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Healthy Body And Mind: How Should Women Stay Fit In Quarantine


Maitri Seth

I hope that you all are keeping well. After all, during this pandemic, everybody needs care, not only the ones who are going out for work, but also the ones who are at home. This period of Quarantine, proves out to be very productive to some as people are self-improving, introspecting, and spending more time with their loved ones. But for many, it has nothing to do with productivity and they can’t stay fit in quarantine. For some, this period is much stressful.

Hence, this is the time when one needs to understand how important it is to chart out a routine for yourself, and follow it to the best of your capability. And especially for women, who many times, forget to cater to their health and happiness in front of others; staying fit in quarantine is important.

So, here are some tips which can help women to stay fit during quarantine

1. Be a Morning Person

Be a morning person

It might be an extremely tedious job for many, but you cannot escape from the fact that a morning person always faces more productivity. Now, there are several reasons for it. Primarily, waking up early makes you sleep early at night which forms a good sleeping pattern.

This is because, as per the experts, 1-3 O’ clock in the night is the time of deep sleep, and staying awake during this phase of the day affects your health in the long run.  Secondly, when you wake up early you tend to become more productive because you get more working hours.

Also, the energy and the concentration levels are at their peaks in the morning as per health experts. This is why morning time is suggested to students for studying.

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2. Start With a Glass of Water

Start With a Glass of Water

Drinking water in the morning as soon as you wake up is extremely beneficial. It primarily helps the body to re-hydrate after long hours of sleep.

Also, drinking water before brushing your teeth flushes the microbes of your mouth into your body, and these microbes, grown overnight in your mouth help in better digestion and easier removal of bowels when they reach your stomach.

Drinking water is not just a good habit for health but is also associated with fitness. Having lukewarm water with honey and lemon in the morning helps in keeping your weight in check. So, definitely, drinking water in the morning is a good option for staying fit during quarantine.

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3. Morning Skin Care- Stay Fit in Quarantine

Morning Skin Care- Stay Fit in Quarantine

When it comes to women, they are more particular about their skin and take better care of it. A good morning skincare routine greatly helps in this.

An ideal skincare routine includes washing your face with a face wash, moisturizing the skin, and applying any other ointment or cream as prescribed by a skin care specialist.

Also, many opt for home-made methods. People include raw milk, ice, turmeric, tomato pulp, and Aloe Vera as a part of their skincare routine. All this is a matter of self-grooming and self-care which holds importance to many.

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4. Yoga And Meditation

Yoga And Meditation

Many people consider Yoga as a mere physical activity, but actually, it has a lot to do with your mental stability also. Yoga, which has also become a modern international trend today, has vast benefits.

It makes you mentally and emotionally stable and is highly responsible for maintaining good coordination between your mind, body, and soul also.

It is not just meant for fitness but more for better health as it immunes us from many diseases. Shishuasana, Navansana, Halasana, Ardho Mukha Savasana, and Surya Namaskar are some of the best yoga asanas considered, especially for women.

Similar is the effect of meditation, which is an excellent method to release stress, develop positivity and love for all, and also to self-introspect. So, yoga and meditation can form the important components of a healthy routine for women to stay fit in quarantine.

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5. Exercise- Stay Fit in Quarantine

Exercise- Stay Fit in Quarantine

Although people workout as per their own convenience and time, but morning time is considered as the best time for workout both for maintaining productivity and fitness. Fitness experts say that Planks, Squats, Jumping Jack, Lunges, Crap Walk, and Bridges are some of the best workout exercises for women that require no gym equipment.

But all this should be done after a five- minute light cardio and dynamic stretching followed by a cool-down of lighter stretching as this constitutes your warm up. For more details, you may click here. During menstruation, avoid a stressful workout, light stretching would be enough.

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6. Binge on Your Breakfast

Binge on Your Breakfast

When we say that the breakfast needs to be healthy, it doesn’t mean that you have to eat like a rat. In fact, it is popularly said that one should eat like a king in the morning.

