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Texting on Tinder: How And What To Text On Tinder, Opener Ideas


Okay now that we are done with uploading pictures and writing bio we can get down to business; messaging your Tinder matches.

Read the first part of this article “Tinder Pictures and Bio: All the do’s and don’ts for Indian men” if you are getting none or very few Tinder matches I suggest you read this article first.

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Swiping on Tinder

I have seen a lot of men swiping right to each and every girl. It makes sense though more right swipes, more matches, more dates. Well, it makes sense to Tinder too.

That is why Tinder has an algorithm that works just to catch these lazy bastards. So Mr. Swipe-a-lot, stop with this so obvious and lazy plan of yours and get down to work.

Okay, let’s see what’s the right way? But before that.

First things first, your Tinder settings

Tinder lets you choose a radius, set it to 10-15 Kilometers because maybe you can swipe a girl 50 kms away but that girl won’t because you don’t want to know how many boys come under the radius of 5kms? It’s 3 times the number of girls.

The age limit setting on Tinder

A girl who is 25 years won’t be interested in a boy who is 20 years old because you know they think you are immature, which you actually are.

Same goes for girls who are 18 and you are 25, now they think that you are too mature (or still not that) but definitely too elder for them. This is not necessary though but it is the general approach.

So, if you are 22 set your age bar to 19-23 years for the opposite gender, not too mature or too immature “perfectly balanced like all things should be”- Thanos.

When you are done with all these things your Tinder discovery settings should look like this.

Tinder settings

Get your Swiping game right

Now that your settings have been taken care of, swipe the girls you really find interesting, cute, or hot, the choice is yours and always remember the first swiping rule: No right swiping always! Your left and right swipes must be balanced.

If you use the unpaid version you already don’t have a lot of right swipes, so use it wisely.

Super Likes

Most men underestimate the power of right swipe. An unpaid version of Tinder lets you use only one Super Like in 24 Hours. A bit too harsh I know but you get 5 in Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold.

The wrong way to use super like

As soon as you see a Hot girl wearing a hot dress you immediately Super like her because you find her too attractive.

You know out of 10 men, around 20 men have already super liked her. Now, what did I tell you about standing out from the crowd?

Her account is already filled with so many Super Likes and all her girlfriends are jealous of her.

The right way to use Super likes on Tinder

What you need to do is use your brain. Super like a girl who seems really interested in dating, has a great bio, a cute face or is old fashioned.

For her being Super Liked by someone is really special and she will be waiting for you to tell her why you super liked her? You already have her interest and a good topic to strike a conversation.

So save it for those special girls who really deserve it.

Messaging your Tinder matches

If you follow the above tips you will definitely start to see some matches but now you need to be extra cautious while sending her a text because “bad first message is an unmatch”

Don’t ever send these messages to your Tinder matches

The Hi texts

Do you know how boring, uninteresting, dull, vague, and immature that sounds? Stop this hi, hey, wassup, hello, etc. You are not a robot.

Sending really long texts

Trust me, boys, girls have a lot of matches, a lot of messages and life is too short. So respect this and send something short, crisp, catchy and impressive.

The playboy texts

Hello, boys do remember this is India and also are the girls living here. So if you are a stranger to a girl and send her a text to sleep with you, right away.

You will be unmatched at first sight and will never see her again. The same goes for directly asking for her number or a date.

That girl will think you are a creep, desperate, asshole or worse, a playboy. And trust me they can do this in a blink of an eye and in another bam! You are unmatched.

Messaging your Tinder matches the right way

Be creative and stand out from the crowd with these 3 unique and tested ways to text your Tinder matches. Don’t worry I have included some examples!

1. The careful observer

You know the ones who look at her pictures and think something appropriate to talk about. Send her your observation such as if she is wearing a black gown with heels.

You can say, I think it was a great idea putting on those heels with that black dress in 3rd pic. You have a nice sense of style.

The girl will think you are a good observer, give a chuckle and think oh you will tell me what to wear now? But only say, Thanks for the advice.

You win anyway because you got her attention now.

I matched with a girl who was wearing a formal outfit, check my first message.

Tinder tip

2. The bio checker

Yes, you got the idea, right? Make an effort to read her bio, she will appreciate your efforts and think you have a brain to strike a conversation this way.

For example, a girl’s bio was “I love dogs and music” Reply, Saint Bernard’s are my favourites and Adele is my go to artist, what’s yours?

You have things in common, she will think it’s cute and reply to you with her favorites likewise.

One girl’s bio was “When I accumulate 100 points we can date” Reply, So how many points do I have now?

And Yes she was french and I used Google translator.

tinder chat screenshot bio checker

3. The Professional way

Now you need a lot of practice and unmatches to unlock this superpower. But for a start, you can excite her, impress her, and entertain her or most effective, make her laugh.

For example, I matched a girl who was around 600 Miles away. See my reply!

Tinder tips for an Indian guy professional way

Similarly, a girl was flexing her biceps in the pic so I messaged her.

tinder chat

I know only Indians will get this or else you have to watch Hritik Roshan’s Koi mil gya.

Girls deal with creeps outside and now on dating profiles too. Respect their space and send her a simple, decent and engaging text.

Start messaging your Tinder matches, right away and trust me, no girl will ignore these out of the blue creative and humorous texts.

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