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10 Major Benefits Of Doing An Internship In a Startup


Varidhi Yadav

Students think twice before opting for an internship in a startup because everyone wants to work for big brands. It is believed that big companies will make your resume more impressive.

It’s like you printing your resume on a glossy paper instead of normal A4 because you think that is what would make a difference. Nothing is more important than your hard work and no one is going to look beyond that

So I’m going to tell you some positive reasons as to why internships in a start-up can actually be better.

1. Responsibilities Are Real Here

internship in a startup

Let’s face it, if you work for a big company as an intern, you are not going to get any more responsibility than getting coffee and proofreading.

So if you want to reach the office early to prepare a cup of coffee for your boss, then just choose a nice startup that gives you enough confidence and looks really good. Don’t settle for small jobs thinking that it is the first step. Your work is worth more.

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2. You Are Valued!

value of interns in a startup

During your internship in a startup, you are not given work just for the sake of making you do something. When you are given a proper responsibility or some work in a startup, your work is properly evaluated and feedback is given to appreciate you or help you get better and better every day.

In straight words, they give a damn about your work which would be used to the maximum, in the process of the company.

3. People Hear You

importance of interns in a startup

You and everything about you matter in a startup. Your opinion is not shot down because you are an intern. It is valued and taken into consideration if needed.

You become an important part of the company and your work contributes to the progress of the company.

So, if you want your opinions to be noticed, an internship at a startup is your place for a great start of your own.

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4. Internship In a Startup is Comfortable

Internship In a Startup is Comfortable

If it’s a startup, there are heavy chances that all your co-workers and even the bosses or seniors are somewhat within your age group.

So the comfort level is appalling. You can talk about your interests with them, about the latest movies and TV series, go for lunch and all that jazz.

And then you can choose your favorite person and stay in touch with them even after your internship is over

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5. Networking While Working

Networking via startups

Of course, a startup will increase your contacts a lot. You will always have a person who can do something for you if you choose to keep in contact with him or her even after your internship at that startup has ended.

Since it is a growing company, you get great exposure to people around you. Besides this, as the establishment is small you get to know each and every person, if not personally, at least virtually.

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6. Internship In a Startup is Flexible

Internship In a Startup is Flexible

You would not find a better work environment than that at a startup company. There are no set rules and regulations which you absolutely have to follow in your personal work process. A startup is all about trial and error, it’s all about experimenting.

That is why you get a flexible work environment and as they do make rules, it will be something you will familiar with and won’t make you feel any uncomfortable.

7. Higher Adaptability

internships in a startup

As I said, you adapt everything going. An internship in a startup helps you stay on your toes every minute. You never know when you will have to change the entire head plan to get better results.

You don’t know what kind of a challenge your boss is going to throw at you today. Hence, always trying out new things with yourself and increase your own bandwidth with different work would be a regular affair. Basically, you adapt.

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8. Learning About The Company

learning at startups

Since the startup is a small scale establishment, you get familiar with every part of the company about why, where and how every section works and what is it doing for the betterment of the company. It makes you learn the pros and cons of all of it and well, it will always help you in the future.

Also, you understand how a startup grows up, in case you want to start one too. So, an internship at a startup will provide you with exposure to every section of it. Again, if not personally, at least virtually.

9. Success Is All That Matters!

teamwork in startups

In a big company, there is a high chance of your work getting sabotaged. There can be chances of someone else taking the credit of your hard work. Or your ideas and opinions being shot down because you are a junior.

But, in a startup, everyone and I mean literally everyone is in the same boat and the basic motto is the success of the company which is why you will matter just as much as anyone else.

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10. Motivation During Internship In a Startup

motivation in a startup

Someone had the legit guts to drop everything, put in personal investment in a random idea that they think can be a grand success and they begin a startup.

The way in which such internships inspire you for the dedication and keeping faith in one’s self is freaking amazing. Do you think you can just do it? No, you need a lot of motivation and well, a successful example in front of you to get you moving.

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Therefore, interning in a startup can do you a lot more good than you can ever imagine. People are so blinded by the fame of something that they forget or ignore all the qualities something else can actually offer and will be so much more useful for the future.

Let me know in the comments what other things you can learn during your internship in a startup.

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