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Look More Attractive: 10 Easy Ways Any Woman Can Follow Everyday


Nicole Goldman

Almost everyone has their own “beauty secrets” that have been working fine so far, but learning new and trending ways might come in very handy, so here are 10 ways to look more attractive than you already are.

Even though most aspects of our personality, like our kindness and intelligence, are more meaningful than the way we look, our appearance is also an important part of our lives.

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Wear Color

Some women think that wearing colorful clothes would make people believe that they are trying too hard. In most cases, that’s not true.

People as famous as Queen Elizabeth and Duchesses Kate and Meghan wear colorful outfits, and they look gorgeous!

On the other hand, wearing black might be detrimental to some women as dark colors tend to harden your facial features. Instead of black, you should choose grey or blue.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Spend Money On Clothes

High-quality clothing should be seen as an asset because expensive clothes are high-priced for a reason. One of the most significant ones is that they stand the test of time not only in terms of style but in durability.

3. Keep Your Mouth Healthy to look more attractive

People can determine whether someone is healthy or not just by looking at their teeth and, as Business Insider reported, having white, evenly spaced teeth make people look more attractive.

According to the study, led by researchers at Leeds and Central Lancashire universities, people’s teeth can be compared to peacocks’ tails as they are a sign of good genetics.

4. Choose a Voluminous Hairstyle

Just as with teeth, people tend to associate thick hair with health and vitality, two aspects that unconsciously makes women look more attractive.

Celebrity stylist Oribe Canales, who died in December 2018, knew that hair could get thinner over time.

In such cases, he used to recommend getting a good dry shampoo and applying it on the roots to absorb heavy oils, which creates the illusion of fullness.

For more hair care tips read our article, “10 Dos & Don’ts for taking care of your hair

5. Be Aware Of Your Skin

Another part of your body that could immediately give you away is your skin, as having smooth skin is directly associated with good health.

One of the aspects to take into consideration is the homogeneity of skin color, meaning that having lighter or darker sections in the skin could make you seem less attractive.

In today’s world, each and every skin color is equal. Some of the models are doing great in their careers regardless of their skin tone.

Accept the natural tone of your skin and focus on it. Rather than trying unnecessary skin lightening creams.

6. Show Your Arms

Even though most women believe that the best way to attract some attention is by wearing skirts or shorts to show off their legs, scientists in Australia and Hong Kong have a different opinion.

According to their study, people are more attracted to long arms rather than legs, so sleeveless tops and dresses are a game-changer.

7. Avoid Wearing Over-sized Clothes

While some models look gorgeous wearing oversized pants or shirts, Jack Vitel, a relationship coach and founder of the relationship blog, said that getting fitting clothing “is the way to go.”

Depending on the item and the person wearing it, large clothes might make you look “stubby” or “without shape.”

8. Cover-Up Your Least Favorite Feature

Most people have an affinity for one or more parts of their bodies, and that’s what they should always try to draw attention to. Their least favorite feature, on the other hand, should be camouflaged.

Instead of focusing only on how beautiful or elegant a piece of clothing is, you should pay attention to how it looks on you and whether or not it hides your “imperfections.”

9. Highlight Your Symmetry

Here is another point to look more attractive According to a study carried out by Stanford University, facial symmetry is directly associated with attractiveness.

However, most people tend to have one eye slightly bigger than the other, their nose might be uneven, or their mouth may be lopsided.

A quick way to improve that aspect is wearing makeup, and Christopher Hopkins, also known as the MakeOverGuy, knows it. Earlier this year, he helped a 61-year-old woman named Cheryl to look a lot better and several years younger!

10. Make Good Impressions

Look More Attractive: 10 Ways Any Woman Can Follow Everyday: Make Good Impressions

Looking more attractive is not only a matter of physical beauty as people also feel attracted to others’ personalities.

Using some common sense and always trying to make good impressions is crucial – the first one is not the only thing that matters.

Aspects as simple as not being late for dates, being sincere and determined, avoid using the phone while the other person is talking, and not trying to make yourself feel superior to your date are some of the characteristics that would immediately make you more attractive.

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