Why you can’t leave them Gym addicts alone?


Varidhi Yadav

Some people just like to work out. It’s not about getting thin or bulky, it’s much more emotional. Then there are those who won’t go to the gym so their only purpose in life is to criticize these gym addicts. I do have a suggestion for you criticizers though, why don’t you leave them Gym addicts alone?

Everybody has heard it, felt it, sensed it and beat the crap out of it! Seriously I wish you do! 

1. “Weight training is harmful for you.”

a man lifting heavy weights and working out

This comes from people who never in their life have picked up a dumbbell or worse, they bloody can’t pick it up at all. So, when they see you working out with weights, I think it hurts their ego and with that comes the criticism.

And no, weights do not ruin anyone’s body, get your facts together. Please bro, no one is asking for your advice, anyway.

2. “Thoda sa khale, kuch nahi hoga”

Yeah, right because you know better! Do you know what calories are? Why you care to know how much you are supposed to consume? Do you know what a diet is? It is already hurtful for some people to not be able to eat everything and then comes people like you. But, it sounds even worse from those genetically gifted people who can eat whatever they want.

3. “Bhai, Kal se mai bhi pakka gym jaunga!”

Firstly, no one cares if you go to the gym or not, so stop giving declarations like this all the freaking time. Secondly, if you are so keen on annoying someone with such declarations then at least stand up to it. Actions speak louder than words, remember? That’s still a thing.

4. “Protein is harmful for you, it’s unnatural.”

I don’t even know who spread this message around that protein is harmful. I’m pretty sure it was someone who couldn’t afford to buy it or someone who didn’t lift in his life. But there are people who know what will help them, so stop scaring them. You don’t want to take it? Okay, I don’t care but don’t establish some fact that might or might not be true.

5. “Who even likes working out?”

Who even likes passing comments where they are not wanted? You know! So people can like working out too, it doesn’t take some godly miracle for that. Finally, People have their own hobbies, their own interests, don’t freaking question that! Are you Congress?

another person lifting heavy weights

6. “Itna gym kiya par kuch improvement to nhi dikh rha.”

First thing’s first, why are you even so much interested in someone else’s life that you’re keeping an eye on their improvement? So, You bloody stalker! But, I just have two simple things to say. A, focus on yourself first. B, now keep your focus steady on your bloody self!

7. “Will you train me?”

Will you pay for me? No? Yeah, I thought so. Just because someone is a gym addict does not mean they want to make a career out of it. Though, they workout for themselves, for their happiness and their satisfaction, not that someone would offer them work.

Finally, Please people, stop annoying the gym addicts by saying these stupid things over and over again. Although I understand you are jealous. But please get your life together. So, There are a lot of other things and places that would actually give a damn about your opinions.

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