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10 new year’s resolution that can improve your life in 2019!


Varidhi Yadav

New years are considered as a new beginning, isn’t it? And with new beginning, everyone thinks of something new or possibly old thing to start. All those resolutions that you have been planning to take up but forgetting it on the second day itself. And I’m pretty sure everyone already has a list or a few things in their minds that they will decide as their new year’s resolution.

But just to shake up a few wires in your heads as well as mine, I’m going to list down a few great ideas for your new year’s resolution. Let’s go!

1. Writing journals

new year’s resolution

You have all heard and seen it in the movies how people keep journals. About how their day went or how they feel at a particular point or about their new travelling experiences or relationships.

And you have all thought of it, what the hell, most of you have even tried keeping up with a journal but somehow it just doesn’t happen or it just doesn’t last. So this new year’s, how about you make sure to make a habit out of this?

2. Focus on fitness

new year’s resolution

There comes the ‘I will start working out this year’ resolution. But making sure that you go to the gym or at least jog in the morning is actually very important. And I know how difficult it can be keeping up with these things but all you have to do is give thirty minutes everyday to your fitness and things will change slowly but steadily. You just have to make your mind stick to it.

3. Give up bad habits

new year’s resolution

Do you have an addiction to smoking? Or do you know that you will mess up by binge drinking but you are up for it anyway? Well, it’s time you make a new year’s resolution out of it.

It’s your turn to promise yourself that you will give up any such bad habit that you very well know is taking a toll on your life, be it social, professional or personal. Time to take things into your hands and control your urges starting the very first day of the year.

4. Start a new hobby

new year’s resolution

Is there something you have always wanted to learn but just couldn’t make it interesting enough to actually learn? I think you should choose your favorite one and get on with it this new year.

You can just take a singing class or take some dance lessons or learn to play a new instrument or my personal favorite, learn a new language. There has to be something that you’d like to learn. And if there isn’t, better find one because knowing something extra is always a good feeling.

5. Go Traveling

new year’s resolution

Travelling to places is most people’s dream. But the most of them just keep dreaming while spending their money on various other useless things. So maybe, for a new years resolution, you should start paying for various trips.

Make a list of destinations you would really like to go and get on it right away. It doesn’t have to be international, start with national. Oh, start with local. I am pretty sure there are places in your own city where you haven’t been before.

6. Improve Sleep

new year’s resolution

The current generation sucks at sleep cycles. Either there are people who barely ever sleep or there are people who sleep way too much. Basically, almost everyone has a messed up sleep habit which is why it will be a good idea that your new year’s resolution be improving your sleep.

This messed up sleep can take a major toll on your health, you are aware of that right? Maybe not right away, but in the long term. So lessen the stress and sleep like a baby not too much though.

7. Start saving

new year’s resolution

Yes, here comes something everyone needs to do big time. I think a lot of you have a habit of spending more than you should or spending the appropriate amount just not saving anything.

Believe me, you never know when you might need money and every time this unwelcomed situation comes, you think about how you could have saved. So this new year, instead of getting disappointed like this, maybe you should start saving.

8. Healthy Eating

new year’s resolution

Another deadly habit that goes wrong everyday. You are what you eat, apparently which is why you should start changing your food habits.

Make a resolution that this year you will eat a lot more healthy cuisines than you did hopefully in your entire life. Change your food charts, buy from the healthy section of the departmental stores, check for calorie counts and all that jazz.

9. Get out of debt

new year’s resolution

There are a lot of you out there who might have student loan, personal loan, friend or relative loan on there heads. The little older people might have car loans or house loans or any other loans that has come up with these days. These can actually increase your stress levels.

So how about you make a new year’s resolution in 2019 that you will save up good money, you will not spend unnecessarily and you will clear off all your debts as soon as possible for your peace of mind.

10. Start r+eading

new year’s resolution

Not everyone likes to read and that’s acceptable but it is actually a really great habit. And if you love to read, go for Shakespeare and Paulo Coelho and if don’t love to read, go for Vogue, mensxp or Folkire but in one way or the other, start a habit of reading.

And the amount of knowledge and peace it will give to your mind will be so addictive that you will never be able to stop. And you will never have to stop because reading materials come out everyday.

So here they are, some awesome ideas for your new year’s resolution. All you have to do is pick your favourite one or two or mix and match and get on with it. Resolutions are hard to keep, I really know but once you are determined, you get the results but for that you will have to make a start and what better time for it than a 1st of new year, Right?!

Did we miss any other important new year’s resolution? Let us know if we upload it, we will credit your name.


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