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How PUBG Addiction Is Destroying Millions Of Youth In India?


Varidhi Yadav

Video games never go out of fashion, I think we can all agree on that. There has been a craze of various games like angry birds, subway surfer, Pokemon GO, candy crush and now PUBG.

People used play these games in a crowded train when they couldn’t even stand on one frigging leg properly. But again, every game wears out overtime and a new one is dropped in the market.

Although it becomes a great success for the founder. Rather also becomes the doom of hundreds of young kids. Who are hooked on their phones because of this game.

How PUBG Is Ruining The Indian youth?

This game has caused so much chaos both mentally and physically.

The game has officially been banned in Gujarat and is proposed to be banned in possibly all the states in this country.

  • The basic reason for this is the fact that it is causing a major downfall in the academics.

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has absolutely made sure that this damned game is banned among the kids who can’t handle this addiction.

  • They have completely lost the focus in studies and the overall result of the students compared to before the game was launched has decreased terribly and has affected students as well as parents in the worst possible way.
  • Now comes the mental state of the young chaps as well as their parents. There are various psychological impact that one needs to lookout for if that individual or anyone around that individual seems to be addicted to this game.

Symptoms That You Are Addicted To PUBG

  • The first one of course is sleep deprivation which can be spotted just by looking at those huge eye bags on their face.
  • Then there is that complete loss of interest in anything despite the game. There is no extracurricular happening in these addicts’ lives.
  • They don’t even want to go out for drinks with a bunch of friends.
  • They don’t even want to come out and have dinner with family. There is absolutely no sense of responsibilities.
  • The game is obviously taking a major toll on the parents too. There has been serious issues of parental control and that’s why the parents have no option but to snatch and hide their phones away which obviously leads to fights and feeling of betrayal and lesser understanding between the parents and their children.

The game has also casted lives of various young chaps and when this bar hit, it was for sure that the game has serious problems.

The violence in the game has turned the kids into these impatient and short tempered human beings who will snap real hard if you do anything against them and worse is that restrictions can lead to suicidal thoughts among these children.

How To Avoid Being Addicted To PUBG?

If you or anyone around you is addicted to this game or any other video game for that matter should do some basic things right away

  • Starting with obviously trying to limit yourself. Keep yourself distracted and firstly of course delete the damn game first.
  • You must balance the real world and the virtual world. You are not living in a video game, you can’t just kill the first you see on your turf.
  • Being a young person with so much potential I think one needs to focus on the real world much more.
  • Just go out, hang out friends or just join a gym or find a new hobby. No one can ask you to not use your phone. But you must keep an eye on the amount of hours you are spending on it. And then you will be just fine.

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