Annoying habits of girls, they will never ever accept!


Varidhi Yadav

Boys are definitely annoying but girls aren’t as pure as the driven snow either. Girls can be irritating to a whole another level. But do you know what the sad part is? If you dare to point out even one such habit, she is going to flip out and do it even more just to fuck with your head. It’s a fact that girls can’t handle criticism. So, here we go with our first annoying habits of girls. Just kidding!

In all fairness, most girls don’t realize that they’re doing something annoying so let’s jot down a few.

1. Social media

First of all, Some girls have a special bond with their social media which can’t be explained. You will see an Instagram update after every 30 seconds and that too with different filters. They need to update everything like “enjoying with 5 friends and 37 others, even breakups.

And then there are those girls who own pets. I don’t understand your obsession with posting your pet’s every move, even your dog will one day get up and slap you like, hence Yo bitch, I need some privacy.

2. Manipulation

This is a well established world known fact that girls are master manipulators and this talent is at it’s highest during a fight. There are girls who will just apologize but then there are others who will find a way out and make you apologize instead. And the most intriguing part of this process is that you won’t even know when it happened.

3. Whining about weight

Am I looking fat?

This question has ruined so many relationships, it’s terrifying! No matter how much the girls workout and take diet in order to lose weight, this question has no end. But it’s actually sad how important it has become to be skinny that they’d go to various lengths. But, seriously, how can you live just on salads?

4. Nothing to wear

These three words are so annoying because girls have like fourteen shelves full of clothes yet they have nothing to wear. But they literally go shopping every month and half of those clothes are only worn once because they don’t like it anymore. And then there are those clothes that they won’t let go in case they lose weight.

Finally, after three hours of crying how they have nothing to wear, they are going to pick out of those same five regular outfits. No wonder it takes them forever to get ready!

5. Gossiping

Girls gossip as much as they breathe. But there’s no control over it and they can’t live without it, trust me they can live on just salads and gossip. And do you know what the scary part is? When a girl hates another girl, not only she doesn’t want her to breathe, she doesn’t want her to exist, at all.

6. Ignoring compliments

“You’re are looking pretty today.” “Oh, no, I look like such a mess, haha!”

First of all, What the hell? Why can’t you just accept the bloody compliment? Whatever you’re doing, it’s not being modest. It’s something else which doesn’t have a word and it’s really annoying. You know you have taken twenty hours to get ready for the particular event so if someone is appreciating you, almost be freaking grateful. These compliments make your day, you know that, so don’t let them just pass by. Finally do remember to thank them.

7. Waterfalls

Finally, How can we talk about girls’ annoying habits and not talk about how much they cry? You are damn right I will! Those damned crocodile tears! When men think that women are really sensitive, don’t blame them. You have created that stereotype. I don’t know which woman discovered that tears can get any work done, we should really find her and thank her.

But despite all of these annoying habits, we know girls are always right and can make any person’s life happier. But girls, for our sake, we need to start focusing on these annoying habits and try to avoid them. Let’s drop these regular habits and find some new ones, haha!

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