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Ranaram Bishnoi: The Tree Man Of India Who Planted 27k Trees Alone


Varidhi Yadav

Ranaram Bishnoi, a man in his average attire of a loose shirt and dhoti, who made a commendable difference that a lot of people aren’t even aware of.

He is from a small village called Ekalkhori, about a hundred kilometers away from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. And he has done something single-handedly that a lot of high-end people haven’t even thought of.

Ranaram Bishnoi planted 27 thousand trees in an area of 25 bighas near his village, in the desert.

Despite the shortage of water, the man was determined to bring a huge change through his perseverance of 50 years.

Fetching water for 27 thousand trees

Ranaram Bishnoi: The Tree man of India who planted 27k trees alone

Talking about water, Ranaram used to climb a Hugh dune in order to fetch water from his friend’s well which was three kilometers away in his earthen pots. He carried them on his shoulders just to water those little saplings.

Despite being a seventy year old man, he made sure to make enough water runs in a day so that those plants wouldn’t die. And to maintain these in a freaking desert means hell a lot of water so let’s not even get in the numbers game.

The varieties of trees that he has grown are a lot, for example, Neem, Rohida, Fig, Khejri, Kankeri, Babool, and Bougainvillea.

The vision of Ranaram Bishnoi

Ranaram Bishnoi: The Tree man of India who planted 27k trees alone

Ranaram Bishnoi believes that these living things, animals and plants deserve to live on this earth a lot more than humans.

That is why he works so hard every day to make sure that plants and animals get their fair share on this planet.

He says that plants and animals were living on earth long before the human beings existed which is why they deserve better.

And although it might not be possible to give them everything, the least we can do is not ruin their natural habitat for personal human greed.

And I believe we all must agree with what Ranaram Bishnoi said and believes but the story didn’t just begin with this man.

The ancestors of “Tree-man”

Ranaram Bishnoi: The Tree man of India who planted 27k trees alone

This tree man (famously known) is only standing up to what his ancestors had started.

Around the early 1700s, the Bishnoi’s have protested against the humans taking over the natural habitat.

Since then they make sure their legacy goes on. Their basic motto is to protect, preserve and respect wildlife and the environment.

Every time you will climb these sand dunes, it will give you special kind of peace to see this green in the middle of the desert. The tree man made the unthinkable possible.

Ranaram Bishnow is the perfect example of how a single man can bring such a huge change through his dedication and hard work.

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