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7 Smart Ways On How To Approach Your Crush?


Varidhi Yadav

How to approach your crush? Even the best of the best playboys have a difficult time to pull off this fear factor task.

I know we have all had our super awkward moments in front of our crush. The first instinct anyone has is to run away and hide. And you know what’s even funnier?

When all of this is happening to someone else, we advise them like a smartass but when it happens to us, we forget all those advice.

Anyways, let me be a smartass now and give you 7 points on how to approach your crush?

1. Find Common Ground

Find common ground

First thing’s first, do a little research. Find a little bit about them as in what they like to do, their hobbies or their favorite food, anything.

Believe me, you can find all of this by a just little bit of stalking on their social media. It’s no shocker to anyone how much people can tell about themselves on social media.

2. Do Not Plan a Coffee Date

Coffee Date Ideas

I feel like coffee dates are the worst way to get to know someone for the first time. It’s like if you hate someone after one sip of coffee, you can’t just get up and leave, that would be straight ass rude.

So maybe diversify a little, go for a movie instead so if you didn’t meet your expectations, at least the movie will keep you entertained.

This is not actually a technique on how to approach your crush? But how to plan a date so you don’t get disappointed.

3. Think Before You Talk

Think before you talk

Like I mentioned before, your brain stops working in front of your crush and you forget every advice of your friends.

So there is a good chance that you’ll say something stupid. Better think twice before you say anything.

4. Be Confident

How to approach your crush: Be confident

It’s the key to getting almost anything you want. Even if you are an introvert, it does not make you any less confident.

If you’re not confident you’ll seem like you’re scared or too shy, they’ll automatically slip you into the friend zone (and no one wants that, right?)

5. Relax Beforehand

Relax beforehand

Do something that relaxes you before you go and approach your crush because if you hype it, there is a good chance that you’d screw up.

So maybe listen to your favorite, eat your comfort food or even take a nap, whatever relaxes you the best.

6. DO NOT Be Extra

How to approach your crush: DO NOT be extra

There is no bigger spoiler than someone trying too hard. Don’t agree with everything they say just so they will like you. Don’t say or do things that you wouldn’t normally do just to impress them.

The entire goal here is to make them like you for who you are so don’t be too gullible. Don’t lose yourself during the process.

7. Be Positive

Be positive

It is all going to workout, it always does. And never think that you’re not good enough for them or they are out of your league, No! People can be different, they might have different likes and dislikes but no one is out of your league.

Remember, you are the best version of yourself and this will help you achieve anything.

Just like the saying goes ‘agar tum kisi ko shiddat se chaho….bla bla…”.

But you get the point right? So just keep all these points in mind and go approach your crush, Like a boss!

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