The favorite Indian classic, Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai!


Anjani Haripriya Vishnubhatla

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai was one of the most hilarious Indian sitcoms released in November 2004. It is still famous for its sassy comebacks by each and every character of the show.

Although A sitcom back from the early 2000s, it was not initially expected to grab the attention of a lot of public. However, the show was a great deal right from the beginning, especially because of Monisha (of a middle class Punjabi family) getting married to Sahil Sarabhai who is from a favorite family residing in Mumbai’s posh locality.

Indravardhan Sarabhai is the most hilarious character of the show, famous for his spontaneous sarcasm & quick sense of humour.

Then story revolves around the Sarabhai family & their mundane chores amplified with Indiansense of humour.

Source: Mid-Day

Rosesh writes what we call, horrible poems and is the perfect example of a Momma’s boy; is famous for his childish behaviour and is constantly made fun of by his elder brother Sahil and his father Indravardhan.

Maya is a sassy upper class woman, extremely talented. She is always in trials to make her home middle-class-free and as a result, she always makes fun of her middle class daughter-in-law. Her elder son, Sahil Sarabhai is the usual Indian male sandwiched between his mother & his wife.

Then comes the ‘hein?’-larious Madhu fufa, a deaf neighbour of the Sarabhai family who visits them every now and then, who is most despised by Indu Sarabhai for annoying him by saying “Hein?” even when Indu doesn’t say a word.

Sarabhai’s son-in-law, Dushyant Painter is shown to be an in-house mechanic and electrical expert. His visits are most despised by Rosesh, as Dushyant uses him as a guinea pig to explain the mechanism of every machine in the house. Sonya Sarabhai on the other hand, is  shown as an Occult enthusiast and an expert in tarot card reading, who puts her family in a paranoia even in the few visits she makes.


Finally, This show is an absolute stress buster. The first season was on STAR One, while the second season is on Hotstar. Although The first season is on Hotstar. Honestly, no sitcoms of this age can match the hilarity of this show.

Hence, Here we leave behind the meaning of life, as quoted by Rosesh Sarabhai, 13/10 the best poet of our century.

“Tum samjho to mujhe bhi samjhana, kyu mera jeevan hai khokla

Pagal baawra sa anjaana… jaise baasi khaman dhokla.”

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