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How To Talk To Girls: 17 Tips Every Guy Must Know


Maitri Seth

How to talk to girls? Do you also face difficulty when you talk to a girl? Does initiating a conversation with a girl make your blood turn cold, and leaves you amidst a stream of rejections from the opposite sex? If so, then you are not alone.

Talking to the opposite gender is a tough row to hoe for many. It might be because of low-esteem issues, lack of confidence, or a restricted environment.

And when it comes to talking to girls, it is not less than skill as girls are more particular and sensitive towards words.

So, if you wish to learn this art and rectify your flaws, have a look over these top methods and tips on how to talk to girls

1. Know About Her

How to talk to girls: Know About Her

Before initiating the conversation, it is important to know who you are talking to. Not in the context of her name or job, but in the context of the kind of personality she is. Just imagine yourself flirting with an innocent nerd! What a mess would it be!

Hence, if possible, first talk to any of the common acquaintances and ask about her. Else, observe her. Once, you identify her personality, it would be easier for you on how to talk to girls in the most appropriate way.

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2. Being Non-Verbal Is More Important

Non- verbal communication is important

As per communication experts, the non- verbal communication is more important than verbal communication, where, the verbal being the words and the non-verbal being the body language, facial expressions, eye movements, etc.

Your body language should neither be stiff nor lethargic. Your gestures should reflect as if you are interested in talking to her. Arms folded, no eye-contact, looking down when interacting, and not being adequately expressive could make you face a strong rejection from the girl.

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3. Gentle But Informal

how to talk to girls: Gentle But Informal

Always remember that you are making the first move. So, it is you who is developing a sense of comfort for the girl whom you are approaching.

Understand the difference between a regular conversation and an interview.  Which color do you like? What are your hobbies? Why did you choose to work in Delhi? Come on!  You are not taking an interview.

Asking name and job is normal in the beginning but an extension of such formal interaction would lead you nowhere. So, how to talk to girls? The trick is to talk as if you are talking to your friend or relative.

You may talk about the weather or the Caffe you are in. The genre of movies you like. Basically, talk about the culture around you. It never fails!

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4. Have a Topic In Mind

find a subject on how to talk to girls

This is one of the major problems faced by men while talking to a girl. They don’t find a subject on which they could talk about with the girl they like. In this case, just look around yourself. Find a reason.

For instance, if you are in a pub, you may ask her for a drink or could talk about any of them. If at a wedding, you may talk about the food, the couple, relatives and even about the subject ‘marriage’ as a whole. You can ask her for a dance. Remember, it is all around you and in your mind.  

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5. The Golden Rule of 90/10

The Golden Rule of 90/10

It is said that a conversation has a probability of being successful or is prolonged if it is maintained well in the first 5-10minutes, i,e. if the girl seems to be interested in you for the first ten minutes of the conversation, the interaction could last longer and you might not face rejection.

For this, the rule of 90/10 can do wonders. As per this rule, the guy should be impressive, interactive and focussed by 90% when talking to a girl and approaching her, as this time can prove to be a deciding factor.

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6. How To Talk To Girls ‘Stop Bragging’

How To Talk To Girls 'Stop Bragging'

As per girls, one of the biggest mistakes which guys do while talking to girls is when they boast about themselves. This irritates the opposite sex or all human beings, to be honest.

This indicates that you are not interested in the girl and are over-confident about your own self. You might do this in order to impress the girl but beware, this can be your biggest mistake and can cool down the conversation.

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7. Give Her Attention She Deserves

Give Her Attention She Deserves

Being a girl I can say, that girls can die for attention. And hence, they get pissed off when someone tries to or even unintentionally ignore them.

So, when you talk to a girl, focus on her completely. Listen to her and revert her back in the best possible way.

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8. Lead, But Don’t Miss Out

Lead, But Don't Miss Out

It is important for you to lead a conversation when talking to a girl, as I said before, girls generally don’t like to make the first move or lead, especially when you are approaching.

Hence, once done with a topic, you have to switch over to the next. But, in this many forget to be patient during the conversation.

