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7 Ways To Save Your Friend From a Bad Relationship?


Varidhi Yadav

There’s a boy on the other end of the Hall, looking good,smiling and he walks up to your friend and the very moment he talks, you realize “oh no, bad idea!” But your friend has actually started to like him and they started dating in no time. But you are concerned as the other person ticks your bad instincts.

Now you need to do something to save them from that bad relationship. So let’s see how you can do that.

1. Right to make mistakes

First thing you need to understand is the fact that they have the right to make their own mistake. I understand the that you wish to take care of them, you are just concern but you cannot force them to do something because you don’t feel right about it.

2. Communicate with him/her

If you are so sure that he or she is not a good idea and you are really concerned for your friend then talk to them. Don’t drop hints or beat around the bush. You are their friend for a reason, go straight up to their face and tell them, what you think.

Either they will understand or they will tell you to back off, nothing worse. And in case they do ask you to mind your own business, don’t distance yourself because when they will realize your concern, they will need your support later.

3. Empathize with their situation

Understand the sensitivity of the situation. Observe how deeply or not so deeply is your friend involved in the relationship and then try to come up with the best way to break your opinion to them. And once you have done that, stop and hear their side of the story.

They might agree with you or you might be wrong and they will enlighten you of the situation otherwise. And you can finally rest.

4. Call for backup

If they are not trusting your opinion, try to involve more people who think similar to you. If more than one person thinks that the particular relationship is toxic, there are more chances that the person involved in that relationship will believe you.

Ask someone who is just as concerned about your friend as you are so that they would at least consider your opinion.

5. Don’t give up on them, ever!

 It does not matter if they are listening to you or not, DO NOT give up on them. Don’t distance yourself from them. It’s okay if they are not able to think rationally right now. Remember pyaar andha hota hai. If you are right about the situation, they are bound to come around and you should be right about that corner to say I told you so.

6. Motivate them

Tell them that they deserve better. They deserve to be happy and that they don’t need to continue something which isn’t providing them with contentment.

7. Use your trump card

If after trying all the other options they are still too blind to see the truth. Give them the final choice. Ya to mai ya fir vo? This line worked in the movie Sonu ke tweetu ki sweety. Who knows maybe it can work here as well.

Love is blind true, but it’s also deaf, mute, lame and what not?

That’s why, you need to stay close to your friend and much closer to his/her new lover. (not too close though)


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