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Learn 20 Ways To Make Your Long-Distance Relationship Successful


Maitri Seth

Long-distance relationship sounds nothing less than a deadly danger to the couples. Especially when their relationship is young and fresh. However, with the technological advancement and the advent of the Internet, things have become much easier. Still, long-distance stands as one of the major hurdles in the way of a successful relationship.

But, with determination, wit, and some tricks, the journey wouldn’t be a hard going and you may cherish it in the near, happy future.  Hence, it is important to learn the art of managing relationships- long-distance relationships.

So, here I would discuss with you some of the most important methods to make your long-distance relationship successful and beautiful.

1. Realize That It’s Temporary

long distance relationship

One of the biggest problems which arise when maintaining a long-distance relationship is the attitude of the couple. They unwillingly accept it as a ‘to be prolonged longingness’ from each other. But here what is important Is to understand that all of this is temporary. 

A day would come when you would meet each other to stay together forever. Hence, take it positively and enjoy the course of this journey, as this time would never come back.

2. Take It As a Challenge

challenge in long distance relationship

Partners fear to lose each other in a long-distance relationship. But fear leads you nowhere. Take this distance as a challenge- as a test of love. Understand that life is not a bed of roses.

Thorns are important. This struggle would enhance your relationship-your love for each other.

3. Trust Is The Foundation

Trust Is The Foundation

Trust is the foundation of every relationship, and when it comes to a long-distance relationship, it is almost everything. Hence, in order to make your long-distance relationship successful, it is very important to have trust in each other.

Generating speculations on your partner on befriending the other gender, being suspicious of your partner leaving for a party without informing you, are all in vain and would damage the very roots of your relationship. So, trust your partner and gain equal trust from him/her.

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4. Long Distance Relationship ‘Make Rules’

Long Distance Relationship 'Make Rules'

Another trick to make your long-distance relationship successful is to mark your boundaries and design your rules. For instance, you may decide to have a telephonic conversation at least once irrespective of your workload or how busy you both are.

Also, meeting each other at least twice in a year or not hiding even the pettiest of problems could be other important promises which can be made to each other.

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5. Schedule Your ‘Us’ Time

Schedule Your 'Us' Time

Scheduling out time for each other is a tedious task sometimes. Coordinating with each other and the schedules might be a brainstorming thing to do. But proper communication is a necessity in every relationship. So, spare out some amount of time in a day (at least half-an-hour) just for your partner, for the moments where you can talk your heart out to each other.

This half an hour conversation is like daily nutrition to your bond which adds life to your relationship. Also, you can stay in contact throughout the day by texting. After all, one should benefit from technology and the Internet!

6. Share Every Detail

sharing details

As per research, a majority of the long-distance- relationships fail due to mistrust, loss of interest in each other, or gap of communication. But, people don’t realize that there is a common major solution to all these issues and that is- sharing every detail.

Don’t create this misconception that telling your partner what you ate in the morning would make the conversation boring. No, in fact, it would build a sense of reliability and trust for you in your partner and would make him/her feel special.

So, from the biggest of fears to the slightest of arguments with people, from the grandest of celebrations to your slightest moments of togetherness with people and even how much assignments have you got for today, discuss everything with your partner and let him/ her do the same thing for you.

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7. Focus On Quality Communication

communication in long distance

A major difference in a regular relationship and a long-distance distance relationship is the lack of intimacy and time. A normal couple can even talk about electricity issues in one’s house even if they are meeting for just 10 minutes. Because they already enjoy the intimacy and they know that they have time to meet each other again.

While, in a long-distance relationship, the couple has to prioritize their subjects of conversation. This is important so that you may not miss out on any important detail for which you have to suffer the repercussions, later.

So, it would be better if you think once, before talking to your partner that what you have told him/her first and leave the details for the end. This would greatly help in making your long-distance relationship successful.

8. Be More Expressive

Be More Expressive

Now, there is a simple logic associated with it. More is the distance, more are the chances of misinterpretation. And lesser is the intimacy, lesser is the expression. So, make it a point that when you are on a video call, call, or even texting, be more expressive.

Sending emoji’s, sharing a flying kiss during video calls, and saying ‘I love you’ at the end of the conversation or expressing your love on social media (without getting cheesy, of course), has loads of effect on your bond.

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9. Keep Your Memories Intact

Keep Your Memories Intact

Memories are an important part of everyone’s lives. Not only, they help you to cherish the good moments and learning from the unfortunate ones, but it also keeps the person whom you remember somewhere alive in you- in your heart. This makes you realize how important that person is to you.

So, preserve all the good moments which you have spent together. For instance, always carry a keychain with you which was gifted by your partner years back.  Or the earrings he might have gifted you on your first birthday together, back in school.

In order to make your long-distance relationship successful, stay close to the memories of the moments you have spent with your partner, and cherish them together on a regular basis.

10. The Art Of Gifting Helps Here!

gifting to make long distance relationship successful

Gifting something to the people you love also adds a lot of value to your relationship. They are not mere matters of spending money on each other, but also have an emotional quotient attached to it. And especially in a long-distance relationship, they are even more important because the partner finds and feels you in that.

