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15 Habits That Western People Should Learn From Indians


Maitri Seth

Indians, for ages, have been considered as a bit uncivilized and quirky by the so-called ‘Civilized and Developed’ countries in the world. India also has many things to offer to the world which can act as an inspiration for many. Yes, there are many things which the western people can learn from Indians

In order to prove this opinion, here are some of the Indian habits which are worth inculcating by the Western people.

1. Unity in Diversity

Unity in Diversity

Needless to say, India is a land of diversity-diversity in religion, in languages, opinions, politics, culture, color, race, and whatnot. But, the beauty is that the differences co-exist here.

People celebrate different festivals together, speak different languages, yet understand each other. All this shows how love and mutual tolerance prevails in every part of the country, thereby making this Indian sub-continent a nation.

This hence makes unity in diversity as one of the most salient features of the culture which the westerns can learn from Indians.

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2. Jugaad – Learn From Indians

Jugaad - Learn From Indians

This is the most appreciated trait of the Indian population. Indians are famous as people who can make the best possible use of their limited resources.

They are known for their interesting ideas and peculiar experimentation which indicates real intelligence. We as Indians, are capable of using a towel as a mopping cloth as it gets ripped. We can use shampoo bottles repeatedly.

Not only this, but we also use everything till the time there stands no probability of the machine getting repaired.

This not only saves money but protects you from the overuse of available resources. In fact, the word ‘Jugaad’ has become so popular that it has been included in the International Oxford Dictionary.

3. Things to Learn From Indians- Bargaining

 Things to Learn From Indians- Bargaining

Taking an Indian out with yourself for shopping has always been beneficial. And this is because of this extremely profiting habit of bargaining which is the capability of convincing the sellers to reduce the selling prices.

On the other hand, the westerns are not at all into bargaining. For them, the price tags are like the messages of God which are accepted the way they are, Hence, this trait can literally do wonders to a western family’s monthly budget!

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4. Proximity With Religion And Spirituality

Proximity With Religion And Spirituality

This is another great habit to learn from Indians. From the deeply-rooted traditions to the belief in meditation to the power of Yoga to the extremity in the faith on God, everything is evidence of the fact that how close are the Indians to their religion and spirituality.

Ideally, so dominant is this proximity, that it dominates the people’s mindset and their lifestyle. The Constitution, the Law, the Authorities and even The Laymen everybody in one way or the other is religious or spiritual which for sure, makes them stronger and wiser.

5. Eating Habits

Eating Habits

The eating habits of western people seem to be more sophisticated and civilized. And how uncivilized or down market does it seem when Indians eat with their hands. But the reality is very different.

Eating with hands is beneficial and has a medically proven reason for it. As per the Indian scriptures of medicine, eating with your hands can greatly help you with digestion as our fingers consist of the ‘Panchtatva’.

Also, eating with spoons or forks made of steel, aluminum or plastic is even harmful as all these elements have no function or role to play in the human body, once they get in minute quantities with every meal, every day.

And its not just about eating with the hands, other habits like that of washing hands before eating, praying before eating, eating together with the family are not much popular in the western nations as they are in India. So, undoubtedly, this Indian practice needs to adopted by the western world.

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6. Things to Learn From Indians-Using More Water

 Things to Learn From Indians-Using More Water

Water is used more in almost every chore in India. Beat cleaning, mopping, in washrooms, and even in cooking, Indians do not consider any cleaning done without water.

They have the habit of taking a bath every day or even twice in a day (this maybe because of the tropical climate here) and even have a habit of washing their hands and face within intervals.

The concept of vacuum cleaners is the least accepted one amongst the Indians as only cleaning with water or using a broom can satiate the OCD of an Indian.

Also, the Indian way of using toilets cannot be missed out. Not only the Indian commodes are better, but Indians also use water instead of the toilet paper, which is seriously, much better!

So, using water to this extent, is not a wastage of the same and hence this habit is good for the westerners to learn from Indians.

7. Hospitality of Indians

Hospitality of Indians

Atithi Devo Bhava’, Indians know it enough. Hospitality is one of the best features which one can witness in India.

There are proper traditions and habits associated with it. It is an inherent part of Indian culture. Here, you may see traces of hospitality even between enemies. We welcome everybody except danger.

So, hospitality is the most visible feature of the Indian culture present with such an intensity that is not found in any other country in the world and hence, could be learned.

