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Sad Movies: 10 Hollywood Movies That Would Make You Cry


Varidhi Yadav

Some movies just stay with you forever and most of these evergreen movies make you laugh but these sad movies will make you cry like a baby.

Sometimes when you feel sad for no reason all you need to do is let your emotions out.

So, I am listing 10 Sad Movies That will make you emotional and help you to cry like a baby.

1. Stepmom

Sad movies: Stepmom
Credits: The Austin Chronicle

Don’t they say the purest love possible is between a mother and her children. There are no conditions, no demands, nothing.

There is only pure love and a whole lot of fun. But here in this movie, the mother who has a fatal illness now has to come in terms with her ex-husband’s new lover taking care of her children once she’s gone.

The acceptance is painful to watch and will definitely leave you with tears.

2. A Walk To Remember

A Walk To Remember
Credits: The List

High school romances never last, people who say this with a smirk on their faces don’t realize how right they can be sometimes.

A girl with a fatal disease falls in love with the Mr. Popular and he falls for her but little did he know that she doesn’t have much time left to show him the beautiful side of being in love.

Despite, he makes sure that he gives her everything she ever asked for in whatever time it is left.

3. Big Fish

Big Fish
Credits: The List

This sad movie about the dying and replenishing love between a father and his son.

The father had a major love for storytelling and would tell unbelievable stories which his son never believed.

But when the father comes on his deathbed and the son finally visits him, he really wants to go out there and find out if his father’s tales were real or not.

The discoveries on the way will make you sob like a baby.

4. The Notebook

The Notebook
Credits: The List

I feel like I don’t need to introduce you to this movie. But still, there are people who have missed watching this movie thinking it is a regular love story which is not worth their time.

Firstly, there is no such thing as regular when it comes to love.

Secondly, if you will find the love of your life only to sort of lose it again, you will understand how important this movie is and how many emotions that you didn’t know existed in you, will come out.

5. Atonement

Emotional Movies: Atonement
Credits: SBS

Watching Bollywood all your life, haven’t you gotten used the concept of a villain in a perfectly well-going love story.

This Hollywood movie will give you that taste and will reach every expectation you had from it. A girl who put her sister’s lover in jail because she catches them in a compromising position.

Her wrath because she couldn’t stand someone being happy other than her. Did they ever reunite? You got to find that out.

6. P.S I Love You

Emotional Movies: P.S I love you
Credits: Yahoo Finance

Okay, going to start telling about this sad movie by saying it is going to make you cry like a baby from the beginning to the end.

If ‘I will love you forever’ had had face then it was the guy in this movie who makes sure the love of his life is able to live happily even after his death.

He did not miss reassuring his love for her even after he was gone. He knew exactly what she needed to get over and move on and he gave that to her from beyond the grave.

7. Wendy and Lucy

Emotional movies: Wendy and Lucy
Credits: Cockeyed Caravan

If you are a dog lover, if you would do anything for your little munchkin then this movie will reach to your heart perfectly well.

A girl who had lost almost everything in her life was set to find work and her only companion was her little dog.

But things didn’t work out right away and she was even more broke and was forced to shoplift dog food which got her into jail.

When she got bail, her dog was gone and the frantic search began.

If you love pets we read our article on “Pet Movies: 11 Movies That Will Make You Love Your Pets Even More

8. Blue Valentine

Sad and Emotional movie: Blue Valentine
Credits: NPR

It is so sad to watch people who made a beautiful family together just fall apart from each other.

A married couple with a daughter is now struggling with their married life. They are trying so hard to make sense of everything that has been going on around them.

They are trying to work through issues so that their daughter doesn’t have to see things going wore.

There is so much chaos that it will definitely make you cry.

9. The Fault In Our Stars

Sad And emotional movie: The Fault In Our Stars
Credits: The Atlantic

The book is amazing, watching a live version of that book is even more amazing.

The basic thing that will make you cry in this movie is how two dying young people did lose their hope on love and because of that they found each other and no matter how short, their love was so pure that it will restore your entire faith in humanity.

You will regain the confidence that true love still exists in this chaotic and ungrateful society.

10. Irreplaceable You

Sad And emotional movie:  Irreplaceable You
Credits: Slash Film

This movie should be on the top of your list when it comes to movies that can make you cry.

If you can find the one person you want to spend your entire life with and have them want the same with you, then that is the best possible thing that can happen.

But imagine everything falling apart due to things that are not in one’s control that no one can do anything about.

The movie will show you everything about it and it is available on Netflix.

These are the ten best sad movies that you should watch right away. They will make you cry your heart out.

But they will also teach you a lot of things and even better is that it will help you get rid of all your pent up emotions.

Sometimes all you need is a really good cry and now you have a list of sad movies that will help you get that and make you feel better afterward.

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Tell me in the comments which sad movies made you cry like a baby.

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