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How to choose between a job or a business?


Varidhi Yadav

A large number of people struggle when they have to choose between a business or a job. And then there are people who give their personal opinion to make it even more confusing. Never listen to people’s personal opinions because everyone has a different one.

Listen to the logicality so I’m here to jot down a few of them.

Money is primary

This is the only priority in both the aspects, business or a job. We all know running a business is not an easy task. But if you ace it, you are going to make so much profit than you ever imagined.

If you talk about a job, there is surety of a particular amount of money and if you work hard, promotions and increments will keep coming your way. So to get rich it all comes down to hard work in both the fields.

But job is surely the winner when it comes to money

choose between a job or a business

From studies point of view

To start your own business, you don’t necessarily need to invest in studies. Looking back at all the great entrepreneurs were college dropouts and they learned as they grew and so can you ( but you don’t necessarily need to drop out). However, there are colleges that provide proper entrepreneurial courses for your benefits.

For getting a job, no company gives a job to a simple bachelor’s graduate anymore. You need several extra curriculum and co-curriculum certificates, you need a master’s degree and have numerous skills and strengths. This is not easy to gain as it includes a lot of personal investment in studies.

So, again the point goes to business.

Investment to make it work

Now here I believe a job is better because all you need to spend is a new set of formal clothes for your interview and the rest is taken care of by your personality and attitude. Very affordable and easy right?

However, in a business, investment can stretch to every last penny in your pockets. It requires an intense amount of capital, time, power and social contacts in order to build a great business.

Job is the absolute winner here.

The risk involved in doing both

Obviously business has more risk involved than any job or profession. Then there is a risk of trusting a key employee with all the inside work of your business. But all of this does not mean that a professional job is secure. There are chances of you getting fired and in case you have benefits such as housing and medical care, all of that can be taken away any minute. And you need to have a fresh.

Both of these are risky, but what isn’t right? But in a job there is a sense of security so let’s give it a thumbs up.

Time involved

Now, business sucks in all your time possible. And it’s not because of some default setting in doing a business, it’s because you won’t rest until your business is the best version of what you desire. This gives you very less time for your family.

But when it comes to jobs, there is a fixed time frame that you’re supposed to work, you can devote that free time for your family or hobbies.

Job is a 9 to 5 so you have enough time left. This makes it a winner

Efforts that you need to make

There is no reason to say that business needs more effort or a job needs more effort. You need to work hard in both to achieve success. Even a simple kindergarten craft project requires efforts so it’s safe to say that nothing in this world is easy and nothing in this world is achievable without efforts.

So, its a draw for both.

Respect earned

Again, there is no particular profession which will get you more respect than the other. If you’re a business owner, you are your own boss but if you treat your employees as equals, you will earn their respect and loyalty.

If you have a senior position in a job and you are kind and helpful to your colleagues, you will definitely earn their respect. Give respect to earn respect, that’s how it works.

So it depends more on a person rather than his or her profession. We will count it as a draw.

Both of them have their pros and cons and it’s upto you to make a decision. In the end, there is no right or wrong, but the answer is where your interest lies. You can be a businessman or be an employee as long as you love what you do.

“Do what you love and you will never have to work again.”


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