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How To Say NO, Without Letting Them Know


Varidhi Yadav

There are a lot of you out there who don’t know how to say no? It can get really frustrating at times considering sometimes you end up doing things you are not at all interested. So it is good to have plans B, C, D and you know how the rest of the alphabets work.

When you don’t know how to say NO, follow these 7 ninja techniques

1. Ignore The Question

how to say NO

Just ignore the question as long as you can or walk away like you never heard the question at all.

I know this seems rude but if you are thinking about how to avoid them in the first place, you clearly don’t like them. So, it wouldn’t matter if the feeling gets mutual.

2. Say Maybe

how to say NO

The moment you hear the question, Just say maybe right away. Here’s the thing if you say maybe after a few seconds there are chances that they’ll know you don’t want to say yes.

But if you say maybe right away then you can move on from that conversation and never come back to it, again.

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3. Change The Subject

how to say NO

Just casually start talking about something else as if the other person never talked. As if you are the only one holding the conversation.

And after talking a lot tell them Mai hi kabse baat kar raha hoon and believe me you are out of it because most of the people forget and the other few who don’t, have gotten a pretty clear idea that you’re not interested.

 4. Suggest Alternatives

Suggest alternatives

If you don’t like the offer they are making, just suggest something you would be more comfortable with.

For example, if an old friend wants to catch up on a coffee but you don’t want to talk but neither do you want to make them feel bad.

Just take them for a movie which you have been waiting to watch for a long time but you had no company before. At least you’ll enjoy the movie.

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5. Delay The Answer

Delay The Answer

Tell them you need to check your schedule and then later get back to them with ‘I’ve got a packed schedule, I’m sorry’.

If you have a strict parent like mine then you are absolutely sorted because you can just tell them later that your parents didn’t allow you and no one can question that.

6. Delay The Whole Plan

Delay The Whole Plan

This is my favorite. Say yes to doing whatever they suggested and then keep raincheck-ing until they get the bloody point.

The person might start to dislike you in the process but every mission has casualties, just brace yourself.

7. Make Up Unavoidable Reasons

say NO by Making Unavoidable Reasons

In simple words, just come up with a good excuse. Indians have an inborn talent of making excuses and the mind is at it’s best creative sense, exactly when you want to make your way out of a situation.

All you need to do is close your eyes, focus on the point between your eyes and voila, an excuse will pop right out!

Bonus Tip: Learn How To Say No

Learn How To Say No

You can use all these ways to find your way out of situations you don’t like. But I really want to say that you need to learn how to say NO. It’s a really powerful word and can do wonders when necessary.

I understand the need to please people sometimes but you have to prioritize yourself over everyone else and say no when you are simply not interested.

You have learned the art of how to say no when you can simply say it without backing it up with an excuse.

Have fun using these alternatives and I hope you find something great on Netflix to watch after avoiding all those situations.

Learn how to say NO by a TEDx speaker Kenny Nguyen.

Do you have any other ninja technique on how to say no? Let me know in the comments.

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