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How Love Makes You Blind: 10 Things Every Lover Must Know


Varidhi Yadav

You must have heard the phrase ‘love makes you blind’.

Being in love and doing stupid things go hand in hand. We lose our sight and common sense and everything that actually makes us a normal person and become dysfunctional while we are in love.

And you know the worst part? People do come to advise you that what you are doing is not right but you still like a blind fool, do it anyway.

So let’s see the 10 ways how love makes you blind

1. Stalking Your Partner Day and Night

How Love Makes You Blind

People want to know where their partner is every goddamn minute of the day. Now the singles must be thinking if that’s even possible.

Hell. Yes. And then there is social media that has ruined so many relationships than an actual war.

You must have heard all that why did you like her picture and why was your last seen 11.23 when you said goodnight at 10. Like what the hell?!

2. Glued To The Phone

How Love Makes You Blind: Glued To The Phone

Love makes you blind when the phone becomes their partner when their actual partner is not around. The obsession with the phone becomes uncanny.

That constant texting with the lover and exchanging selfie and tagging each other on love posts.

Calling every five minutes if the other one goes MIA, all of this is done even by the people who once claimed they’ll never get into such a relationship.

3. Personal Life Becomes a Joke

 Personal Life Becomes a Joke

Ultimately, both the people in a relationship lose their lives out of it. Every plan of their day either involves their partner or constant texting with their partner.

Eventually, they distance themselves from their friends unknowingly and it doesn’t even bother them a lot. It is so annoying and stupid thing couples do, I think they should just get each other tattooed on themselves.

4. Getting a Tattoo For Their Partner

Getting a Tattoo For Their Partner

Oh wait a minute, THEY DO GET TATTOOS!

The first thought that crosses my mind when I see someone putting their partner’s name on their body is that they are so going to regret it post-breakup.

Oh my God, I’m going to have a good laugh when that happens. Besides even if they do end up together forever, I still don’t see the need of putting someone’s name on their body.

This is how love makes you blind and they don’t even realize it’s going to be there forever?

5. Compromises Which Later Become Regrets

Compromises Which Later Become Regrets: Folkire

A person has no idea how many compromises he or she has made over time for the other one until they break up and it all just seems like a waste.

Not eating properly because the other one is on a diet. Waking up at 6 to meet the other one before work when you could’ve easily woken up by 8 and still make it to your workplace on time.

Compromises are really sad because why should anyone pull you out of your discomfort? How is that even love?

6. Giving Up Too Much

how love makes you blind: Giving Up Too Much

People give up their interest in order to keep their partner happy. Giving up smoking and drugs is fine, don’t use this point to justify your bad habits.

I’m talking about video games or hanging out with friends, playing snooker. Will you want to give this all up because your partner wants you to?

And then there is giving up opportunities. People do this all the time. Leaving a great work package because its in another city.

Or leaving an acceptance letter in a great college because you don’t want a long-distance relationship. This later becomes the major proof of how love makes you blind

7. Abandonment Of Their Best Friend

Abandonment Of Their Best Friend

Best friends are everything when you are single. You can’t go anywhere without them.

You check out people with them, you go for shopping with them, they literally help you find your partner and once you are in a relationship you abandon that best friend because now you have to focus on the betterment of your so-called relationship.

If you think your best who is in a relationship is going extreme you must read our article on “7 Ways to save your friend from a bad relationship?” before its too late.

8. Love Makes You Blind By Changing Your Lifestyle

Love Makes You Blind By Changing Your Lifestyle

In no time, both the lifestyles change in a relationship. Everything in one’s life starts including the other.

Their worlds revolve around each other. Before making every decision, there is a need for approval from the other person.

Change in plans according to interests. Comedian Kanan Gill put it quite well, ‘loves to travel’ + ‘hates to travel’ = ‘travels sometimes angrily.’

9. Everything Is Pink And Red

Everything Is Pink And Red

You know what? I’m fine with whoever associated the colors pink and red with love and romance.

What I don’t like is the overuse of those color in this context which has made it absolutely cliché. Stop with the red, go with lilacs.

Stop with the pink teddy bears and get her some brown chocolates. Stop getting him a card with red hearts, get him a video game console.

Need more gift ideas? Read our article on “Out of the box gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day

10. Expenses That Goes a Long Way

Expenses That Goes a Long Way

Now that I am giving you different gift options, I also need to tell you to stop spending useless money on useless gifts. What the hell is a one month anniversary?

How is it an anniversary in the first place if it’s only been a month? Why do you want to spend on 50 helium balloons?

And what is this need for going to couple trips? I think no one is more comfortable than their own house with a movie, some pizza and their loved one. Trust me, this will even save a lot of money.

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. Not just between a man and a woman’s relationship but in every damn relationship.

Love does accompany a lot of other negative things like pain and disappoint but these aspects are inevitable. But the negative things that people have created like the one I mentioned above can be stopped.

Let’s stop being dumb in love and do stupid things. Let’s choose the elegant and classy side of it before love makes you blind.

Comment more of such stupid things couples do in a relationship. Share this article with your friend who is currently blinded by the love syndrome.

To make things worse couples fight for stupid reasons and also watch The Worst Things About Being In A Relationship.

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