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Summer ready: 10 things that will help you beat summer season in India


Varidhi Yadav

Can you ever really be summer ready that too in this country? But there is always a start and I am here to help you. There are some super basic things that you must have, when it comes to summer.

And unlike that summer body, these are the things that you can actually attain and use perfectly well to keep you safe and pretty through the entire summer season.

Let’s see these 10 things that will help you beat Summer heat in India!

1. AC or Cooler

The heat is going to be unbearable for the most of the time which is why it is strongly suggested to just get a frigging air conditioner in your room.

The problems with summer is that you can’t keep the windows open because of the heat waves and warm winds coming. Also you can’t keep them close because then you’ll just turn into soggy fries so it’s better to opt for an AC service.

I know AC’s can be a bit costly but if you know how to use a cooler the right way it can do pretty much the same thing. Just keep all your doors and windows open and let the ventilation work its magic. These are some of the best Cooler options to buy on amazon.

2. Natural Cold drinks

You can always go for the soda drinks and all but I would strongly suggest you to go for fresh chilled juices. You can literally make them out of any fruit that your father or mother bought home.

If you are not that much into the healthy stuff then you can always drink sharbat which literally come in more flavors than ice creams. The most famous one in India is of course is Roof Afza but there are other as well.

3. Summer clothes

Girls, it is officially time to take out all the shorts, skirts and summer dresses that you have been holding up in your wardrobe for almost a year now (shave those legs now) and be ready for summer.

Amazon and Myntra have some really nice deals, go check them out! I have also included some examples shorts and and skirts that I personally liked on Amazon.

And boys, the only time you can wear tank tops and people will not generally judge you because the goddamned heat has soaked up their energy to think about unwanted comments in the first place.

I suggest you go out in these type of dashing shorts and tank tops it will keep your body cool and make you look hot at the same time.

4. Water bottles

Yes, it is time to find all those hidden water bottles, the ones that rolled under the bed but you never bothered to take out, and the one that has been in your gym bag since ages, all of them need to come out and fulfill their sole purpose now- cold water.

And please, instead of making your mother angry, how about you all be good people and just fill the frigging bottles after drinking water?

5. Flip flops

People who wear socks and shoes during summer for casual outings make me really uneasy just because I end up thinking how uncomfortable they might be right now.

So it is time to buy all those fancy flip flops his is the beach time of the year, you don’t want to end up there in shoes, do you?

Buy nice quality ones too so you don’t need to buy new ones every two weeks.

6. Sunglasses

The glare of the sun is going to be so strong that the little umbrella we usually make with our palm is not really going to help in the long run.

So go ahead and buy a nice pair of sunglasses, the ones with good coating and all so that it stays with you throughout the summer. You can buy the fancy ones of course because it’s your choice but prefer something to cover your eyes properly.

7. Caps and hats

Yes, I don’t know if boys ever really get excited about these things mostly because they don’t really have many options but girls, the hat season is here.

The big ass bamboo hat that you saw in the store last month is calling you. You know you can proudly rock it now because when someone will laugh at you while squinting their eyes, it is going to be bomb hilarious.

And boys you can simply rock it wearing a simple hat like below. Don’t go for Hats because you know it doesn’t suite you.

8. Sunscreen

Like I said the beach season is here, the most basic necessity is going to be a really strong tube of sunscreen to be summer ready.

And not just for beach visits but one must actually carry sunscreen for a regular use, multiple times a day.

The sun getting really, really harsh with every summer that goes by and I am pretty sure you do not want those really weird tan lines everywhere on your body, terribly visible.

9. Food

You need to choose very wisely about what you eat and what you avoid during the summers.

The very first and most basic thing you must avoid is eating any sort of oily food. Your skin will have major breakouts and pimples on a daily basis because of the heat trapped in your body.

Opt for all the cold food instead. Not refrigerated but the ones which have the abilities to keep your body cool. Food options like apples, bananas, oranges, Grapefruits, watermelon, melon etc.

These fruits are perfect options to be summer ready and are easily available in the local markets.

10. Afternoons

Last but not the least, please avoid stepping out during the afternoons.

Like the said that the sun is getting harsher and if you are out is such strong sun, it can actually cause a lot of medical problems.

For example, sun burns, heat strokes, dehydration and what not. So unless it is really necessary, avoid going out in afternoons and even though you do, make sure you take a nice air conditioned cab.

There you go, the most basic yet very important things you need to be summer ready. If you have all this covered, I don’t think you will have any sort of issue this summer.

If you want me to add more points do let me know in the comments or write to us at [email protected].

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