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Out of the box gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day!


Varidhi Yadav

Valentine’s day is upon us and that means the headache of special gifts for the partner, especially the women. Women can be very hostile if they get wrong gifts and deadly if no gift at all.

And it’s okay, Valentine’s is important and if giving gifts is what they want, why should you back off? And don’t you worry about gift ideas because I have plenty of them and I’m going to share them all with you

I’m not going to list any expensive or luxurious gift item. All of them are available at pretty reasonable cost. Shall we begin?

1. Flowers

Valentine's Day gift ideas

The most common and expected gift is flowers. And despite the fact that it is common, women still love to be greeted with flowers. But what can you do to give it a little unexpected touch of your own?

You can ditch the roses and go for a rare and beautiful flower. Dandelions? Lilies? Or even any wild flowers like hydrangea, pick them yourself if you have to.

2. Handmade cards

Valentine's Day gift ideas

Oh women are a big fan of handmade anything. So if you put in effort and time into making her a beautiful card with some popup heart when she opens it, she is going to lose her mind and heart over it.

I’m pretty sure it was a woman who said, it’s the thought that counts. Go to YouTube and get started.

3. A trip

Valentine's Day gift ideas

Another amazing thing you can do is take her to a trip. You don’t have to take her on the Valentine’s day. Gift her the tickets on that day and plan the trip like a week later so that she feels that Valentine’s isn’t over yet.

And you don’t have to take her to Pattaya, Thailand. Anywhere close but beautiful will work just the same.

4. Handbag

Valentine's Day gift ideas

Another amazing gift idea is a handbag. If you notice properly, women don’t go anywhere without a bag, they like to carry a lot of things handy, you know?

And that’s why this is great idea so she can keep changing bags according to outfits. Also, choose a bag with a lot of small pockets within it, it will be the perfect bag for her.

5. Perfume

Valentine's Day gift ideas

Women love to smell good all the time. They don’t want to take chances with creating expressions so go ahead and buy her a beautiful scent. Don’t buy a deodorant or something, please.

Buy a proper perfume like one of those fancy glass bottles and all. That will look like a gift, not a deodorant bottle. Choose the fragrance you’d like on her specially on this Valentine’s Day.

6. Idiom bracelet

Valentine's Day gift ideas

This is a new gift idea that has come up in the market. These are metal bracelets of different colours like gold, rose gold, silver, etc. And they have an idiom written on it.

There is a lot of them like ‘Heart of Gold’ or ‘She could so she did’ and more loving and praising idioms. Just choose your favourite.

7. Polaroid camera

Valentine's Day gift ideas

For someone who loves to hold on to memories, this is the perfect gift. Polaroid camera keeps the memories real, there’s nothing digital with a backup option here.

You click and it just comes out right then and there. And you can hold on to it on your cupboard for everyone to see or pressed in a book just for you as a Valentine’s Day memory.

8. Sunglasses

Valentine's Day gift ideas

One of my personal favourite. Only buy this if your partner doesn’t have glasses because then it will be pretty useless or used much less.

Buy a branded and fancy pair of sunglasses. And if you want to know the most trendy one currently, make some googling effort too. She will simply love them.

9. Table lamp

Valentine's Day gift ideas

I known this sounds weird but that is because you are not aware of all the amazing designs they have come up with.

They have strings of LED lights, coming in various shapes and sizes. Hearts, hats, bamboo, flowers, solid colours, whatever you ask for. They probably have it. And you can choose according to your budget too.

10. Coffee tumbler

So coffee is the new basic necessity of almost every person in the morning. And maybe again and again for the rest of the day which is where coffee tumblers come in use.

When she is running late and needs a coffee to go, she won’t have to pay at Starbucks anymore. She can carry her own pretty tumbler to work.

11. Arts and crafts supplies

Valentine's Day gift ideas

If your partner loves arts and crafts, you can buy her a lot of supplies. Card stocks papers, beads different types of colours, glue guns, box of glitters etc.

And you can make a beautiful hamper out of it and stick a nice note in it. It will be the perfect gift ever. Expense plus effort, she’s bound to go WOW! on this Valentine’s Day.

12. Zodiac accessories

Some people take their zodiac signs very seriously. Not for horoscope and all but for the traits that are said to be related to their zodiac.

So if your partner is one of those people, there are a lot of accessories with the shapes or names or constellations. On bracelets, pendants, earrings and stuff like that.

13. Wine

Valentine's Day gift ideas

Well, if you both are old enough, a bottle of a classy red wine doesn’t harm anyone. And well, it makes you look classy too.

So go ahead, save some money and buy a nice old, well preserved bottle of wine for your partner with a couple of fancy wine glasses and delicious food. And the day will go just perfectly like you planned.

14. Blanket

Yes, another weird sounding gift but can do absolute wonders if you choose the right one. What is the right one? Well, a really fluffy and soft blanket, for starters.

No floral print, too mainstream and catchy. Go for maybe a quote that suits your partner or something themed to their favourite show or movie.  Or just go with a plain colour.

15. Lipstick

Valentine's Day gift ideas

I only write lipstick because I’m pretty sure you will lose your mind buying any other makeup item. And whatever you’ll buy, will probably be the wrong one.

With lipstick however, you can choose any attractive colour and gift it to her. If you get confused with those colours too, you can always buy a red.

16. Customized pillow

Valentine's Day gift ideas

I think customized anything sound super amazing but pillow makes it extra special. You can put your couple picture or get a nice romantic message printed on it.

She is going to love it and keep it with her at all times like a security blanket, you never know. You can even get these done online.

17. Picture frame

Ah, always works the best. There are only two decisions in this gift and both are pretty difficult.

First, to pick out an amazing frame. Try to go with the classics like wood frame or black and straight edges and plain carvings on it.

Second, to pick out a picture for it. The only thing you have to keep in mind is you both should be looking good, so look carefully.

So these are all the Valentine’s gift ideas I could come up with. There are a lot of more ideas but these were the not so cliché but still the same sentimental gifts. None of these ideas will backfire, you can be sure of that. Go through these, shortlist the ideas, pick your favourite one, put in the efforts and voila!

Team Folkire wishes you Happy Valentine’s Day in advance.

If you have your own gift ideas to share do let us at [email protected] or to submit your own write up visit our page Post.


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