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10 Ways To Learn Something New Everyday


Nicole Goldman

Our brains have been described as muscles and being exposed to new things actually helps them exercise. It gives us more knowledge and makes us more relatable because we end up acquiring a vast plethora of information.

There are a number of ways you can learn something new and teach yourself a new habit every day. So, let’s discuss the top 10.

1. Use Infographics

Learn Something New Use Infographics
Credits: Healthy Caribbean Coalition

Learning with this strategy is one of the easiest ways because our brains take less than 1/10 of a second to get a sense of a visual. Images also remain in our brain for a longer time.

2. Immerse Yourself In Ted ED’s

Immerse Yourself In Ted ED’s
Credits: TED-Ed Blog

These are what is normally known as Ted Talks. You can watch these talks online and the topics are vast and engaging. The visual aspect also plays a huge role here.

3. Use GeoGuessr

Use GeoGuessr
Credits: The Bottom Line

GeoGuessr is a free game that makes learning geography easy and fun. An image of a Google Maps photo is revealed to you and you have to guess where in the world it is.

4. Play Lumosity

Learn Something New-Play Lumosity
Credits: Google Play

This game was created by scientists and game developers. It is filled with a collection of cognitive games that you can enjoy and learn from as you go.

5. Learn a New Language

5. Learn a New Language
Credits: Learn Spanish Con Salsa

With the Duolingo free app, you can learn a new language by using an interactive method. You won’t be overwhelmed as the lessons are given in small amounts.

6. Learn New Skills Online

Learn New Skills Online
Credits: Student Loan Hero

If you don’t mind courses then Udemy is your go-to place. It has over 55,000 online courses on a range of different topics with some being free and others coming in at a price.

7. Help Your Children With Their Homework

Help Your Children With Their Homework

It is firstly a great bonding session with your children but you also have the opportunity to learn something new.

At times you might even find yourself reaching out to the internet to get more information on the subject your child needs assistance with making it an interactive learning experience.

8. Educational Apps

Here are some apps that you could have a look at Curiosity, Blinkist, Trivia Crack, Yousician, DailyArt, Health IQ,, and Enki. Use these apps to broaden your knowledge base and learn something new everday.

9. Watch Inspirational videos

Watch Inspirational videos
Credits: RallyPoint

Whenever you feel like giving up you can use inspiration from true stories of successful people. There is a lot of motivation that you can grab for free. I would suggest Goalcast videos.

10. Read a Novel

Read a Novel

I know a lot of people think reading is boring hence the last and most important point of this article.

Reading not only improves your imagination, but it also expands your Vocabulary, improves your Grammar and much more. Trust me no one became famous without reading. So try making it a habit to read everyday.

The biggest part of learning something new daily is to commit to it and find something you will enjoy doing. Hold yourself accountable and have fun while doing it.

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