This is because not eating properly in the morning can affect your metabolism and make you unhealthy. Your body craves for food after long sleeping hours.

So, have a good amount of breakfast on time. But yes, it should be healthy in terms of nutrition because that is what makes you work all day. The breakfast should be rich in protein, and should not carry much carbs and fats as they can make you feel lethargic.

Drink juices and have fruits. They will keep you fresh like the morning itself. Tomatoes, Salmon, Popcorn, and Spinach are some of the foods which are quite beneficial for women to eat. All this would help you stay fit in quarantine.

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7. Eat Less But More Frequently

Eat Less But More Frequently

Women who wish to lose weight, often make this mistake. They skip meals and finally when they eat, they eat in bulks.

This is a very unhealthy option and it makes you weak and less immune. Instead, one should eat quite frequently in limited quantities.

This helps in better digestion of food and enhanced metabolism. So, include this trait in your healthy quarantine day routine, if you wish to stay fit in a healthy manner, especially during this pandemic.

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8. Balance Your Lunch

Balance Your Lunch

Lunch is that time when you have to really balance your diet. Carbs, protein, vitamins, minerals, fat, and roughage everything should constitute your daily meal. This is the best time to take some carbs or have some sweets, if you wish to.

Lentils( or grilled chicken for non-vegetarians) and curd should be an important part of the lunch. But, remember to reduce the quantity a bit. Don’t overeat anything.

Also, during periods avoid taking cold foods like curd, cold water, etc. Also, it is said that a higher intake of alcohol or smoking can lead to lower fertility rates in males and more in females. So, take care of that too.

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9. Take a Nap

Take a Nap

The afternoon nap is one of the most desirable things in the world today. But, surprisingly it is also associated with your health, especially mental health. And during quarantine, we can snatch away some time for this easily.

A siesta greatly reduces stress and fatigue, enhances mood, leads to better digestion of food, and increases the levels of concentration leading to better performances. So, one would definitely not miss this step to stay fit during quarantine.

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10. Munch, But Lightly

Munch, But Lightly

Okay, so every foodie likes to munch in every few hours. But, we pay heavy prices for the same also! Munching is not unhealthy if we keep a check of what we are munching on. Evening tea and snacks need to be really light.

And if you are addicted to munching, switch to fruits, dry fruits, chickpea, etc. That would really help.

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11. Stay Hydrated- Stay Fit in Quarantine

Stay Hydrated- Stay Fit in Quarantine

Women are more prone to dehydration as per researches. So, needless to say, water is the most important thing, not just only to keep yourself hydrated, but also for a better physique and skin. A dehydrated body neither works well, nor looks good.

Also, when it comes to fitness it reduces cravings of sugar, boosts up stamina, and avoids swelling (as a deficiency of water makes your body swell up, to some extent). It also improves memory and avoids constipation.

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12. Dinner Tips

 Dinner Tips

The dinner needs to be extremely light if you wish to have a healthy body. It should be low in carbs and fat and rich in vitamins and minerals. Therefore, having vegetables, or oats, etc, can benefit. This is because at the end of the day our metabolism slows down and we require lesser energy for digestion.

Also, we burn lesser calories after dinner because all we usually do is sleep.  Hence, eat like a spendthrift at night to stay fit in quarantine.

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13. Sleep Well- Staying Fit in Quarantine

Sleep Well

First of all, make sure that you are not sleeping immediately after dinner, This is because it would not let you burn any calories. Sleep at least after two hours of having your dinner, You may go out for a slow-paced walk. That is why it is advised to have dinner early,

Go to bed on time and sleep for at least 6-8 hours for a healthy body and mind. Sleeping less than six hours or more than eight hours can lead to problems in the long run like insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and anxiety, especially in women.

So, a proper routine needs to be wisely chalked out in order to stay fit during this pandemic. Also, this routine, to much extent, should be followed in general conditions too.

But for now, such a routine is extremely important as everyone needs to stay healthy and develop immunity against Covid-19; especially women who take the responsibility of every individual’s health in the house over their seemingly fragile, but strong shoulders!    

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