So, a major medium to maintain intimacy and making each other feel special is also sending them gifts occasionally. Also, you should well know what your partner likes and expects from you and gift accordingly.

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11. Surprises Are a Cherry On The Cake!

surprises to make long distance relationship successful

Who doesn’t love surprises? Everybody enjoys when they see their partner making surprise visits, sending you an air ticket for vacation or, planning a surprise party for you on your birthday with your friends, even if he/she couldn’t join you. Surprises always make you feel special.

So, give surprises and receive them as well and make your long-distance relationship successful and special.

12. Long Distance Relationship ‘Meet Frequently’

Long Distance Relationship 'Meet Frequently'

One doesn’t have to explain the importance of meetings and visits to the long-distance relationship couples. They already know it, more than the others. But, sometimes, they get so involved in their lives, rather they get so used to the long-distance, that they stop putting in the extra efforts to meet each other.

So, never forget the importance of physical intimacy in a relationship (not sexual always, even presence is very important). So, make it a point to meet each other as frequently as possible.

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13. Don’t Overburden Yourself

Don't Overburden Yourself

When a long-distance couple plans a meeting, they usually take a burden of the same. For instance, if the couple plans a vacation, they would schedule everything so tight, as they would not want to waste a single second. This concern often deprives them of the happiness of being together and they couldn’t enjoy the moments.

Hence, the couple shouldn’t create a hectic schedule of their meeting or vacation and should live every second of togetherness, being carefree.

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14. Long-Distance Relationship ‘Avoid Negativity’

Avoid negativity in a long distance relationship

This is one of the most important factors in making a long-distance relationship successful There would be a group of people who would try to induce negativity in your mind regarding the failure of long-distance relationships. They would keep on pinching you occasionally. But you need to understand that such people do not understand true love.

So, keep away from such negativity and ignore them. Your relationship is entirely dependent on how you and partner deal with it and with each other.

15. Long-Distance Relationship ‘Grow’

Long Distance Relationship 'Grow'

Another reason why people repent over long-distance relationships is that they feel that they couldn’t do anything much without each other.

They feel as if they have lost that support, and longingness would affect them greatly. But the truth is that long-distance gives you an opportunity to grow into better individuals for each other, and gain maturity both in life and relationship.

Be each other’s support. Encourage each other in your chase towards your dreams. Crying over the distances would not only waste your time but you would also get deprived of many other beautiful experiences with your family and friends.

16. Don’t Stretch Arguments

Don't Stretch Arguments

Arguments are normal in every relationship, even in a romantic relationship. But, in a long-distance, stretching the arguments can turn out to be a signal of danger. This is because when you are in a long-distance relationship you tend to get more sensitive towards each other’s words and expressions due to distancing.

Hence, it would be better if you either apologize or neutralize the argument by coming up with a conclusion.

17. Accept The Changes

change should be accepted

This is very important. Many long-distance relationships reach on the verge of their failure when they couldn’t accept each other’s growth and changes. You never behaved liked this before!  You never wanted to do this, why now? You have changed a lot!

When such thoughts provoke you destructively, it becomes essential to calm them down and welcome the change in your partner. Else, nobody could stop you from ruining your relationship.

18. Honesty Is The Best Policy

Honesty Is The Best Policy

 Honesty leads to trust which is the foundation of every relationship. Do not hide anything from each other. If you feel that something is going wrong in your relationship, discuss it with your partner. Sought it out. Don’t keep it within you as it could later lead to huge chaos.

Even if you have done something wrong, confess it in front of him/her before, she gets to know it from someone else and feels betrayed. It would take time for the situation to be normal but he/she would forgive you. So, stay honest with each other, and make your long-distance relationship successful.

19. Use Technology To The Best

Use Technology To The Best

The Internet is not less than a boon for the people who are in a long-distance relationship. Today, couples are trying creative methods to reduce this distance.

Cooking together on a video call, celebrating together, playing online games, or sending e-greetings with each other are some of the ways by which the online media keeps the couple together irrespective of how far they stay from each other.

20. Surroundings Are Also Important

Surroundings Are Also Important

This is another important trick. It is not just important to know everything about your partner, but it is also important to understand his/her current surroundings.  What all is happening around him/her? What effect it may have on your partner? This would help you to well-understand his/her problems, and support him/her in tough times.

For instance, if your partner lives away from the family, and falls ill, you may ask his/her roommate to take care of him/her and can keep yourself updated on the current situation. Or, you could also give your partner better advice related to the people around him, if needed.

Therefore, a long-distance relationship is more of a mental state whose success or failure is determined by the way the couple deals with it.

Maintaining a long-distance relationship and making it successful is not that difficult, with the mentioned tricks and tips, you can make this experience worth cherishing. So, keep your courage and hope alive and All the Best! You can carry it off!

Remember to share more ideas in the comments below.


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Yes, you are right here, keeping long distance relationship is a matter of hard facts which everyone should have known.
Your tips are easier to handle, may be help us to know more of life’s.


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