How To Find Your Passion In LIFE
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An Eyeopener: How To Find Your Passion In LIFE?


Maitri Seth

Every individual goes through this question of how to find passion in life? Passion is such a living emotion towards something, that motivates you to live through every possible phase in order to achieve the desired goals.

Being passionate about your aim adds immense strength to your will power and makes you more courageous. Hence, passion in life plays a vital role in the consistent success of an individual. The artistic fields are highly passion-drive. But this doesn’t mean that the other professions are not.

In fact, you can be passionate about anything like service, social welfare, etc that can help you to attain success in your field. But this is only possible when your passion in life collaborates with your profession.  So, finding your passion is an important factor in both choosing your career and working towards it.

So, here is a list of some questions that would help you find passion in life

1. What Makes You Happy?

What makes you happy

The most primary question that you should ask yourself is what all in life makes you happy. For instance, what do you do when you are pissed off or in a bad mood? If you are not much into academics that what else do you like to do?

Every human somewhere is more inclined towards one particular thing or activity. All you need to do is find that ‘something’ for yourself.

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2. What Are Your Potentials?

What Are You Potentials?

Not just you should know what you love to do but also, you should be aware of what you can do. Well, that’s a fact that human understanding and capabilities have no boundaries, but this is an ideal state which is rarely acquired by people.

So, if are into the sphere of mediocre mental capabilities then recognize your potentials. Dancing? Science? or Cricket? Find it out because probably, you are good at it, because you love doing it!

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3. What Do You Love Talking About All The Time?

What Do You Love Talking About All The Time?

This would also greatly help you to recognize your passion. You might like something or some subject so much that you can’t stop talking about it. Not only this, the highlight is when people don’t pay much heed to what you say in the context of that subject or do not seem equally interested in that genre, you get pissed off immediately.

For instance, if you like films, you would love to talk about them all the time and when do not much interest in such a conversation that hurts you and you feel insulted. This indicates that you have developed a soft corner for that subject, most probably because you are passionate about it.

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4. What Doesn’t Let You Sleep

What Doesn't Let You Sleep

Have you ever felt the urge of researching all night on the blackhole theory or have practiced for your seemingly unimportant play, even when you usually doze by 10 pm? If you have, then here your sign. We tend to cross our boundaries for the things we love like stealing food from the refrigerator.

So, if you have shown a similar kind of passion in life for something serious, then that is what you are seeking.

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5. What Can You Fight For?

What Can You Fight For?

We fight for every petty stuff like a new dress, or a new smartphone with our parents. But not getting it never depresses us. We feel irritate may even cry about it for some time but then things do not change inside, within us.

But, if you have asked your parents to enroll you in a painting class, but they had refused, and if that affects you deep down, that is something more than mere interest. You feel something empty inside as if something you already possessed for long has been taken away from you.

If this happens, then there is a high possibility that you have found already found your answer to how to find your passion in life?

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6. What Kind of a Personality Are You?

What Kind of a Personality Are You?

This really helps in understanding your interests and passion in life. For example, if you are a peacemaker in your group and are very shy, you would never probably get into debates. So, professions like journalism or politics would not be easy for you.

If you are extremely sensitive, medicine is not your profession, or if you hate dealing with children you cant becoming a school teacher. If you don’t have good eyesight, it is difficult for you to become a pilot.

So, either you make sure that you act as per your personality or if possible, mold yourself as per your passion.

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7. Journey or Destination? Passion in Life

Journey or Destination? Passion in Life

Now, this is the final round and a decision-making question too. For example, if you wish to become a Bollywood actor now, and in the future, you also turn to be fortunate enough to make it into the industry. But, you are not as popular as you wished to be.

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You are not receiving enough recognition for your work which you always wanted. You did not earn loads of money and not getting many lead roles also. But you are consistently working and also receiving sufficient paychecks. 

So, what will you do? Will you leave this profession just because your materialistic interests are not being entertained and your desires are not being fulfilled?

or you will stay back happily because you are getting enough opportunities to act and give your best as an actor? If you choose the latter, go and follow your passion because, for you, the journey is more important than the destination and its by-products.

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8. Think and Think- Passion in Life

Think and Think- Passion in Life

Now after you have gone through all the above questions, think, ponder, introspect. Self-introspection is what will help you to understand yourself and make your decision. Recall the past incidents of your life and seek deep down into your heart and look for your dreams.

Stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself where do you like to see yourself after a decade. And soon you will get your answer.

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9. Match Your Passion With Your Reality

Match Your Passion With Your Reality

Your passion in life will stay life only when you match it with your reality. This is because if you don’t know how to achieve your goal if you are not aware of the path, there is no point in realizing your passion in life.

So, work hard on this. Dreams are meant to be chased and paths are meant to walk on. So, find your path and realize your dreams, and put a step forth to enjoy the journey.

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10. So, The Answer is Here-Passion in Life

So, The Answer is Here-Passion in Life

Finally, you will find your passion in life and also the path which would lead you further. All you need is to have constant faith and be courageous enough to step forward.

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Therefore, finding your passion is like discovering a new side of your own self. It is a driving force that can push you towards success till the time this fire keeps burning, So, never lose hope, believe in yourself, and just follow your passion with full heart and mind.

If you have more methods or ideas on how to find your passion in life mention them in the comments below.

All The Best!

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