They tend to interrupt in between which pisses off the girl. So how to talk to girls? You listen to her patiently and carefully too, as you may find another topic to talk about, somewhere hidden in her speech!

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9. Understand The Art of Flirting

Understand The Art of Flirting

Flirting mostly works out, but if done in the right way and with the right person. As I mentioned back in Point 1, identify her personality first. An innocent personality may not like you flirting! 

On the other hand, many girls do enjoy it. But, never dare to forget your limits. Your flirt should be healthy. Because there is a very fine line between flirting and eve-teasing.

So, be careful. Also, don’t be too touchy. Normal hand touches and eye contact is normal, but overdoing it can lead you towards huge chaos. Also, lame jokes and cheesy lines would lead you nowhere, nowadays. So learning when to flirt is important.

10. How To Talk To Girls ‘Stop Disrespecting’

How To Talk To Girls 'Stop Disrespecting'

Being disrespectful does not only mean being disrespectful with the girl you are talking to. You should not talk disrespectfully to and about any other person especially females, as girls are a bit sensitive towards their gender.

After all, we have been disrespected and attacked so many times. I think it’s natural! Abusing anybody or using curse words should also be avoided. So, jot this down and apply, whether you like it or not.

11. Trust Your Observation and Intuition

Trust Your Observation and Intuition

When you talk to a girl, it is very important to note her responses as well. Observing the way she reacts, would let you understand that where is this conversation going.

Also, when you talk, trust your intuition. If you feel that things are not falling into place, put in more effort and think of something better. Your presence of mind plays a vital role in effective communication.

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12. Girls Have That Sixth Sense. So, Beware!

Girls Have That Sixth Sense. So, Beware!

Don’t even try to fake out anything. It is not something less than a blunder, especially when you talk to a girl who is wiser. Girls have an inbuilt sixth sense.

They can sense a lie, at least the intelligent ones. So, you would be sooner or later, caught. Hence, be as honest as possible in your conversation. This would be both ethical and beneficial.

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13. Don’t Force

Don't Force

Finally, if you think that she has finally developed an interest in you and has been comfortable in your space, you may ask her out, confidently, but gently. Also, don’t forget to take her contact information.

But if, things do not fall into place, then leave it, at least for that moment. Try not to force her, even politely. This would make the situation even worse in the future. You may talk to her again some other time, if possible. Else, leave it. The world does not end here.

In this age of the internet and smartphones, many people do initiate conversations on social media. But, many men tend to make huge mistakes for which they have to pay them. Hence, now, I would deal with some of the major points to keep in mind while texting a girl.

14. How To Talk To Girls ‘Be Detailed’

How To Talk To Girls 'Be Detailed'

Another trait about girls is that they hate brief conversations or messages. And when it comes to seeing out a guy, they expect every fine detail to be told.

So how to talk to girls when they ask you a question, don’t reply in abbreviations. Be detailed. The more you say about them, the more attended they would feel.

15. Avoid The Crevasses Of Arguments

Avoid The Crevasses Of Arguments

In case you fall into an argument while talking to a girl, do not stretch it. As you can’t see or hear each other when texting, you tend to misunderstand each other.

So, apologize if possible. Else, call her and sought everything out.

16. Don’t Portray Yourself As Needy

Don't Portray Yourself As Needy

Another mistake that guys tend to make is they are too quick to respond and are much ahead of what they should be.

Guys, you need to match the timing and content of your text with the girl. Give her time. Also, texting one after the other projects you as a needy. And this again seems very disappointing and desperate.

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17. How To Talk To Girls ‘Express’

How To Talk To Girls 'Express'

When you talk to a girl, rather, text a girl, be as expressive as possible. This is again because of the fact that you cannot see or hear each other, so, there are higher chances of misinterpretation.

Hence, the use of punctuations, emojis, and detailed text can help you overcome this issue.

Therefore, the tips mentioned above on how to talk to girls can do wonders, if applied properly. But without a sense of confidence and an ethical intention, it could not lead to a happy ending. 

I hope these tips would help you to establish a beautiful conversation with the girl you like. So, don’t think too much, and just go for it!

If you have more tips on how to talk to girls do let me know in the comments below.

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