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Self Improvement During Quarantine: Follow these 20 Tips


Maitri Seth

In Quarantine? Well, I shouldn’t have asked this. The outburst of one of the deadliest pandemics of all times, COVID-19, has stopped everything. From railways to playgrounds, from zoos to schools. Everything seems to be abandoned, at a stand-still. And our life has now been restricted to the four walls of our homes. But, has this quarantine also led to a stop to on our personal growth? I don’t think so.

This phase of Quarantine can also be cherished and can turn beneficial for us if one has the will and motivation to undergo self-improvement.

So, here are the top 20 methods by which you can make this quarantine successful and productive, via self-improvement.

1. Grow Through The Basics

Basics and self-improvement

Here, the basics refer to the basics of life. In the world of today, where youngsters are excessively concerned about their professional lives due to the increasing competition, we forget the importance of the basic things in life.

Daily household chores like that of cleaning, cooking, and things of self-help like stitching can be learned during this ‘ free-time’. This would make you far more independent and versatile and help you with self improvement during quarantine.

2. Enjoy Your Hobbies

 Enjoy Your Hobbies

Quarantine is the best time to relive those moments of childhood where you could spare out time for yourself and for the things which made you happy.

Grab your paintbrush again and create life on the canvas! Lift your feet up and dance to the best of your happiness! Or take out your chessboard again and be a champion again! All this, would not only make you happy but would also help you to nourish your skills in the best possible way.

3. Indoor Workout For Self Improvement

Indoor Workout For Self Improvement

A healthy mind lies in a healthy body. And for self improvement during quarantine its vital for your overall development.

Hence, a healthy diet and a proper workout would not only help you to burn the extra-gained calories due to quarantine but would also strengthen your immunity and would help you to fight this pandemic well.

4. Get Closer To Your Family

 Get Closer To Your Family

It would have been years since you have got to spend a lot of time with your family, isn’t it? But, staying closer to your family is not just a matter of emotional quotient.

Do you remember the times when your grandmother used to recite short stories to you, making you encounter the bigger lessons of life? That is what you have to do even now.

Spend time with your family and talk to them about their experiences. What they think about life and its infinite aspects. This would surely help you out in self-improvement and would bring out another better you, from within you.

5. Work On Your Language For Self Improvement

 Work On Your Language For Self-Improvement

Language is what gives you the ability to express. It is nothing less than a modern weapon with which you can defend the good and attack the evil as words are important even today. So, in order to communicate well and present yourself with confidence in the outer world enhance your language proficiency.

Learn to speak with grammatical accuracy, better vocabulary, more fluency, and higher confidence. This would provide a better expression to your thoughts, thereby improving your personality.

6. Learn Something New

Learn Something New

Lockdown and Quarantine have given you enough time to begin something new, rather learn something new.

It could be anything. You can learn the art of sketching, can learn to play a new instrument (if you have one), or can register yourself to online training of business communication. And with modern technology and the boon of the internet, everything is available in a tap on the screen.

So, don’t let this time go off because there is always room for self improvement during quarantine

7. Lets Intern For Self Improvement

Lets Intern For Self Improvement

Learning a new skill or making use of those what you possess, both contribute to the self improvement of an individual. So if you feel that learning something new wouldn’t be a profitable venture for you, you may switch over to online internships. With this, you can not only polish your talents but can also possibly earn a considerable penny out of it.

Also, when you work with new people or showcase your talent outside, your confidence reaches a bar higher and you also discover new and different aspects of the same work

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8. Self Introspection leads to Self Improvement

Self-Introspection leads to Self-Improvement

Honestly, when I try to make people understand the importance of self-introspection, a major excuse they give is “We don’t have enough time”.

Although self-introspection and self-analysis are far more important than any activity of leisure, you can still try this in your Quarantine time. Self- introspection is a self-analysis or evaluation of your deeds, your thoughts.

What are my qualities and flaws?  Is this right? Was I right then? Should I change my perception? And How should I improve myself?

Such questions should be regularly asked by us to our own-self, as this helps us to bring us back to the righteous paths of life and help you with self improvement during quarantine with self-introspection.

9. Go Spiritual For Self Improvement

Go Spiritual For Self Improvement

Yes, this seems to be similar to self-introspection, but it is a bit different. Spirituality is, going into the depth of the meaning of life. Hence, being spiritual helps to understand life, thereby broadening your mental horizon, cleaning your heart, and helping you in taking your decisions wisely.

So, give sometime time to yourself in order to develop spiritually too. This can be done by associating yourself with various religious or moral texts, literature, etc, is the best ways to do so.

