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6 unique dating tips for Boys


Varidhi Yadav

Now when it comes to girls, they are hard to impress. They want to judge everything about you just from your first look, if you want to hit this off, you need to do your best while preparing for a date. This is the reason I designed these six unique dating tips for boys.

Tip number one, don’t be a douche! Okay, I’m kidding, that’s pretty obvious. Let’s start with the real tips.

1. Plan for the date

unique dating tips for boys

It’s an unsaid rule that you have to plan a nice, romantic, unique date. Not anything too mushy, don’t go over the top. Simple dinner at a fancy restaurant and a pizza night with a movie, both qualify as a romantic date. So don’t stress too much and if you think you are not able to think of something, just go to Pinterest, it has answers to all your questions.

2. Look your best

unique dating tips for boys

Please, first thing’s first, clean up. Take a shower and shave or trim, don’t go with the jungle beard. I’m mentioning the most basic things because there are some guys… you know who you are! Now pick a nice, crisp outfit, no cargo pants and go ace your date. This is only of highly recommended unique dating tips for boys.

3. Don’t preplan conversations

unique dating tips for boys

I know you feel like it’s necessary to get your facts right and what to say and how to say it. So you spend half an hour talking to yourself in the mirror but please! relax. You’re going on a date, not for a court case, you don’t have to prepare your answers. She’s is just a girl who wants to get to know you, go with the flow dude.

4. Be polite and don’t be a creep

unique dating tips for boys

It is important to be polite but not pushy, know the difference. Compliment her without making her feel uncomfortable and no pickup lines and no need to get too cheesy, you don’t need that because you are already on a bloody date. Judge the expression and understand when to stop talking about a particular topic and when to start another.

5. Avoid ex’s conversation

avoiding silence

No one likes to hear about someone else’s ex. And girls don’t like to talk about other girls, especially when she is on a date. Why do you think girls only have one or two girl best friends? Yeah so, especially with girls, don’t talk about your ex(es) because that’s the biggest turn off. The first thing that will come to her mind is that you are still not over your ex, even if you are and you don’t want that, do you?

6. Offer to pay the bill


Yeah I know, after all that equality, equity and feminism, you feel like you don’t need to do this but believe me, you do. If she believes in any of the above, she will pay for herself and maybe even for you but that does not mean you don’t even offer. If you don’t like the fact that she didn’t even mention paying, you can choose to not call her again but you have to do it, it’s just a gentleman gesture.

Also, don’t be a douche, be a gentleman, don’t lose it no matter who you are meeting, be yourself. So go for that date, keep all these tips in mind, take a deep breath and ace your date.

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We have a full fledged article for unique dating tips for girls. Why should boys have all the fun? Right?!


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[…] We have a full fledged article for unique dating tips for boys. Why should girls have all the fun? Right?! Go check it out. […]


[…] 6 unique dating tips for Boys […]