8. Indian Families

Indian Families

Another distinctive feature of the Indian culture is the family orientation. Joint families still do exist in our country. Although this affects the economy, yet there are many good things associated with it too if such a system is implemented well. Indians are naturally, more family-oriented. 

Children mostly live together with their parents unless they have to migrate for their education or job.

There is a different level of interactivity with the neighbors too. Respecting elders is a very important [part of the Indian culture and this is done in various ways. Marriages are more stable here, as people tend to forgive and adjust. Friendship is not just a matter of give and take.

And even if it is, one is capable of giving much to his/her friend. Hence, people give much value to their relationships and try to preserve them in every possible way. Ultimately, everybody lives for their families. Such cordiality is not found elsewhere.

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9. Saving Money – Learn From Indians

Saving Money - Learn From Indians

Well, this is again impressive. People in western countries do not believe in saving much. This might be because of the fact that they are paid well or they have been privileged with various services when in need.

Still, savings always help. And Indians are best at savings. Such is the capacity of Indians, that if a person’s monthly budget is 50000 bucks under general conditions, an Indian can curtail it down to 30000 bucks.

Not only this, people save money on a regular basis and several policies have also been constructed for the same. Such efficiency is again, worth to learn from Indians.

10. Less Tech-Savvy

Less Tech-Savvy

In the world of technology, where everybody has unlimited use of electronic and digital gadgets, Indians still rely much on manual methods.

From using manual stoves for cooking in general to washing dishes without a dishwasher, everything is more manual here not because we lack technology, but because we rely more on the manpower.

Also, children if compared to other nations, are more into offline gaming instead of playing on smartphones only.

Games like that of Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Pitthoo, Hide and Seek, Hopscotch, etc, still keep the old traditional culture alive, which benefits them a lot in this world where overuse of electronic gadgets is a big issue.

This is also probably the reason why people are more social in India and why relationships are stronger as such things are not constructed digitally here.

11. For The Love Of Music

For The Love Of Music

It would be not wrong to say, that India has the best music legacy and also people equally enjoy the music here. Indian music has got international fame and appreciation for its distinctive beauty. Music is an inherent part of Indian culture.

There is music in almost everything here. From the voice of the temple bells to the crowd in the streets, from the honking traffic to the happy screams of celebration, the country is pretty musical.

Music is also an important part of the films here as Indians are much sensitive towards it and tend to get attracted. Such love is worth celebrating and worth adopting but the western people.

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12. Learn from Indians- How to Celebrate

Learn from Indians- How to Celebrate

Indians are extremely good at celebrations. They enjoy everything to the fullest. Huge gatherings, get together and parties are more common here. People spend loads on weddings and birthdays.

There are numerous occasions and festivals to be celebrated here. Hundreds of rituals and traditions and a high social factor makes these celebrations grander and happier.  

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13. Power of Adaptability

Power of Adaptability

The world must have seen this in instances. Indians are highly flexible and have the ability to survive in almost every optimum condition. That is also the reason why you would find them in almost every part of the world.

They are great in establishing themselves abroad and succeed as well. The traits of Jugaad, savings, and social interactivity help them much in this.

Geographic terrains, climate and flora, and fauna are not matters of concern for them when it comes to changing locations as they are quite used to living in a sphere of diversity. This is, however, not much found in the western people.

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14. Social Interactivity and Mutual Dependence

Social Interactivity and Mutual Dependence

Social interactivity as said before, is immensely present in our country. People interact much and help each other out irrespective of any acquaintance or relation.

Family is restricted to a few members but friendship is not. They love making friends, usually. Foreigners may find them quirky initially, but once you get to know Indians, you will find that they are mostly filled with compassion and cordiality. This is also an important trait to learn from Indians.

15. Speaking Multiple Languages

Speaking Multiple Languages

Most of the people in India are capable of speaking at least two different languages, mostly one being the mother tongue and the other being either Hindi or English.

There are thousands of dialects spoken in the country and a good population of the country is also capable of speaking three or more languages. Such multilingualism is hardly found in any other nation.

This makes Indians more efficient and expressive when it comes to communication. They also tend to become richer culturally. Hence, another quality to learn from Indians.

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Therefore, India, an underestimated nation, is the largest democracy in the world, which is gradually rising and setting up a name of appreciation for itself at global standards.

Every country has some pros and cons and India is no different. There are several loopholes too in the country and India also needs to take the same amount of inspiration from other nations of the world.  But, if you wish to learn how to live, India can help you to much extent.

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