10. Read, Read and Read

Read, Read and Read

The more you read, the more you explore the world. In a time, when stepping out to see the world is neither correct nor allowed, reading can help you visualize the world.

What you read should entirely be your choice. For instance, you may re-visit a book and re-read its best lines. Understand that even a fictitious novel can help you grow and show self improvement.

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11. Entertainment For Self Improvement

Entertainment For Self Improvement

It is a great misconception that means of entertainment can only ’entertain’ you. And you even know this well. Haven’t you learned some of the greatest lessons of life from films?

Hasn’t any character ever given you an indication that what are you doing is wrong? Films or any form of audio or visual literature are a mirror to the society and its mindset. So, keep entertaining and self-improving yourself.

And, explain the same when next time, your mother asks you to keep your digital screen aside as it is a waste of time!   

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12. Enhance Your Communication Skills For Self Improvement

Enhance Your Communication Skills For Self Improvement

Effective communication with confidence sounds intelligent and impressive. There are many individuals who know loads but when it comes to sharing their knowledge with others, they fail to do so. This disappoints them and even many times waste their talent.

Hence, gearing up and learning the art of communicating with the right words and great confidence is really important as this is what constitutes your personality too. So, learn to communicate and make this quarantine productive.  

13. Form and Express Opinion

Form and Express Opinion

If you are a person who doesn’t, or couldn’t find it easy to know and understand what is going around in the world, then you should definitely do this. Get aware of your surroundings, what is going on around you, and in the society.

For instance, develop your views on environment degradation, religious intolerance, or feminism. Understand politics and ponder over its issues.

All this may not be so important for you personally, but having a strong viewpoint on all this and expressing the same to the world via social media, etc, would definitely help you to show self-improvement. After all, it’s your country, your world, and your place.

14. Learn To Be More Presentable

Learn To Be More Presentable

Your external beauty doesn’t define you, but your body language does, your dressing sense does. So, this is also the time when you can work upon yourself in terms of personal grooming.

Learning various dressing styles, or how to apply makeup in the right way, and even learning how to give a proper interview, all of this would greatly help you in the near future.

Online tutorials on personality development and grooming can turn out to be quite useful in this.

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15. Future Planning For Self Improvement

Future Planning For Self Improvement

Everybody plans the future. And when we have some spare time for the same, we tend to day-dream too.

You may plan your vacation post quarantine, how would you manage your work in a better way, where you would make your future investments, how will you cope with the excessive workload, etc, almost anything and everything you can plan during this quarantine. But remember, try to save your dreams for your sleep-time.

16. Lock Your Stress, This lockdown

Lock Your Stress, This lockdown

Distance from office and proximity with the family, what else do you want! For some time at least. Although the situation is quite stressful both at a global and a personal level, smiling through dark times, is what is always taught. So, spend this time in keeping yourself stress-free.

This can be done by all the methods mentioned in this article. Also, meditation and music can greatly help in this.

17. Maintain Your Contacts

Maintain Your Contacts

Now, you may wonder how this would help in the self improvement of an individual.  Remember, more are your contacts, more are your companions and hence more will be your helping hands.

Don’t cut yourself off from the society as you have to re-visit the same world out, once, all of this is over. In fact, talk to the ones whom you have lost contact with, with whom you are not in touch anymore.

This would not only make you feel contended but would spread your network which would be quite beneficial for you in the future.

18. The Art Of Quoting

The Art Of Quoting

Writing has many benefits. Like writing a diary gives you a new best friend, writing a novel makes you a storyteller, writing a poem makes you more expressive, and writing a quotation can inspire the people around.

So, writing is a major way by which you can self-improve. Hence, feel, quote, and add a new color to your life.

19. Relive Memories

Relive Memories

This is the most emotional thing which you can do. Going down the memory lane not only takes you on an emotional ride but also helps you learn a lot from your past experiences.

The most painful experiences can teach you about real happiness and even the most happening moments can tell you the danger behind. So, visiting memories is also a way of self-introspection which contributes to self-improvement.

20. Rest Is Also Important

Rest Is Also Important

Of course, Quarantine is not just a time to learn but also to relax and to re-energize yourself to learn better in the future. Take enough sleep and rest, as now, you have time which would and should never come back. So, rest and relax.

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Hence, this Quarantine if dealt wisely, can turn out to be one of the most productive times of your life. For this, scheduling your activities is very important as it would help you to make the most of the time in an effective manner.

And with the boom of the internet, it is an easy row to hoe. So, get yourselves out of the bed, and gear up to learn and learn.

Stay safe and stay happy!   


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