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Know these 10 points before getting yourself a pet dog


Varidhi Yadav

We have always thought of getting a pet dog once in our life. Right? Seeing all those dog videos on Instagram, how much fun it is to have them around, how they love you unconditionally, how they will do anything to protect you and crawl up in your bed when you’re feeling low. We all want that, don’t we? And 

And then begins the spree of requesting our parents to get us a puppy we can grow together with. But, it was always a NO. And now that you are all grown up, the first thing you want to do is get a dog, finally! But do you ever look back and wonder why our parents were so against it? Because there are actually a lot of things you need to consider before getting a pet dog

I’m going to jot the most important things you need to know

1. Commitment

getting a pet dog Commitment

Okay, this is the most important thing you need to consider. Having a dog is like having a baby. This is not a commitment in a relationship where the other one is just as smart, here the other one doesn’t know a damn thing and you are the only person the dog will ever trust.

Are you ready to commit yourself completely to another living being? I know I’m making it dramatic but that’s when you will think it thoroughly.

2. Lifestyle

getting a pet dog Lifestyle

You have a particular lifestyle, you go to work, you have a social life, you spend time reading your favorite novels, and with all of this, do you think a dog can fit in your lifestyle?

You will have to make time for it way more than you can think, take it for a walk thrice a day, giving it a bath, giving meal on time and when you’re at work, how will you make arrangements for your dog? You know, all that jazz.

3. Breed

getting a pet dog breed

You must know what breed will suit the best for you and for your living environment. For example, you can’t own a husky if you don’t have an air-conditioned house because they need a constantly cold environment or they might start shedding their fur.

If you need a dog to protect you, you need to see the big active dogs like German Shepherd or Labradors, not a lazy St. Bernard. You can’t buy a small dog just because you need a toy and you need to take special care of the pure and rare breeds. So Research well before getting a dog of any breed.

4. Dog food

getting a pet dog food

There is a variety of dog food but not all dog food is good for all dogs so you need to know a list of food that’s healthy for your dog. You cannot give your dog the leftovers, that’s just mean and unhealthy. You need to know the food that is poison for them like chocolate, coffee beans, etc.

You need to give at least three meals a day to a growing puppy and decrease it to two in the future accordingly. This is something you must educate yourself before getting a pet dog.

5. Training

getting a pet dog training

Training your own dog, not as fun as you think or as they show on social media. Sure, there are a lot of high points to it but there are a lot of low points too where you might lose your mind and start getting annoyed. And training is not just about how to behave, it also include potty training.

Like I said, it’s just a kid, you need to teach them where they can go and poop, and not in the entire house. It will take a lot of patience and you must be consistent with the training in order to get the best results.

6. Toys

getting a pet dog toys

Dogs need there own toys too, obviously the most famous one is the ball. That damned ball they are ready to run miles for. You can’t just pick any from the store and start playing with it. They need to be dog friendly. You can’t get one with fibers all over it, it can be poisonous for your dog.

Neither can you get something that might tear of with their teeth because then they will swallow it. You need to get those rubber ones that will be soft plus won’t tear up easily. You see, the most basic things you need to take care of?

7. Treats

getting a pet dog treats

Earlier, when we talked about food, if I told you that you need to make sure you get the healthiest food possible for your dog. Now treats are special for your dogs because it is a reward for their behavior. You should choose the biscuit or whatever is their favorite, something they’ll be ready to do anything for it.

And when they do follow your instructions for that treat, you mustn’t give them too much to eat. Keep your treat portion very small so if they crave for more, they must behave better at home and in public.

8. Puppy proof

getting a pet dog puppy proof house

Just the way new parents baby proof their entire house before a kid comes in, you will have to puppy proof your entire house too. The dog can tear up the pillows, sheets, eat up your paper work. Your excuse of your dog eating your homework at school might just become a reality.

They might go into places they shouldn’t and put themselves in danger. Everything in the house will have to be right and make these changes accordingly before getting a pet dog.

9. Dog’s ID

getting a pet dog id

Your dog must have an identification. You can’t just buy or adopt a dog and start living with it. There is a lot of paper work for your dog that you need to keep in handy. Give it an official name, make a file separately just for it, the medical records, food records, everything.

And in case, your dog ever wanders off, it should have some tag stuck to its belt so someone can help it come back home.

10. Medical perspective

getting a pet dog veterinarian

Now, last but the most important one, your dog’s medical records. You need to get it vaccine for everything possible, I mean it. There is a possibility that your dog might get parasites, you need to get it checked for it right away.

You must have regular follow ups with the veterinarian, go for a regular checkup, make sure your dog is fit and fine. Get the spaying or neutering your dog within the first few months itself.

So looks like there is lot you need consider before getting a pet dog, huh? And you all of this is not that difficult if you feel you are ready for it. And if at all you feel like even any one of this could be difficult for you to do then drop the idea because the dog deserves the best life and if you can’t provide, let someone else do that.

You need to know what is right for you and for that little buddy, wrong decision can make it’s life miserable. I known you wouldn’t want that.

getting a pet dog

“Your dog is just a part of your life. But for your dog, you are his whole life.”

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