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Most anticipated Hollywood movies in 2019!


Varidhi Yadav

You can be sure that this year will not disappoint you. Now for people who have no idea what is waiting for them? I am going to list down all the anticipated Hollywood movies in 2019 and you can choose which one is going to get your attention.

Let’s go the list of most awaited Hollywood movies in 2019!

1. Avengers: Endgame:

Yes, finally we are going to see who will kill Thanos. The person who put half the world to dust kind of gave away the main theme of this movie but that can’t possibly kill the excitement.

The movie’s trailer was released on one of the biggest sports event and is expected to be just as grand when it hits the theaters on April 26.

2. Aladdin

The classic tale is taking a new look for all of us. The animated movie mesmerized everyone and now Disney has taken up the challenge of showing the live-action movie of this classic.

This movie will mostly come into the theaters by May but you can expect a delay. Oh, did I mention Will Smith will is the Genie?

3. Toy Story 4

The movie was originally supposed to be dropped in the theaters in mid 2018 but now the characters from Toy Story will join us again June 2019.

And although there aren’t very high expectations from the movie, you cannot make up your mind just yet. What will catch your eye is that there might a romantic story between Woody and Bo Beep. Toy Story Fans, you know what I am talking about?

4. The Lion King

Another classic tale taking the face of a live action movie. We can expect one of the visual effects to this live movie. After a silver jubilee of the actual, animated movie, this one is set to release sometime mid 2019.

This news seems to be official that the live action movie will have a musical touch to it and play the old movie’s songs.

5. Joker

This crazy foe of Batman is coming with his own movie and judging by the popularity of this character, the bar is way too high to reach.

It’s a cautionary tale going deep into the story of this gritty character. The film will most probably be out in the second half of this year, said date is October 4, 2019 so we just have to wait and watch.

6. SpiderMan-Far from Home

Despite what Thanos did, Spiderman is still very much with us. The movies details are still not quite out but the movie will drop in the theaters in July and has another adventure waiting for you.

Most of the characters are coming back so you won’t miss anyone and action will remain just as top rated.

7. John Wick 3

Another action sequel? Yes. Do we really need this? Hell, yes!

The first two movie and a spin off television series has set the bar quite up high for the third movie to match but hey, what can possibly go wrong. This is going to be equally crimson soaked.

The movie will be dropped in May in theaters near you, watch the trailer right away.

8. Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Another live action movie of one of our favourite cartoon of all time is coming this year too and we cannot contain ourselves.

The movie is coming out on May 10 and is in competition with Avengers: Endgame releasing two weeks before it and Aladdin which is set to release two weeks later. Let’s see how good this movie does.

9. MIB International

Men In Black International is all set to release this year and who isn’t waiting for this. People who haven’t watched the earlier parts, go and watch them right now and finish by June so you can watch this in new part theater.

One of the best creations and there are no regrets ever. Name suggests that the movie is going globally for your fun.

10. How to Train your Dragon 3

Yes, the dragon world is still new to the people and yes, there are still places to look for in order to reunite Toothless with his kind.

How to Train your Dragon: The Hidden World has packed animated action and flying looking for this place along with his friends and family. The movie will release March 22.

11. Hobbs and Shaw

Fast and Furious is bringing you an amazing spin off called Hobbs and Shaw starring Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and Jason Statham (The Shark Puncher).

Have I not made it worth watching for you yet? The first trailer is already here to increase your excitement. The movie however, will come out in August.

12. Shazam

A new DC character is coming to town. Who, you ask? Shazam! The best thing about this character is the friendly and comedic nature of it which will make your stomach ache out of laughter, at least we hope so for sure.

The plot is not really going to stick with the authentic story for sure. The film will be out on April 5.

13. Star Wars Episode 9

Anticipated Hollywood movies in 2019.

Come on, Star Wars can’t just end like that. Of course, they have more story for you. The movie was set to release in May 2019 but they pushed the date to December, so the year is going to end with a bang.

They do say that it is a pick from where they left off in the Last Jedi and this will be the last movie but again, you never know.

So, here they are. All of the most anticipated Hollywood movies in 2019. And I think we can be pretty sure that it is going to be a good year, cinema wise.

Let’s keep our hopes up too high but all of them should break the box office. And of course, there are going to be times when these movies will release within each other’s slot and the rivalry will be a fun to be a part of.

If you have some more movies to add? Drop a comment or write to us at [email protected]. We will surely add them.

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