do the talking, it’s about time they show you the true meaning of friendship.

Let them explain how they are going to take care of you and how you are not going to get into any trouble and how you are not going to drink or do any drugs.

If this doesn’t work, seek help from that friend’s parents who said YES in the minimum time, they are your best shot now!

I hope you get permission from your parents for that long-awaited Goa trip of a lifetime and you have fun doing everything you told your parents you wouldn’t do.

When you come back safe and sound, taking permission will get much easier. Trust me!

Do you think these 6 ways are enough to get permission from your parents for a Goa Trip? If not do let me know in the comments.

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