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Signs That Your Partner Might Be Using Dating Applications?


Varidhi Yadav

What else on earth can make him smile like that? I think there is something you need to consider like maybe my partner is using dating applications while being in a relationship with you.

And if you have even the slightest hunch, it’s time to start observing some things carefully. Is he being weird around you these days? Loving you too much like he is compensating for something?

One second he is here making you feel utterly special and the second he is there on his phone weirdly smiling. But you are sitting, right in front of him?

Let me list some points to find out if your partner is using dating applications

1. Notification Pop-Ups

Signs That your Partner is Using Dating Applications?

I think you must be aware of the fact that dating applications have weird notification sounds. So if something out of the ordinary noise comes from your partner’s phone then you should be on your toes.

Many of you have used a dating app yourself in the past, take tinder for example. So you should be aware of what it sounds like. Plus, dating apps have this weird thing of sending like five to six notifications together and a chaotic sound comes from the phone, check for that too.

If you this you feel something fishy about this noise, it’s time you move on to other signs.

2. Password Protection

Signs That your Partner is Using Dating Applications?

Obviously, most of us have our phones password protected but you also have to accept that we don’t mind telling our passwords to our close friends and of course, our partner.

So if you don’t know your partner’s phone password, there is something to worry about, my friend. And I would like to start with a doubt that they might be using a dating app.

Even if it’s locked and you can’t get in, do you notice their phone always face down? And the notification content is always hidden?

Yeah, it’s time you do something about this right now.

3. Suppressed Excitement

Signs That your Partner is Using Dating Applications?

You are sitting on the dinner table with your phone beside you, a ding comes and you look to see what it was.

You realize it is a message from your partner saying they miss you, you really want to smile because that is so sweet but you can’t because you have family around who might think you are stupid or ask questions like why are you smiling.

That is suppressed excitement. And if your partner is making that face of wanting to smile on a match he had been waiting for a while but he is also trying to act normal like it was a text from his mom, then take the hint.

4. Use Your Single Friends

Signs That your Partner is Using Dating Applications?

Single friends to the rescue, people. If you have a strong doubt that your partner is using dating apps then just ask all your close single friends (especially pretty ones), who you can trust to keep a lookout for your partner on several famous dating apps that they could possibly be using.

Find someone who stays close to your partner’s house because dating apps works according to locations. So if he or she is on a dating application, it won’t even take a week before you will find them.

And if you want to catch them red-handed, do ask for a screenshot to dump his cheating ass right away.

5. Ask and Observe

Signs That your Partner is Using Dating Applications?

Sometimes when you are out of options to see, things that can give you signs that they are doing something like this but you still have a very strong feeling about this then it’s time to go ahead and ask away.

No, I am not saying that if you will straight up go to their face and ask, they will tell you the truth. Obviously, they will not. No one will.

But this is where the observation part comes in. When you ask them questions, you should observe their reaction carefully.

Did they suddenly get alarmed like they didn’t see this coming? Did they directly say no within a second and shouted at you? Oh, did they look you in the eye when they said no? This is really important.

6. Listen To Your Gut

Signs That your Partner is Using Dating Applications?

Intuitions are very unique. Maybe this is the reason that brought you here and read this article. If you think something is unusual or out of place. Start digging for proof.

Trust me you will surely find something.

These are a few things that will help you get rid of your fear of your partner using dating applications. If they are using it, you will see these signs and be proud of yourself in the future.

And if you don’t see these signs, you can be absolutely sure that your partner loves you and loyal to you.

If you think your partner might be cheating on you? I suggest you read our article, “7 Red flags that your partner might be cheating on you.”

Also read, 7 Definite Ways To Find Your Partner In Dating Applications.

Let me know in the comments if you felt anything fishy about your partner lately? If your gut or observation is on point we will include that point in this article.

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