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Online safety: Follow these measures every time you browse the internet


Varidhi Yadav

I am a recent victim of an online fraud. My credit card was used in the USA (even though I have never been there), and there were purchases done for around 45 Thousand from my account. What I did next?

I immediately informed my bank. Mailed it to higher officials of the bank and the very next day went to Cyber Crime Cell.

I learned three important things that day.

Never trust your bank

Report the issue as soon as possible.

And all my email id passwords were really lame.

Due to my stubborness, I irritated the heck out of my bank officials and called regularly for 5 days till they finally returned my money.

The main concern for online safety is arising because we cannot live without our smartphones.

The convenience in everything being on the tip of our fingers has got us blinded to the fact that our safety is still in our hands and we’re losing grip on it.

Online safety: Follow these measures every time you browse the internet

Those online games and quizzes that ask for your details, certain app permissions, social media, anything. Anything can make its way to your personal or financial life.

We are not unaware of sexting, bullying, video sex, blackmailing, or any other form of communication through the internet that can totally rip us apart.

However, staying away from only these forms is not the only solution. It will not keep you safe whatsoever. Well, what will keep you safe is, refraining yourself from sharing details on the internet.

Here are some details you should never share on the internet, especially with someone whom you are not so close with.

Online safety: Follow these measures every time you browse the internet

Full name

Any picture (family, a friend, pets, anything at all)


Contact numbers

Address (of whatever place you visit – school, home, etc)

Current location

Any type of bank details

To ensure safety online, make sure that you’re following these measures every time you are browsing the internet

Be cautious before sharing online

Don’t share any type of intimate photographs with anyone because once you share it online it stays there forever and there is no turning back.

Use strong and unique passwords

I suggestion is never use your name, 1234, 000, or other consequent combination. Your password must be unique for each and every website.

Change your passwords regularly

You need to change your passwords constantly especially the apps and website you use regularly. Such as Gmail, Net banking, Facebook, E wallets etc. I suggest you do this every 3 month atleast.

Make sure your smartphone is equipped with a lock

Patterns are easy and convenient but at the same time, easy to guess. I suggest you use password code or finger print lock.

Don’t click on links blindly

Prefer typing the address so that you’re not lead to a malicious site. If your browser gives you warning that its a unsafe website take it seriously and close it.

Only shop at reputable online merchants.

You can’t even imagine how many fake eCommerce website are there on the internet. I suggest you to shop with only the famous or trustable ones.

Use Cash on Delivery option

Whenever you can use COD option. Do not use net banking in shopping sites you are not familiar with.

Do some research before donating money online.

Some websites are just there to steal your money away. So become a informed donor.

Look for secure sites that start with HTTPS.

Https is like a licence that is given to a website which means its safe to browse while shopping or banking online,

Read reviews before downloading smartphone apps

Have you noticed each and every app wants to know your location nowadays? Creepy right! So download only those apps you completely trust and are really necessary.

Learn to use each service in a social media app and also its privacy settings.

Ignore those lottery emails or texts

Do not believe that you won a lottery you didn’t buy a ticket for. Makes sense right?!

Don’t add strangers to your social media

Also, avoid in-person meetings with online friends. Not everyone is what they seem to be.

Be aware that not everything you read online is true.

Have you seen those posts on social media? 1 LIKE or 1 Comment = 50 Rs, its all a promotional techniques. Get real guess, don’t get swayed away in emotions.

Share only what you know is true.

Don’t get yourself or anyone else in trouble by sharing fake news.

And last but not the least, be kind to people online.

Use nice words and good language to stay out of trouble. Remember what happened to Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grovers?

Online safety: Follow these measures every time you browse the internet

To ensure online safety and not let anything on the internet affect our personal lives, we should stay alert whenever we are using the internet.

Cyber bullying and harassment is a common form of attacking people who are naive and unaware of what may happen if they pose even slightly vulnerable.

They make fake accounts and harass you to send nude pictures, your address, your contact number, your credit card details and other personal information.

Which strictly should not be shared to a stranger, that too via a portal that is already unsafe i.e. the internet.

There are number of things that happen on the internet that can poke at your peace, like denigration, harassment, flaming, impersonation, outing, trickery, cyberstalking and many others.

Online safety: Follow these measures every time you browse the internet

The effects are just as worse, like suicidal thoughts, hurtful health effects, depression and underlying loneliness and undermining confidence.

The best way to deal with a cyber bully is to ignore their messages, block them and report them right away.

I suggest you follow the above Online safety measures every time you browse the internet to be 100% safe and enjoy the web.

Let us know if you have more measures to adopt to be extremely safe online and share your experience in the comments or write to us at [email protected].

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