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Single on Valentines Day? We have some ideas to spend your day!


Anjani Haripriya Vishnubhatla

14th of February is round the corner and couples are going crazy over their plans for the special day. And if you are single on valentines day let me tell you, St. Valentine just wanted to remind people to thank their partners for the love they’ve shown during the year, thats it!

He never had any idea what single people would do? But we have!

Here are a few things for singles on Valentines Day so you can spend your day better than those couples or maybe equal. So here we go!

1. Pamper yourself

single on Valentines Day

Hit the spa or treat yourself at home, it’s your choice. Love yourself and care for yourself on the special day because there is no one in this world that helped you grow as much as you yourself did.

Thank yourself for being there for yourself and just be the real version of you for the whole day. Be original, do you.

2. Shop it out on Valentine’s Day sales

single on Valentines Day

So what if you’re single? The holiday sales apply for you as well, why should couples have all the fun?

Buy some stuff you really wanted from a very long time. Jacket, Bag, wallet, watch. If your partner can’t give you a gift? You can! Buy your favourite self-care products on low prices and feel proud on this Valentines day.

3. Digital detox

single on Valentines Day

Hate those annoying mushy posts from couples on Valentine’s Day? Well, nobody finds them cute when there are thousands of them flowing into the timeline.

The best you can do to save yourself from the cheese, is to detoxify your social media. Let go of your social media handles and rest the day by indulging in some fun activities like visiting an orphanage, pet homes, or even going on mountain treks.

These don’t need the internet’s validation, they just need your time. So spend this Valentine’s Day with things that grow the good in you.

4. Go out on a blind date

single on Valentines Day

Blind dates are always fun and thrill. Clearly you’re not the only person spending the Valentine’s Day as a hopeless single.

Ask a friend to arrange for a blind date or just join a random person drinking coffee alone in the coffee shop. Live out your life as an independent person and interact with strangers. You might be surprised to know what the Day has in store for you.

5. Go on a movie marathon

single on Valentines Day

Show some love to Netflix. Pile up some junk food for the day and get started with all the movies or web series you always wanted to see.

You can particularly select the ones that feature your celebrity crush so you can stare creepily at them without anyone judging you! Binge onto as many movies as you want and skip your daily schedule for the day.

You just have more and more ways to spoil yourself. Rap your heart out this Valentine’s Day because Gully Boy will make your heart skip a beat, for sure!

6. Care for elderly singles

single on Valentines Day

Visit an old age home and meet elderly people who are single because of divorce or death of their partner. They are most deprived of love and attention.

They would love to spend time with you especially on Valentine’s Day when they would be missing their partner more than ever. So get your party hats along with you and groove to some country music while you give them the best time of their life.

7. Spoil a baby

single on Valentines Day

Do you know a couple who run out of time to spend with each other? Give them a holiday to let them enjoy their alone time and babysit their baby.

They’ll be very grateful for the efforts you’re willing to take for them. Play on some rhymes and boogy-woogy songs. Cook fun foods without heat. Craft up your Valentines Day, and read out some stories. One can never run out of things to do when they’re with a baby.

8. Friendly couple deals

Couple spa, free dinners, couple tickets to fairs, and many more couple offers that you thought you’d miss, shouldn’t go waste! Get a friend along with you and fake your way into the Valentine’s Day mess to get amazing couple deals.

You save up on money and have fun time together! What more do you need?  If not a friend, you may might as well ask your crush out for a friendly date where you both get to avail these offers and spend some time together! It’s a win-win situation, you don’t even have to think twice.

9. For the first couple that you shipped

single on Valentines Day

Who were the first couple that you shipped together? Your parents, right? Why don’t you cook a romantic meal for them this Valentine’s Day? Thank me later.

As they grow old, parents really don’t think much about themselves. So how about you planning a date for them? We know it’s fun. Pitch your siblings in and cook a sumptuous dinner for the birth-givers and thank them for loving you so much throughout your life.

10. Galentine’s > Valentine’s

single on Valentines Day

Invite your whole singles’ gang and throw a party this Valentine’s Day. Cook some tasty snacks, drink champagne, play games, and recreate the magical bond with your friends.

Thank your gang for being there for you and handling your messy days with a bottle of wine and some not-so-useful advices. Celebrate a Galentine’s Day instead of Valentine’s Day and show off your memories like all those annoying couples from the internet.

It’s always good to spend some quality time with yourself. Everybody needs a little me time now and then. Follow one of the above points and you won’t be single on Valentines Day this year.

If you have more ideas for singles, do let us know in the comments or write to us at [email protected]. If you want to publish your own write up visit our page Post.

Have a Happy Valentines day, Singles!


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