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How To Get Your Tinder Match Number And Ask For a Date?


Umang Dayal

how to get your tinder match's number and ask for a date

Today I will explain to you the Tinder Circle formula. This theory is devised how to get your tinder match number and ask for a date?

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What do these Different color areas symbolize?

These three colors symbolize the different stages that you need to follow in order to get your tinder match number and ask for a date.

Outer Circle: Red Area

The red part of the circle symbolizes that you just matched with a girl on Tinder. Gradually you will give her an opening text to impress or get her attention.

You need to get your mind straight on two things, don’t expect she will send you a text or you sending her “Hi’.

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Now, this red area is highly dangerous because if you make one tiny mistake you will be straight away unmatched. There is no second chance and no cover-ups.

So, I would suggest you keep your conversations healthy and don’t sound creepy messages ever. Don’t take unnecessary risks because you will have time for it, later.

In Read area, a girl will introduce you as a tinder match in other words just a stranger to her. That’s why I call this area ‘Stranger Circle’.

At this point, you cannot ask for her phone number or date directly.

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Inner Circle: Blue Area

Now, when you get to a good conversation on Tinder you can straightaway ask for her Instagram id because that is the most trending social media nowadays.

Ask for her Instagram Id

You can better know that person, their lifestyle, is she a party person, a geek, adventurous and a whole lot more.

But don’t like all the pictures or say it to the girl because that will make you creepy and as well as a stalker.

Start chatting on Instagram, reply to her stories, compliment her new pictures. You have a lot more opportunities here and finally, you can take risks.

Like you can go asking for her number or a date.

Some girls share their Instagram Id in Tinder bio but don’t go and follow her right away

That’s because you will again fall under the stranger category on Instagram and just increase her followers.

Topics you can talk on Instagram

  • Ask her if she is looking for a serious relationship?
  • Who is her best friend and why?
  • Which all places she has traveled?
  • What food choices she has?
  • What type of movies does she like?
  • Her music taste?

You get the idea right? No, Don’t ask this!

And when you are discussing her favorite food ask her directly when she is free so you can grab that food together?

Or another way is when she is telling you she wanted to watch this movie in the theatre but she still hasn’t.

Suggest that, let’s watch it together, when are you free?

This will give you an idea of how much interested she is in you or not.

When you are her Instagram buddy she will introduce you as her social friend who sends her good memes and have a healthy conversation with. There are 2 major benefits here.

  1. You lose the identity of a stranger due to Tinder.
  2. You are far away from the competition on Tinder because girls get a lot of matches, trust me!

After becoming her Instagram friend you are one step closer to get your tinder match’s number and asking for a date.

Now, you must be thinking why can’t we contact them directly on Instagram?

No, absolutely not! Because girls on Tinder are genuinely looking for dates so there are higher possibilities if you target the right audience.

The Innermost Circle: Green Area

Green symbolizes safety and this is as safe as it gets. When you get a girls number before or after fixing a date you become her close friend. Who she is genuinely interested in dating.

When you are chatting on Instagram especially during the night time. Ask her if she is comfortable talking on the phone, right now?

Ask this in the middle, when you are having a really good conversation.

How To Get Your Tinder Match's Number And Ask For a Date?

Be confident enough and don’t be overdramatic if she doesn’t share her contact number. That’s okay!

Now, you don’t want to waste much time so, ask her out if you haven’t done it already.

Ask her for a date

Plan a decent spot where you both are comfortable. After planning a date you can discuss

  • If she would like you to wear something specific? Like formals, a specific color, t-shirt or shirt.
  • If there is some specific place she wants to visit?
  • Would she be interested in watching a movie?
  • What type of food does she want to eat?

Don’t be a retard and go asking her for a kiss or some other sexual favor. These things just happen at the moment. So better focus on making her feel special.

The Centre Point: Date

Go out on a date. And yes, Smell nice!

Now you know how to get your tinder match number and ask for a date till then I will write another article on how you can make your date feel special.

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Share this article with your friends who don’t know how to get your tinder match’s number and ask for a date.

Let me know in the comments which is the best advice according to you.

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