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How To Sleep Fast: The Military Way To Fall Asleep Quickly


Nicole Goldman

For insomniacs, there is a technique, on how to sleep fast used by the military, to fall asleep in two minutes anywhere and anytime. This method is said to have a 96% success rate after six weeks.

In just two steps, you can easily sleep fast even with disturbances in the surroundings, such as loud noises or if the room is too hot or too cold.

As explained by an expert, one must empty their mind and visualize an image afterward.

This method was used by the American military service and has been proven effective. You know, military members are no strangers to being placed in uncomfortable situations.

There are times when they would have to sleep on the hard ground, snow, desert and other worst conditions in the world.

How to Sleep Faster? Invention For The Military

How To Sleep Fast

Lloyd “Bud” Winter, a world-renowned sprint coach, created the method and shared the reason why in his book, “Relax and Win: Championship Performance.”

In the book, Winter gives helpful tips on how to “improve sports performance and reduce injuries by learning to relax and release tensions prior to competition.”

In addition, he also revealed his work with the United States Military, as told by The Art of Manliness.

At the beginning of World War II, the Navy faced a dilemma. Their pilots were having trouble concentrating due to sleep deprivation. Because of it, they feared they might lose the war.

To help solve the problem, their boss brought in Winter, who was also an expert in athlete psychology and asked for his help.

After spending hours on observation, Winter came up with the idea on how to sleep fast and dividing sleep into two different parts: physical relaxation and mental relaxation.

The Navy staff applied the method to their recruits in pre-flight school, and after six weeks, they discovered that the students were able to drift off in less than 120 seconds with a 96% success rate.

Even though they drank coffee beforehand or they were being surrounded by exploding cannons and shooting guns, the students were able to sleep peacefully.

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How To Sleep Fast? Step By Step Guide

How To Sleep Fast

In order to fall asleep in two minutes, it is advisable to

First, Empty the mind.

Next, one must relax the muscles in the face, which includes the jaw, tongue, and the ones around your eyes.

It is also essential to relax the upper limbs first and let the shoulders drop. Afterward, while keeping the chest rested, exhale. Then, relax your legs.

Following these steps, this should last for only a minute, and the next one will be the part where visualization occurs.

There are three ways to visualize.

The first one is to imagine yourself in a peaceful lake, surrounded by blue skies, and lying on a canoe lake.

The second option is to think that you are inside a dark room and cozying up in a black velvet hammock.

Finally, the last option would be to repeat the phrase “don’t think” for about ten seconds.

Trust me, it can work wonders for the people who have trouble falling asleep. You just have to follow the above steps in exact order and after 6 weeks of practice, you know how to sleep fast just like the Military.

Will It Work For Everyone?

How To Sleep Fast

Even though it has been effective for military, it is still not guaranteed that it will work for you because everybody is different.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, around 40% of American adults have trouble falling asleep at least a couple of times per month.

Still, this military method on how to sleep fast is worth a shot. Give it about six weeks, if it works for you, great! If it doesn’t, don’t give up and continue to find other ways to fix that insomnia.

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