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10 Proven Ways: How To Overcome Laziness Like a Pro


Varidhi Yadav

The most common question I am hearing during Corona quarantine, How to overcome Laziness? Well, it kicks so slyly that you won’t even notice and the day will just go past you and all you will be doing is stay tucked in your bed with your phone and pack of chips.

Well, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to go through that end of the regret that you didn’t do anything productive all day. And the worst part is that during all that lethargy, you know that you need to move your ass and get some work done but the laziness is so powerful than your will to move that nothing changes.

Yes, a real nightmare, isn’t it? I’m going to list down a few ways that can help you overcome laziness and stay active all day long.

Overcome Laziness First Step is to Realize

Overcome Laziness First Step is to Realize

You need to realize it in the first place that you are a lazy person. When someone asks you to get your butt moving and they tell you that you are lazy believe them.

People will notice it before you ever do. The realization will be your first step towards not being lazy. And then you can do something about it.

Make a Schedule Beforehand

Make a Schedule Beforehand

Always keep your day planned. Going with the flow doesn’t always work out well. It usually ends up in procrastination.

So make a list of things you have to do in a day a night before and keep deadlines which you can’t push so you will keep moving. Staying organized will help you not be a lazy person.

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Treat Yourself After Achieving Your Goals

Treat Yourself After Achieving Your Goals

Setting goals for yourself and then standing up to them is a big achievement, every time. So when you do finish your goals, give yourself a little treat, maybe a light pat on your back.

Okay, kidding but it can work. Anyway, make sure you celebrate like eat your favorite dish and if you want more little celebrations like this, stop being lazy.

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Don’t Over Stress Yourself

Don’t Over Stress Yourself

When a task is not getting finished or if you fail to do it, you begin to question yourself, feel like giving up and sitting in a corner all depressed because of all the failing.

And that’s where the laziness kicks in. Don’t beat up yourself too much. If it’s not happening, then move on. Stop thinking about it and move to something else.

Don’t Work Too Much

Don’t Work Too Much to avoid laziness

Don’t do extra also, duh. If you will keep working all the time without a break, just constantly moving around because you have all that energy then the minute you sit down, you are going to collapse.

And then you will not want to get up and do any work for like ever. Well, no one can stop you from turning into a lazy person after that.

Workout To Be Active

Workout To Be Active

Working out is the best way to keep you moving. Every time you feel like you are going into your lazy zone, go hit the gym.

If not the gym then you can do some stretching too, that can help too. It will keep you active all day and keep you away from being lazy.

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Overcome Laziness by Focusing on The Positive Side

Overcome Laziness by Focusing on The Positive Side

Negative thoughts can make you lazy. Well, it basically goes like this. You have a negative thought in your head, you feel gloomy, you choose to sit in your bed eating ice cream and listening to sad songs and give up.

Okay, I might be going too far but you get the point. So start thinking positive, people!

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Consider Changing Your Diet

Consider Changing Your Diet

Keep your meals light. I don’t mean you should eat less. I mean you should choose lighter food. Avoid meat once in a while maybe, eat more salad, keep the carbs down and you will feel lighter all day.

A heavy meal can make you bloat and feel really sleepy which will obviously make you lazy as a result.

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Keep Yourself Motivated To Overcome Laziness

Keep Yourself Motivated

In order to be consistent with all of the above, you need to keep yourself motivated. Follow Instagram pages of people doing things every day, all the time.

Believe me, watching others do something that you can too give you a different kind of motivation like you just gulped down four espresso shots.

Dress Well at The Start of Your Day

Dress Well at The Start of Your Day

This sounds a little surprising, but dressing crisp all the time can keep you moving. Different, amazing outfits.

Don’t make yourself uncomfortable with something out of the box. I’m not asking you to become Lady Gaga. Just dress well and keep your sweatpants for the end of the day so you don’t have to do anything and just get a good night’s sleep.

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Overcome laziness as soon as you see the symptoms because it’s a freaking disease. Interruptions happen, you might not be able to do everything and you might naturally fail in a few things but don’t let that make you give up.

Don’t let that turn you into a lazy person. You can do so many exciting and adventurous things, just give yourself a chance for all that.


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